Beauty checklist

The Ultimate Beauty Checklist for a Trip-Ready Glow-up!

Having a beauty checklist before you embark is an opportunity for a beauty transformation while you travel. Whether you’re heading to the beach, mountains, or a bustling city, pack the self-care necessities to step into your best look and feel confident on the go.

This checklist will ensure you’re prepared for every beauty scenario. So, read more below to find the ultimate beauty checklist for a refreshing and confident journey.

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essential oil basics

Easy Essential Oil Basics That Will Enhance Your Wellness Routine

You’re about to learn some easy essential oil basics to level up your wellness routing.

It can be challenging to take care of your body and mind while dealing with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Luckily, essential oils are a simple yet effective solutions.

From oils that provide a calming effect to those that uplift your spirit, let’s explore how these natural wonders can help boost your well-being in no time. Not only will you want to stock up at home, but you’ll want to take them on the road when you travel.

Continue reading to discover the benefits of essential oils, how to use them, and which essential oils you should try first.

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WhatsApp Image 2022 12 21 at 11.00.49 PM | Enjoy Travel Life

Why You Should Take Care of Your Skin (And What These 3 Symptoms Mean)

Why you should take care of your skin is question asked by even acutely health-conscious people.

That’s because skin and facial hygiene is one of the most important factors to looking and feeling your best – but overlooked as from a health-perspective.

But did you know that certain skin symptoms may have a broader meaning when it comes to your health?

Look to these tips below if you’d like to know more.

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post vacation detox smoothies | Enjoy Travel Life

Post Vacation Detox: 7 Easy Tips to Lose Weight After Vacation

A post vacation detox is one of the hot topics these days, especially when you have a vacation ahead.

Let’s face it, we all overindulge on vacation – and why not? It’s not worth skipping delicious food and drink while traveling.

So, it is a matter of some importance to lose vacation weigh and get your body detoxed after a great vacation.

Take care of your health and feel good about yourself after splurging with a post vacation detox.

Continue reading below for detailed insights on how to go about doing so.

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Beauty Essentials

Beauty Essentials List: 7 Amazing Products You Should Always Pack

Pack these 7 beauty essentials in your suitcase whenever you’re traveling.

Beauty essentials are important to bring with you when you travel because they help give your skin a natural glow. And who doesn’t want to put on their best face when traveling?

Read on to learn 7 beauty essentials to enhance your natural beauty. These products will make you look and feel great, wherever you are!

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beach vacation capsule wardrobe | Enjoy Travel Life

Best Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe: 7 Summer Packing Tips

The best beach vacation capsule wardrobe is versatile, comfortable, packs light, and looks great. Does that sound like too much to ask?

It’s not, when you learn these 7 easy tips for curating a capsule wardrobe for your beach getaway. Once you know how easy it can be, you’ll discover you can use these tips for all your vacation packing.

Keep reading to learn how.

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anti aging massage face | Enjoy Travel Life

Youthful Appearances: 7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Skin Young

It’s hard to maintain a youthful appearance when the skin on your face is constantly exposed to wind, sun, snow, humidity, and bad ecology. The secret to looking younger is to try to keep your skin smooth and supple.

It’s a good idea to start taking care of your skin at the age of 25, but better late than never. Whenever you begin, do it comprehensively, keeping in mind the following seven basic rules.

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comfy travel outfits airplane fashion | Enjoy Travel Life

Comfy Travel Outfits – 5 Best Things to Wear on Your Next Flight

Comfy travel outfits are essential to enjoying your trip – especially when you’re flying. It’s important to wear a practical—yet cute—outfit! You want to look presentable upon arriving at your destination, but you also want to feel comfortable and warm during the flight. Impossible? Not when you wear the fashion pieces we’re sharing below. Then it will be easy for you to do both. 

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womens fashion accessories | Enjoy Travel Life

7 Best Women’s Fashion Accessories To Complete Your Beach Vacation Outfits

Women’s fashion accessories can make or break an outfit – even your beach vacation outfits. The trick is to not pack too many fashion accessories when you travel, but to bring the right ones. We’ve made it easier for you with a list of the 7 essential fashion accessories you should bring with you wherever you go. You’ll want to be sure to include them in your short list when you pack your bags for the beach—or elsewhere.

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stay hydrated | Enjoy Travel Life

How to Keep Skin Hydrated While You Visit Beautiful Dry Climates

A woman’s skin can be a tell-tale sign of her age – and her adventures! If you’ve spent a lot of time in the sunshine, or enjoy traveling to arid climates, it helps to know how to keep skin hydrated.

It’s possible to keep your skin moist and healthy-looking while you’re having the time of your life wherever your travels lead you.

Find out how, below.

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Aging Beautiful Woman | Enjoy Travel Life

5 Common Beauty Myths About Skin and Aging – Know Your Facts!

You have probably heard many beauty myths about skin and aging, but don’t realize it. But once you know your facts, then you can make informed decisions in your best interest for beautiful aging.

Read below to find out if you’ve been fooled into believing these 5 common skin care myths – and then find out what to do instead.

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DIY beauty tips | Enjoy Travel Life

11 Easy DIY Beauty Products In Your Pantry That Will Boost Your Confidence

Ever wish you could look radiant without the chemicals or cost of traditional beauty routines? The solution may be closer than you think — right in your pantry. You can up these easy DIY beauty products using simple ingredients to maintain a youthful appearance wherever you go. Once you try them, you may never go back to the day spa!

Continue reading to learn how to create your own all-natural beauty products.

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woman with hat beside red car 1 | Enjoy Travel Life

An Effortless Way to Plan the Best Outfit for a Road Trip [Step-by-Step]

With so much to keep track of when planning a road trip, it’s easy to overlook your travel outfit. Yet, wearing the best outfit for a road trip is incredibly important.

You’ll need clothes that make you feel comfortable and, at the same time, allow you to arrive in style.

Find out how, below.

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Travel Fashionista 1 | Enjoy Travel Life

Travel Beauty Essentials for the Traveling Fashionista [7 Easy Secrets]

When you’re on the go, you only need a few travel beauty essentials to look and feel great. For one reason, you can only take so many items in your suitcase. For another, you have a kind of freedom when you’re abroad to experiment a little. The key is to tweak your regular routine to one that’s simple and suitable for any destination. Here’s how to keep your beauty and fashion choices on point while traveling.

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Mer Sea Sarong Wrap Beach Cover Up Tassels | Enjoy Travel Life

Awesome Sarong Wrap Can be Worn Four Ways

Sarong Wrap: Best Beach Wear for Women

I love traveling light. When I find a wardrobe piece like this sarong wrap that does double-duty, you can bet it’s going in my suitcase. This Cotton Tassel Wrap from Mer-Sea & Co. easily replaced five (yes, 5!) items that would have otherwise been in my luggage.

It surpassed my every expectation from versatility and quality to style. Read my review to see if it’s right for you.

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