Revealing 3 Epic Halloween Tours for Thrill-Seekers!

Ready to amplify your fall fun with the best Halloween tours?

Halloween, a night of costumes, candies, and creepy encounters, has evolved into a global celebration of all things eerie.

If you’re seeking a more spine-tingling experience, you’ll find destinations that take the haunted holiday to a whole new level.

From historic graveyards to abandoned asylums, get ready to discover these top 3 Halloween tours. They cater to you, as a fearless traveler, in search of a hair-raising thrill!

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Boston Common at Night | Enjoy Travel Life

Best Haunted Houses in Boston for Halloween Fun

No doubt, you’ll find plenty of historic places to visit in Boston, Massachusetts, but do you know which ones are haunted? This vibrant, pre-Revolutionary city with a past holds a few secrets, and in some instances, they are downright disturbing.

In fact, all kinds of spooky things are going on. You just need to know where to look. Whether you book a haunted tour or plan a self-guided expedition, these mysterious spaces and places will enchant you. So, read on to learn more about the best haunted houses in Boston–and more!

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Female Student Walking on Campus | Enjoy Travel Life

Gift Guide: Best Gifts for College Girls

If you’re looking for some amazing gifts for college girls then this is the post for you. Because as the mother of two college grads (including a daughter), I know exactly what college kids do and do not want when it comes from gifts. 

Trust me on this.

My daughter lets me know when I’ve dropped the ball and given them something that wasn’t on their gift list!

So, stop guessing when it comes to either back-to-school or holiday shopping. Instead, use this list of 18 fantastic gifts for college girls to give your daughter exactly what she wants this year and every year thereafter. 

Bonus: These gifts will meet your needs as a parent and theirs!

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preparing a garden for winter plant heather | Enjoy Travel Life

31 Simple Tips for Preparing a Garden for Winter Time

Along with the cool air and brilliant fall foliage comes to the realization that it won’t be long before the harsh New England winter hits. Subzero temperatures, frost heaves, snow, or worse no snow, which translates into no water—are the conditions that await your garden. Now, you may be heading somewhere warm for the winter, but even so, you’ll want to close the season by giving your garden every advantage to survive the cold winter months. Learn how with these 31 simple tips for preparing a garden for winter time, which follow.

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piti lamb and chickpea soup azerbajan | Enjoy Travel Life

Best Soups of the World You’ll Want to Try…Mmmm!

There is such comfort in a delicious bowl of soup. From light, golden broths to rich, hearty stews, it’s no wonder soups are loved worldwide. Read on to discover the best soups of the world.

You might like to sample their goodness while traveling or make them yourself at home. Either way, it will be hard to pick a favorite.

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French herbs 1 | Enjoy Travel Life

How to Store Dried Herbs So You Can Enjoy Them Later

Oregano…Thai Basil…Tarragon…Do you enjoy snipping fresh herbs from your garden to make delicious recipes from around the world? Whether you’ve harvested a bumper crop, are going on vacation, or can feel Jack Frost approaching, it might surprise you how easy it is to preserve your herbs. Learn how to store dried herbs and ways to preserve your harvest so you can enjoy their flavors year round.

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