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Hi, I’m Jackie Gately from Enjoy Travel Life

I’m an empty-nester embarking on new adventures. Travel-lover, writer, photographer, designer…basically I’m a creative adventuress sharing the journey here at my new blog, Enjoy Travel Life.

Enjoy Travel LifeHere’s my truth: I am happiest when I’m traveling. I am humbled by the beauty of the world, and so grateful for the opportunity to capture it on camera and share my stories.

I always have my camera in hand to capture great memories. My travel notebook waits for me to recollect and reflect on my experiences when I get back from the day’s travels. I might even be inspired to sketch out a t-shirt design or two. (But I’m not the true artist. My friend Jim and my son James are both legit artists…more on that later.)

I’ll hit the must-see tourist attractions, but you’re more likely to find me off the beaten path, floating peacefully in crystal clear water, enjoying local, wholesome flavors, or chasing a sunset like I love to do, perhaps with a regional drink in hand. It’s experiential learning at it’s best, and I thrive on it!

Recent Travels

This past year, I celebrated my 50th birthday in Cat Island (betcha never heard of it), Bahamas, and traveled solo all over Italy in spring. What fantastic trips! Then there were countless weekend and day trips. I have traveled throughout New England in the past ten years with Jim and crew of four kids, now ages fifteen to twenty-three.

As a single mom and now empty-nester, I have many new destinations on my radar! I’m embracing this next phase of my life, and so glad you are here to share it with me. I would love to know what destinations or travel topics you’d like to learn more about (email me here). I aim to entertain, inspire, encourage, and empower you to enjoy travel life, too.

Welcome along!

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