Comfy Travel Outfits – 5 Best Things to Wear on Your Next Flight

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Comfy travel outfits are essential to enjoying your trip – especially when you’re flying. It’s important to wear a practical—yet cute—outfit! You want to look presentable upon arriving at your destination, but you also want to feel comfortable and warm during the flight. Impossible? Not when you wear the fashion pieces we’re sharing below. Then it will be easy for you to do both. 

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CONTENTS – In this article you will discover the best fashion pieces that are comfy clothes for airplane travel, including:

5 Must-Have Fashion Pieces for Airplane Travel

You’ll want to plan ahead if you want to wear a travel outfit that is both stylish and practical. That’s where we can help.

When we look at celebrities like Bella Hadid and the queen of airport fashion, Rosie Huntington Whitely, they just make it look so easy.

But it’s trickier than you might expect to find fashionable pieces that’ll help make you feel comfortable yet stylish.

Keep reading to discover which key pieces you should wear for traveling on a plane. These comfy travel outfits can easily pull together a perfect travel outfit.

These versatile pieces look good together or combined with other separates. Add them to your wardrobe and you’ll have a handful of fashion pieces to wear for travelling on a plane that showcases the perfect travel outfit. You’ll look your best and feel great, too!

1. A Trendy Tote Bag 

woman with yellow alligator purse and blue scarf

A big tote is the #1 must-have item when it comes to airplane travel.

It carries all your travel essentials comfortably and also looks incredibly stylish!

Pack your water bottle and in-flight essentials in your tote, and you can use it as your main bag upon arrival to your destination as well. The tote is one of the most popular handbag styles, and you will see why is a travel staple.

If you are in the market for a new tote, you can shop gorgeous and high-quality tote bags for women online on sites like Mirta, for example.

Nowadays, whether you are traveling internationally or domestically, you’ve got to have a bag that’ll have room for:

  • Travel documents 
  • Your smartphone and tablet
  • Extra hand sanitizer
  • Masks & gloves
  • Miscellaneous items

You can store everything you need in-flight and can ensure you will arrive at your destination with everything you need, while abiding by their respective restrictions and rules.

If you are looking for a long-lasting tote, definitely consider a leather bag. Leather is super durable and cleans up easily. You can toss it around, beat it up a bit, and it should last awhile. (Let’s face it – our travel items have to take some abuse.)

A bonus is that you can compress your leather bags to fit easily into any suitcase when you’re not using it, or carry it around to fill with souvenirs of your travels.

These reasons make it obvious why a big tote an important piece of comfy travel outfits.

2. An Oversized Sweatshirt or Comfy Sweater

woman with mustard yellow sweater and choker

An oversized sweatshirt or sweater is comfortable, warm, and also makes for a great pillow when you’re not wearing it.

You can layer it over a band t-shirt and under your outerwear, like a cute denim jacket or a down coat if you want the extra warmth. But the oversized sweatshirt itself is an essential when travelling on a plane.

An oversized sweatshirt or sweater is also a must-have for when you get off the plane, especially if you’re traveling to a cooler locale or landing at night.

This fashion piece also comes in handy when you feel like you ate too much and want something loose to wear. Just toss it on and dress it up with heels, et viola—an instant good-looking outfit is born. 

So travel with an oversized sweatshirt or sweater and you can always put it to good use.

3. Stretchy Leggings or Yoga Pants

mannequins in green and brown yoga pants

Stretchy leggings give you room to move and aren’t as restrictive as a pair of trousers or jeans. You can also try out yoga pants and see how they do for you – in the end the difference is minimal. Both options are pajama-like (we love that!), but more presentable than a full on pair of sweats.

You can pair your leggings together with your oversized sweatshirt or sweater, with a tee underneath or a long and comfortable button down. You can be assured that stretchy leggings will be comfortable:

  • on the plane
  • for the travels in between at layovers
  • while getting around throughout your travel day

Another bonus to wearing leggings while you travel is you don’t have to worry about removing a belt or emptying your pockets at security.

For great leggings and yoga pants that will last the test of time, try these Lululemon Yoga Paints. They are light-weight and feel like a second-skin! The yoga pants cost a fair bit, but they are an investment in comfort that you’ll find is well worth it – especially on those long-haul flights.

4. Comfortable Slip-on Shoes

person holding yellow leather slip-on shoes

Between going through security and getting comfortable on a plane, slip-on shoes are the ideal travel shoe.

They are comfortable and practical, but if you take your time to find the right style for your own personal style, it can also be a fashionable shoe.

Not to mention, in case of emergency, close-toed shoes are ideal for safety purposes. You can move with your feet more securely, keep your toes safe, and move quickly through airport aisles and gates without tripping over your shoes.

Some of the better travel brands fold up and tuck into your purse, too. Check out these soft ballerina shoes from Softstar Shoes. They come in 8 colors and fold up for easy travelling. We love anything that helps us pack more stuff into our suitcase – but you could even toss these into your big tote!

Slip on shoes are also a great option if you want to wear heels out to dinner, but want to wear footwear that’s more practical to explore the city afterwards.

If you’re on a budget, you may already have some slip-ons in your closet. Look for comfortable:

  • Loafers
  • Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Flats

Whatever you choose, you’ll definitely want an easy-peasy pair of slip-on shoes that are easy to take on and off. This will be helpful for getting through customs at the airport, too. Whether you wear socks with them, of course, is up to you. 😉

5. A Versatile Fashion Scarf 

a row of colorful print scarves

A scarf can be used for numerous things while traveling, which is why you’ll want to bring one with you on the plane.

Imagine that you are on a long, red-eye flight to New York or somewhere in Europe. You feel a bit chilly or want something to rest your head on. A scarf will be your new BFF and an essential travel piece, especially for long-haul flights.

WIth a scarf, you can:

  • Wrap it around yourself or over your lap as a blanket
  • Wear it on your neck for warmth, comfort, and style
  • Bundle it up for a pillow
  • Use it as a comfortable prop up for your book or tablet
  • Cover your head with it if it’s rainy when you land
  • Drape it over your beach chair at your destination to wick away moisture

What is The Best Scarf for Travel?

Try looking for warmer scarves like wool blend, or something ultra-soft like silk or satin. A cotton scarf is also a great option, because it will take away the chill on your neck, absorbs moisture, and also cleans up so well in the wash.

You might consider this scarf with a hidden compartment, like this pretty Jasmine & Jaine travel scarf from Waypoint Goods. It keeps your wallet, passport, or credit cards within easy reach but in a place a thief would never think of — and it would be hard for them to grab it since it’s securely on you. Plus, by storing your important things, this scarf keeps your hands free to take photos once you arrive at your destination.

Scarves can also be great styling pieces for when you get off the plane. You can style a long or short scarf in your hair, around your neck, or on your bag. However you want to wear it, a scarf makes it seem like a whole new outfit!

You can even wear a scarf around your waist for the beach as a cover-up.

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Final Thoughts on Comfy Travel Outfits

Planes can really fluctuate in temperature, so having these layers and fashion accessories is essential. Even if you don’t use your items for what you may imagine, they can help you adapt to different temperatures and be more comfortable as you fly.

One thing is for sure, though: They will become important accent piece to your wardrobe on travel days. Even if you’re taking a budget flight, you will be 100% confident wearing a comfy travel outfit that looks and feels like a million bucks.

If you want more easy tips on upping your fashion game while you travel, continue reading these 7 Secrets and Beauty Essentials for the travel fashionista.

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