3 Easy Ways to Ease Anxiety About Traveling Alone in a New Place

travel alone without fear

You can easily reduce feelings of anxiety about traveling alone when you follow some simple steps.

Because let’s face it: travel can be stressful even under the best of circumstances!

The most important things are to familiarize yourself with your destination and prepare for the unknown. It also helps when you go to the most solo traveler-friendly destinations.

Find out all this and more about planning a more relaxing experience in the article, below.

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Your Travelling Medicine Kit: Pack These 5 Important Medicines for Overseas

WhatsApp Image 2022 12 14 at 1.05.18 AM

A travelling medicine kit is a must to have with while you travel by air, by road or by sea.

That’s because these over-the-counter meds can help save your vacation from nuisance symptoms that threaten to spoil your fun.

Plus, they can be hard to find overseas.

Continue reading to find out which 5 OTC medicines you should pack for your vacation. Don’t leave home without them!

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Travel Like a Pro: 10 Best Travel Tips to Save Time, Money & Stress

travel like a pro

When you learn to travel like a pro, suddenly vacation planning doesn’t seem so overwhelming (or expensive and stressful!)

We’re sharing the 10 best travel tips followed by expert travelers that will save you time, money, and stress.

Try them on your next trip and you’ll discover that travel planning can be a breeze!

Find out exactly how, below.

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Travel Tips (Philippines): How to Prepare for a Trip to the Philippines

tropical beach coron

Thinking about a trip to the Philippines? Besides airfare, it’s one of the least expensive places you can travel in the world. But first, learn these important travel tips (Philippines) to maximize your trip. You want to make sure you’re prepared to visit this tropical collection of islands off Vietnam. Then, you can truly enjoy the beautiful beaches, foodie offerings, and laid back vibe of this beautiful, affordable archipelago.

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Spice Up Your Vacation With These Fun, Novel Ideas

Camper Van Toy

If you’re looking to have fun on your vacation while traveling in your own country, or only a short distance outside of it, don’t worry. The world is plenty big enough to remain interesting, even if you find yourself wishing for more. Once you learn how easy it is to spice up local travel and familiar places with a sense of novelty, you’ll discover a new world within reach. Try these 3 easy ideas, below.

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Easy Native Plants That Will Thrive in Your Garden While You’re Away

Columbine and Hummingbird

Have you ever returned from a trip to find your beautiful perennials beds in a pitiful wilted mess? It can be tricky to have a love of both gardening and traveling. Incorporating easy native plants into your landscape is part of the solution. In this article, you’ll learn more about easy native plants that virtually take care of themselves while you’re away.

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Camping Adventure: 4 Essential Planning Tips [with Supplies Checklist!]

Camping Essential Tips

A camping adventure is a favorite—often economical—way to vacation in the great outdoors for many travelers. It provides an opportunity to get a little primal and enjoy the beauty of waking up in nature. Here are a few essential tips that will help you plan the perfect camping adventure.

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