105 Best Empty-Nesting Quotes That Will Inspire You!

Best Quotes About Empty Nesting Enjoy Travel Life | Enjoy Travel Life

Transitioning to an empty-nester isn’t always easy. You’ll need to reinvent yourself a little after the children have moved out, and even as you let go of your changing role, you’ll always be a parent. So, rather than feeling sad (which is natural), read through these great empty-nesting quotes. As an empty-nester, you can look …

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10 Fun Empty Nest Activities for Your Best Vacation!

fun empty nest activities | Enjoy Travel Life

Maybe the days when you piled the kids into the family car heading for who-knows-where on vacation are in the rearview mirror. But you have fun empty nest activities ahead of you!

In fact, it’s almost a relief–as much as you may treasure those days with the whole family.

Whether you’re an aspiring globetrotter or a seasoned high-roller, endless possibilities await you as an empty-nester.

To help inspire your travels, look to these 10 empty nest activities that will inject some fun into your next vacation. Continue reading to discover culture and cuisine, beauty and adventure, and entertainment and good times.

It’s time to start planning your best vacation yet!

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How To Regain Your Optimal Self-Confidence: 8 Easy Tips


Do you find yourself struggling with low self confidence? If it’s hard for you to maintain optimal self-confidence, you are not alone.

If it seems like others exude self-assurance effortlessly while you grapple with self-doubt, these tips are for you. Confidence is a skill you can nurture and develope over time.

Below, you’ll learn eight easy-to-implement tips to help you regain and bolster your self-esteem. From adopting empowering habits to embracing self-compassion, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey and unlock your true potential.

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7 Fulfilling Ways You Can Give Back to Community This Year

give back to community | Enjoy Travel Life

Once we achieve our goals in our life, it’s our social responsibility to give back to community.

That might mean offering your services and expertise by donating time to deserving communities through volunteering.

Or it might be a financial offering.

Either way, this article provides 7 easy and fulfilling ways to feel good about meeting your social responsibilities.

Continue reading to learn how you can contribute to build a better society, below.

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Cycling Family Holidays: 8 Benefits of Taking the Grandkids Out on E-Bikes

camping and cycling | Enjoy Travel Life

Cycling family holidays are one the most enjoyable types of vacations you can plan with your family.

Not only is it a healthy outdoor activity, but it’s fun for all ages – especially when you opt for e-bikes.

This is one easy way to bridge the technology gap between you and your grandchildren in a fun way.

You can read more about the benefits of taking a family e-cycling vacation, below.

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Is Study Abroad Worth It? 5 Reasons It’s A Great Opportunity

is study abroad worth it | Enjoy Travel Life

If you’re wondering “is study abroad worth it?“, you’ll want to evaluate what your child will gain from the experience.

Sure, they’ll have a blast.

But once you know these key reasons it’s a great opportunity beyond being fun, you’ll feel more confident supporting their travels abroad.

Continue reading to take a deeper look into the importance of studying abroad. It will not only broaden your vision but will help your child find their direction towards the future.

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Long Stay Vacations: The Best Caribbean Islands for Snowbirds

Tortola for snowbirds | Enjoy Travel Life

Have you ever thought of spending a few weeks or even the entire winter in a warmer climate? That’s exactly what “snowbirds” do. If you’re considering long stay vacations some place warm, you’ll love this list of the best Caribbean islands for a winter getaway. The only trouble you may have with these options is …

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3 Tips for Empty-Nesters: Transition to Your New Life with Joy

tips for empty nesters | Enjoy Travel Life

These tips for empty-nesters will help you make the transition to your new life with a positive outlook. They are among the first things you should do when your children have moved out.

It may be bitter-sweet, but there’s a lot to celebrate and look forward to.

So, begin your empty-nest years on the right foot.

Find out how, below.

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Top College Essays: 7 Ways You Can Help Your Child with College Application Writing

college acceptance essay writing | Enjoy Travel Life

Knowing how to write top college essays is a key skill when it comes to college admissions. Yet, it’s not an easy task for high-schoolers.

The good news is, as a parent, there are some easy ways you can help your child develop good writing skills. 

Not only will this help him getting into the college of choice, but it will serve your child well throughout his education.  

Start by learning these tips to help your child write top college essays, below.

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