Compassionate home care

Easy Guide To Compassionate Home Care For Seniors

When it comes to compassionate home care for your elderly relatives, you’ll want to consider some important points to ensure a positive experiences. To ensure they experience comfort, security, and joy in their golden years, be sure to explore the various aspects of providing heartfelt care.

Continue reading to find find helpful strategies and tips about caring for your beloved seniors.

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School life balance for students

3 Easy Strategies to Master School Life Balance for Students

In today’s fast-paced academic environment, achieving a school life balance for students is essential. It involves effectively managing time and priorities to excel academically while maintaining personal well-being.

Education today demands more than just attending classes and taking exams. Students are often overwhelmed with various academic responsibilities. Striking a healthy balance is tantamount to a positive experience.

However, you can put some easy strategies in place to help lighten the weight upon your student’s shoulders. Read more below to find out how.

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Students volunteering

Students Volunteering: How To Plan an Epic Journey with “Voluntourism”

For students volunteering, “voluntourism” is an enriching way to travel and make a positive impact.

Delve into the balance of adventure and altruism to identify ethical opportunities, prepare for trips, and maximize your impact. This kind of transformative journey offers an amazing experience for young and old alike. It’s filled with cultural immersion, personal growth, and meaningful contributions to communities in need.

Read more about voluntourism, below.

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loneliness empty nest | Enjoy Travel Life

Empty Nest Ideas for Adjusting to Your New Life

Explore these practical and inspiring empty nest ideas that will help you adjust to your new life as an empty-nester.

You’ll discover more about the feelings associated with empty nest syndrome and tips for coping with them. From rediscovering passions to embracing self-care and diving into new learning experiences, these strategies aim to help you navigate a unique phase of life.

Continue reading to learn more.

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fun empty nest activities | Enjoy Travel Life

10 Fun Empty Nest Activities for Your Best Vacation!

Maybe the days when you piled the kids into the family car heading for who-knows-where on vacation are in the rearview mirror. But you have fun empty nest activities ahead of you!

In fact, it’s almost a relief–as much as you may treasure those days with the whole family.

Whether you’re an aspiring globetrotter or a seasoned high-roller, endless possibilities await you as an empty-nester.

To help inspire your travels, look to these 10 empty nest activities that will inject some fun into your next vacation. Continue reading to discover culture and cuisine, beauty and adventure, and entertainment and good times.

It’s time to start planning your best vacation yet!

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How To Regain Your Optimal Self-Confidence: 8 Easy Tips

Do you find yourself struggling with low self confidence? If it’s hard for you to maintain optimal self-confidence, you are not alone.

If it seems like others exude self-assurance effortlessly while you grapple with self-doubt, these tips are for you. Confidence is a skill you can nurture and develope over time.

Below, you’ll learn eight easy-to-implement tips to help you regain and bolster your self-esteem. From adopting empowering habits to embracing self-compassion, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey and unlock your true potential.

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give back to community | Enjoy Travel Life

7 Fulfilling Ways You Can Give Back to Community This Year

Once we achieve our goals in our life, it’s our social responsibility to give back to community.

That might mean offering your services and expertise by donating time to deserving communities through volunteering.

Or it might be a financial offering.

Either way, this article provides 7 easy and fulfilling ways to feel good about meeting your social responsibilities.

Continue reading to learn how you can contribute to build a better society, below.

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camping and cycling | Enjoy Travel Life

Cycling Family Holidays: 8 Benefits of Taking the Grandkids Out on E-Bikes

Cycling family holidays are one the most enjoyable types of vacations you can plan with your family.

Not only is it a healthy outdoor activity, but it’s fun for all ages – especially when you opt for e-bikes.

This is one easy way to bridge the technology gap between you and your grandchildren in a fun way.

You can read more about the benefits of taking a family e-cycling vacation, below.

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is study abroad worth it | Enjoy Travel Life

Is Study Abroad Worth It? 5 Reasons It’s A Great Opportunity

If you’re wondering “is study abroad worth it?“, you’ll want to evaluate what your child will gain from the experience.

Sure, they’ll have a blast.

But once you know these key reasons it’s a great opportunity beyond being fun, you’ll feel more confident supporting their travels abroad.

Continue reading to take a deeper look into the importance of studying abroad. It will not only broaden your vision but will help your child find their direction towards the future.

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college acceptance essay writing | Enjoy Travel Life

Top College Essays: 7 Ways to Assist Your Child with Application Writing

Knowing how to write top college essays is a key skill when it comes to college admissions. Yet, it’s not an easy task for high-schoolers.

The good news is, as a parent, there are some easy ways you can help your child develop good writing skills. 

Not only will this help him getting into the college of choice, but it will serve your child well throughout his education.  

Start by learning these tips to help your child write top college essays, below.

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transitioning into retirement tips | Enjoy Travel Life

5 Helpful Tips for Transitioning into Retirement and Your Golden Years

Transitioning into retirement might feel a little scary. But it doesn’t have to be. After all, this time of your life is what you’ve been waiting for, right? You’re ready to give up the grind and enjoy a retirement lifestyle that might include grandchildren, travel, or both. But it’s important you know how to prepare for your golden years. Read these 5 helpful tips below to help make your transition into retirement easier.

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traveling as a couple tips 1 | Enjoy Travel Life

Traveling as a Couple: 5 Easy Tips to Maximize Your Trip Together

Traveling as a couple isn’t always easy – but it can be. That is, when you know the most important strategies to maximize your trip together. Whether this is your first trip as a couple or your thirty-first, follow these 5 easy tips. That way, when you’re planning your vacation as a couple, you’ll be on the right track to having a successful couples getaway.

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adjusting to empty nest | Enjoy Travel Life

Reinventing Yourself After Empty-Nest: 9 Excellent Ways to Stay Busy

Reinventing yourself after empty-nesting can be a bit of a challenge. For many parents, it’s hard to find purpose after your children have left home. But it helps if you immerse yourself in a range of activities. That way, you’ll be too busy embracing your new lifestyle instead of wallowing in empty-nest heartache. So, try these 9 excellent ways below to keep yourself busy in order to adjust to your new circumstances faster and more easily.

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elderly retirement years | Enjoy Travel Life

The Importance of Retirement Planning: What Retirement Lifestyle is for You?

Don’t underestimate the importance of retirement planning. In general, we are living longer, healthier lives – which overall, is a great thing. But you’ll still need a retirement ‘plan’ that considers the retirement lifestyle that’s best for you as you approach the ‘golden years.’ To help, this article lays out some common scenarios.

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stay positive and motivated | Enjoy Travel Life

How to Stay Positive and Motivated After Your Children Move Out

You might find it hard to stay positive and motivated after your children move out. Maybe you’re feeling lonely in your empty-nest. That’s totally normal. And that’s exactly why you need to be proactive about getting out of your own way.

So, go ahead and try out these practical suggestions designed to help you get out of a mid-life rut. When you do, you might finally decide that after the kids have flown the coop, your life couldn’t be better. 

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finding purpose as an empty nester | Enjoy Travel Life

Finding Purpose as an Empty-Nester: How to Cope After Your Kids Move

Finding purpose as an empty nester can take a little time. After all, you’re still reeling from the end of an era—a time when you had a clearly defined role as a parent knew what they expected of you. Once your kids move out, things feel different. Your new role, with and without them, may not be immediately clear.

Plus, you’ll experience a whole range of emotions, from loss to elation. It’s all completely normal and part of the cliched “new chapter.”

So we’re here to help you navigate the empty nest and learn to cope with your new situation. Take a deep breath and keep reading to discover the practical strategies that will see you through.

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pros and cons of downsizing your home | Enjoy Travel Life

Top Pros and Cons of Downsizing Your Home Now That Your Kids Moved Out

Are you considering the pros and cons of downsizing your home as an empty-nester? Now that your kids have moved on, you may not need that big family home and yard anymore. Still, you may want to keep it. If you’re on the fence about making a move, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of downsizing. That way, what’s right for you will become clearer and it will be easier for you to make your decision. Here are the pros and cons, below.

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Sailing Vacations for Couples | Enjoy Travel Life

Top Sailing Vacations for Couples | 3 Romantic Sea Adventures for Empty-Nesters

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking sailing vacations for couples, there’s no better time than when you become an “empty-nester.” Now that the kids have grown and you have a little extra money in your pocket, it’s a perfect opportunity for an adventure.

It’s also time to rekindle your relationship. 

When you’re surrounded by the beauty of the sea, caressed by gentle breezes, and aboard a luxury sailboat, it’s hard not to be charmed. Below, you’ll discover three sailing experiences to take as a couple, from a short day sail to a more immersive trip. Not only will you have the carefree time of your life, but you just might fall in love all over again.

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Couple Looking to Move | Enjoy Travel Life

Starting A New Life Abroad: 3 Great Countries to Pick

When you’re starting a new life abroad, you can potentially live anywhere. But when there are so many amazing places in the world as options, how to you pick? Well, that’s what we hope to help with in this article.

We’ve chosen 3 great countries we think you’ll love so you can begin narrowing down your choices. Read on to find out why they are ideal destinations to begin a new chapter, for whatever reason you may have.

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best places to travel with baby | Enjoy Travel Life

10 Best Places to Travel with Baby as New Grandparents

The best places to travel with baby If you’re new grandparents might just surprise you. A baby can be happy anywhere, provided you meet their basic needs. But your time together can be extra special if you take them with you on a trip. In fact, “skip-gen” vacations  are on the rise. Keep reading to discover the best places for traveling with your grandchild, and why. You’ll also find helpful planning tips so you can rest assured your vacation will go smoothly.

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Apartment in Athens | Enjoy Travel Life

Moving to Athens Greece: 5 Important Tips You Must Not Overlook

If you’ve ever vacationed in Athens, you’ve been tempted to stay. After all, moving to Athens Greece is not all that far-fetched. It’s a tourist-safe city, blessed by good weather, delicious food and culture, and a ferry from the gorgeous Greek islands. Plus, if you do relocate to Greece, you’ll be rewarded by an affordable cost of living and an amazing quality of life! 

But before take the plunge, you’ll want to consider these important tips, below. That way, your move to Athens is more likely to be a piece of Greek honey cake.

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daughter and aging mother | Enjoy Travel Life

Caring for Elderly Parents While You Travel (Without Feeling Guilty!)

Caring for elderly parents is a big family responsibility. After all, your parents cared for and loved you as a child–and now is your chance to reciprocate in full. Now that you’re finally empty-nesting, does that mean you can’t travel? Absolutely not. What it means is that when you travel, you plan ahead with these solutions for your parents care and keeping while you’re away.

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moving to a new country woman with suitcase | Enjoy Travel Life

How to Move to Another Country and Start Over

For all the excitement living the expat life brings, you’ll first need to consider the practicalities. A move abroad is a huge undertaking. Moving to another country, even for a short period of time, requires a significant amount of preparation. But once you know how to move to another country and start over, you can make an easy transition to expat life. Find out what you need to know, below.

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Female Student Walking on Campus | Enjoy Travel Life

Gift Guide: Best Gifts for College Girls

If you’re looking for some amazing gifts for college girls then this is the post for you. Because as the mother of two college grads (including a daughter), I know exactly what college kids do and do not want when it comes from gifts. 

Trust me on this.

My daughter lets me know when I’ve dropped the ball and given them something that wasn’t on their gift list!

So, stop guessing when it comes to either back-to-school or holiday shopping. Instead, use this list of 18 fantastic gifts for college girls to give your daughter exactly what she wants this year and every year thereafter. 

Bonus: These gifts will meet your needs as a parent and theirs!

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Coastline of Koh Tao Island in Thailand | Enjoy Travel Life

Best Places To Live In Thailand: 4 Top Picks for You!

Thailand is an unforgettable place to vacation. But be forewarned: you may find yourself inclined to stay in Thailand for the long-term. According to the 2019 Thailand Migration Report, more than 150,000 residents in Bangkok are English-speaking ex-pats. Read on to discover which are the best places to live in Thailand and what to know before you decide to call Thailand home.

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wine 3804523 1920 | Enjoy Travel Life

51 Steamy Romantic Hotel Packages To Spice Up Couples Getaway

Getting away from the daily grind as a couple can deepen your relationship, rekindle the “spark,” and provide an opportunity for you to enjoy one-on-one time. Here is a list of great romantic hotel packages from top hotels and ideas to make your stay extra special and filled with romance.

Look to these for inspiration to add a few romantic amenities to your getaway with someone special.

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Romantic Hotel Experiences Nihi Oka Pool | Enjoy Travel Life

Most Romantic Hotel Experiences Around the World

Everyone wants to feel special once in a while, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day and other special occasions.

Read on to discover the most romantic hotel experiences around the world as remembered by expert travelers.

Would one of them be a good fit for you and your special someone?

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