5 Common Beauty Myths About Skin and Aging – Know Your Facts!

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You have probably heard many beauty myths about skin and aging, but don’t realize it. But once you know your facts, then you can make informed decisions in your best interest for beautiful aging.

Read below to find out if you’ve been fooled into believing these 5 common skin care myths – and then find out what to do instead.

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CONTENTS: In this article, you will learn about skincare for mature skin and the common beauty myths about skin, debunked. It includes:

Skincare Myths and Misconceptions 

You may have heard the phrase “unattainable beauty standard” so often that it feels a bit cliche. But the fact is, we need to keep hearing it. 

For women of all ages, the truth is there is so much careless talk about beauty. It can make you feel like you’re expected to live up to standards that simply can’t be reached, from time to time.

In part, these unattainable standards come from the fact that when people hear a phrase often enough, they start repeating it as though it were gospel truth. Before you know it, you’ll find fully fledged myths out there.  

They all add up to the idea that women need to only do one thing, or use one product, and their beauty concerns will disappear once and for all. 

Moreover, it’s sad that we are so desperate for lasting beauty that we’ll believe what can even be outright lies.

The actual truth about caring for aging skin is quite different than what you might be hearing. So, let’s look at what people are led to believe and then look at the factual reality.

Beauty Myth Definition

“Beauty myth” is a term coined by Naomi Wolf in her book, “The Beauty Myth,” (Chatto & Windus, 1991). It speaks to the centuries old pressure women feel to be beautiful at a very young age. 

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ir?t=enjoytravel0c 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=0060512180 | Enjoy Travel LifeThis mindset affects women throughout their daily lives. It can permeate relationships, career matters, and self-confidence.

And, it worsens as we age.

While few will argue that it’s important or a woman to feel her best, obviously, beauty shouldn’t define your value. 

Especially as we age, you must reframe what beauty means to you. Remember, beauty has never been skin deep. 

Younger generations may not be as affected by associating their self-worth with their appearance. For women of a certain age, it may require some positive self-talk.

And then, when you are looking for skincare for your aging skin, be sure not to be further disillusioned by these skincare myths that follow, below.

5 Common Myths About Skin

Here are five common myths about skin and skin care, debunked.

Myth #1: You Just Need to Use the Right Skin Care Product for Your Age

woman looking in mirror

It’s often implied that wrinkles and fine lines that appear on your skin are simply markers of age. You can expect that they will appear at a pre-ordained stage in life. 

If a woman approaching the age of 60 has relatively few wrinkles, she’ll be described as “ageless.” Which she isn’t. She’s nearly 60. 

In actuality, it’s the right combination of lifestyle decisions have the greatest effect. For instance, these factors have a better chance at working wonder for your skin in your 50s.

In fact, these things will also do you some favors at 25, or 30, or at any other age

The truth is, we all age, and that’s as it should be – especially given the alternative.

Instead, celebrate your life and experiences at every age. And don’t expect the right skin care product to turn the clock back.

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Myth #2: It’s Better for Your Skin if You Use “Hypoallergenic” Products

skin care products

Is it better to use hypoallergenic products

It might be. 

It depends upon the product, really, because there is no set standard for what counts as hypoallergenic in the beauty industry. 

“Hypoallergenic” simply means “less allergenic.”

So the very reasonable question to that point is “less allergenic than what?”

It’s a question that goes unanswered. 

Here’s the uncomfortable truth: you can be allergic to a lot of things, and have unpleasant reactions to others even when you aren’t allergic. 

So it will take trial and error to find the products that work for you.

That’s because you have a unique profile and you can’t just assume that what works for others will be fine.

Therefor, you want to be open to experimenting with different products, hypoallergenic and otherwise, to find your perfect match.

Myth #3: The Right Skin Care Product Can Eliminate Wrinkles

beach gear with skin care products

It absolutely cannot. 

Perhaps, if it is a product bought and used by a cosmetic surgeon, it can. But that comes at a price both to your wallet and to your ability to move your face. (No offense, Botox babes.)

No cream, no lotion, no method of application will eliminate wrinkles once they are there. 

They may reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as you’ve heard in advertising claims. And, essentially, that is what you’re looking for. 

If you don’t have wrinkles and want to prevent them, then – again – there’s really not a product that does that. 

The best bet is to stay out of direct sunlight, and if you use sunscreen, apply it when you can’t avoid the sun. 

Also, drinking plenty of water will help keep you and your skin well-hydrated. Dry skin is a factor in wrinkles.

In the end, just don’t expect a skincare product to eliminate your wrinkles.

Myth #4: Natural Products are Best for Your Skin

herbal skin care products

Some natural products are great for your skin, but the implication from this argument is that lab-made products are always worse. That simply isn’t true.

For example, Hyaluronic acid, which is produced naturally in the body but sold in a lab-synthesized form, is an excellent healing product for damaged skin. 

Often, the natural benefits of a product are thought to justify a higher price tag. The truth of the matter is that some natural and some synthetic products are great for your skin. 

By the same token, some in both groups are lousy.

Then, it’s best to avoid making an assumption, one way or the other.

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Myth #5: “This Product is Great for the Eyes in Particular”

eye cream with herbal ingredients

Skin is skin. 

The skin around your eyes may be thinner and more delicate than elsewhere (in fact, it definitely is), but it’s formulated in the same way.

Therefore, the skin around your eyes likes the same things and needs the same care as the rest of the skin on your face and body. 

Basically, eye cream is moisturizer in fancier packaging. 

What you are looking for from a product to use around your eyes is one that it won’t hurt too much should you get it in your eye. 

In truth, that should be the case for most moisturizers because they’re designed not to be harsh.

So, skip the big-ticket eye-cream and instead use what you have to moisturize your face.

Final Thoughts on Popular Beauty Myths We Need to Bust

The science behind beauty and skin care can give us guidance on how to get the best results from our routine.

But what it can’t do is reverse time or turn the laws of physics on their heads.

Now, when you know what to expect from beauty treatments, you’ll get the best from them – and that alone is worth celebrating.

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