Awesome Sarong Wrap Can be Worn Four Ways

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Sarong Wrap: Best Beach Wear for Women

I love traveling light. When I find a wardrobe piece like this sarong wrap that does double-duty, you can bet it’s going in my suitcase. This Cotton Tassel Wrap from Mer-Sea & Co. easily replaced five (yes, 5!) items that would have otherwise been in my luggage.

It surpassed my every expectation from versatility and quality to style. Read my review to see if it’s right for you.

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One Cotton Wrap, Worn Four Ways

There are four different ways to wear the Mer-Sea Beach Wrap–Five if you include the matching bag in which the wrap arrives.

1. Mer-Sea Beach Wrap as a Swimsuit Cover Up

Anyone who knows me knows I love the sunshine! I spend as much time as I can in the sun to get my dose of Vitamin-D. Of course, I don’t want skin damage.

But I’m opposed to the chemicals in sunscreen, so instead, I protect my skin from UV damage by avoiding peak sun hours (10AM-2PM) and by wearing cute bathing suit cover ups and a hat.

Wearing the Mer-Sea Cotton Tassel Wrap as a swimsuit cover-up was a natural choice for me. It added some protection from the sun’s direct rays while my girlfriends and I enjoyed happy hour on the beach in Cape Cod.

The Mer-Sea Cotton bathing suit wrap is almost weightless and so soft, I almost forgot I was wearing it.

Mer-Sea Sarong Wrap over swimwear
Shown: Mer-Sea Cotton Tassel Wrap (in Taupe) worn as a swimsuit cover-up.

2. Wear It As A Sarong Skirt

Tied as a modest sarong wrap skirt, the Mer-Sea beach wrap made me feel more confident about walking along the beach. Plus, the flowing sheer fabric with tassels worn as a bathing suit sarong affords the bohemian style I like so much.

The unique shape of the wrap makes it especially easy to tie. (How do you tie a Sarong, you ask?  Learn here.)

This is a one-size garment with a generous cut, so I think it’s suitable as a plus size sarong, too.

Mer-Sea Cotton wrap with tassels worn long as a sarong wrap
Shown: Mer-Sea Cotton Tassel Wrap styled as a sarong skirt. Knit slip-on shoes by L’Arcopedico.

3. Best Beach Shawl

After a day at the beach, I always like to grab a drink or bite to eat. Again, the Mer-Sea Cotton Tassel Wrap proves to be the perfect blend of form and function.

Worn as a shawl, it makes for an easy transition from the beach (or poolside) to cooler air-conditioned restaurants. And, it dresses up jeans and a tee or more formal attire nicely. I find its quality and style to be tasteful enough for even upscale restaurants.

Taupe sarong wrap with tassels worn over black dress
Shown: Mer-Sea Cotton Tassel Wrap worn as a shawl.

4. The Mer-Sea Wrap as A Scarf 

Just a few days after my beach trip with the girls, I found myself in Newport RI aboard an original 1920s rum smuggler. Let’s just say the Rum Runner II picked up a little speed!

Luckily, I had my Mer-Sea wrap with me. Coiled loosely around my neck as a scarf, it kept me cozy for the rest of our cruise along the Rhode Island coast.

And, I wouldn’t hesitate to draw upon the Mer-Sea Cotton Tassel Wrap to accessorize a chic capsule wardrobe, either.

Jackie Gately waring a Mer-Sea sarong wrap as a scarf on Newport's Rum Runner II.
Shown: Mer-Sea Cotton Cotton Tassel Wrap worn as a scarf.

High Quality Materials and Style

Besides its utility, I loved the quality and style of the Mer-Sea Cotton Tassel Wrap. The fine cotton weave reminds me of linen but without the fuss. It’s super lightweight and adds next to nothing to my travel or beach bag. It takes up so little space!

The color of the wrap I have is Taupe, but other choices include Neutral Indigo, Striped Blue, Striped Gray, and Striped Orange. The White and taupe tassels with black accents on mine add interest, complimenting many styles I wear.

Wear the Matching Mer-Sea Bag (included!)

The Mer-Sea beach wrap comes in its own carrying bag. This slim cotton bag as a purse is a stylish accessory to any outfit. In matching fabric and tassels, it also makes it easy to put a cute outfit together in a pinch when you’re traveling.

Think, little black dress, Mer-Sea wrap worn as a shawl or scarf, matching bag, and some lipstick? You’re ready for a night out!

Slim bag with tassels from Mer-Sea Cotton Tassel Wrap (shown in taupe)
Shown: Mer-Sea Cotton Tassel Wrap bag as a matching purse.

How to Care for your Mer-Sea Cotton Tassel Wrap

The Mer-Sea Tassel Wrap looks and feels luxurious, but this wrap has super easy care instructions. Simply hand wash and air dry. Light iron if necessary. It is washer friendly (preferably in a delicate bag to protect the tassels) then can hang dry or lie flat. You can also dry clean.

Product Details

  • Imported 100% Cotton
  • One Size with open front, Body Length: 35″ excluding tassels
  • Colors: Taupe, Neutral Indigo, Striped Blue, Striped Gray, Striped Orange
  • MSRP $49

Hint: The Mer-Sea Tassel Wrap makes a beautiful packaged gift for your beach- or travel-loving friends.

Where to Get Your Mer-Sea Cotton Tassel Wrap

You can find Mer-Sea products, including the tassel wrap I have, at:

Tip: When you sign-up online at for their newsletter, you’ll get a coupon.

Other Products from Mer-Sea

In addition to beach wraps, Mer-Sea & Co offers a variety of quality products inspired by the beach, including travel wraps, sweaters, candles, bags, and accessories.

100% of profits from the sale of their “Sea Change” candle go directly to Kansas City-based

Final Thoughts on this Sarong Wrap

I adore this fun wardrobe accessory; its 100% cotton and available in several colors with tassels that add a little panache to my beach attire and beyond. Not only is it versatile and practical, but it up-levels my fashion game.

From now on, wherever I travel, from Southern California to the Caribbean, my Mer-Sea Tassel Wrap comes along with me.

Because five fashionable options in one practical wardrobe piece is this light packer’s dream come true.

What kind of cover ups for swimwear do you like over your beach clothes? Let me know in the comments below.

This article is part of a sponsored collaboration. Special thanks to Mer-Sea & Co for providing a sample of the Cotton Tassel Wrap, and to my friends Mary and Deb who had fun helping me test out the Mer-Sea Tassel Wrap, too! For more information, please see the following Disclosure.

18 thoughts on “Awesome Sarong Wrap Can be Worn Four Ways”

  1. A great post! I never know what to wear on the beach and I usually just wrap a sarong around as much of my body as I can. I will try it out a skirt next time and maybe pair it with a vest top. I love the dress and shawl combo, looks great.

  2. I love that you can do so much with the Mer-Sea Sarong, sometime you can use it as a bath-suit, and sometime as a scarf, and also more. It goes perfectly with the Mer-Sea bag too. I would love to sport this style.

  3. I totally agree with you that sarong is a must-have when traveling. It’s one of the most versatile accessory/ clothing that you can use when out on the beach. Personally, I use it as a beach shawl or as an emergency beach mat. 🙂

  4. I love sarongs! They really are very versatile as you’ve shown. I love it as a skirt, but I’m always on the lookout for beach coverups – love that idea!!

  5. This is such a cute sarong! I like all the ways you can wear it, especially as a shawl. I’m an advocate of being sun safe, so this will help protect my skin. It’s such a handy item to have in the suitcase, as it’s so versatile and I love that it comes with its own bag too!

    • I couldn’t agree more, very handy. Personally, I’d much rather cover up with light fabrics to protect my skin than slather up with chemicals. (Plus, the bag is adorable!)

  6. I love sarongs and when I was slimmer I wore them a lot more. Like you, I wore them as skirts, shawls, and dresses. They are so versatile and a good quality sarong lasts well!

    • I love the versatility, too. And I like that they adjust for whatever size I happen to be at the time–they cover a multitude of sins. 😉

  7. I am working on getting better at packing light so I love that this sarong replaced 5 items in your suitcase. That is impressive! It’s nice that it is so lightweight and easy to wash.

  8. Not sure if I would wear a sarong unless there is a use for men to wear them..hehe. But I got the wife next to me and she says this is actually an ideal piece of clothing for when we go to warmer climates and she would use it all the ways possible as you showed in this post. Also great that it comes in a bag to keep it tidy and clean. Think my wife has her eye on this! 😛

  9. What a great post. I didn’t realize there were so many different ways to wear a sarong. I love packing items that have more than one use and can jazz up multiple different outfits. They’re the perfect things for long trips or when just using a carry-on bag. Thanks for the great tips!

    • Thanks! Yes, sarongs are so versatile, Erica! I’ve spent a lot of beach time to know LOL. Glad you enjoyed my tips!

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