Revealing the Spectacular Arts District Las Vegas and More!

Arts district Las Vegas | Enjoy Travel Life

You might be surprised to learn art-centric attractions like the Arts District Las Vegas have become a real show-stopper in Las Vegas.

At least 5 hidden treasures of Las Vegas exist in the city’s best-kept artistic enclave, bursting with creativity, talent, and inspiration.

When you delve into the captivating Arts District of Las Vegas, you can exploring its galleries, street art, events, and the vibrant community that makes this place truly unique.

Below, you’ll discover the most creatively enriching sites in Las Vegas to visit–especially if you are a true art lover.

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8 Unique Kentucky Attractions for Families Not to Miss


If you’re planning a trip to Kentucky, make sure to include these fun Kentucky attractions for families in your itinerary. The “Bluegrass State” holds a tapestry of captivating treasures waiting to be unveiled, especially when you go off the tourist trail.

From the thundering hooves of racehorses to the mellow notes of bourbon aging in oak barrels, Kentucky is a state rich in history, culture, and natural beauty.

Continue reading to delve deep into the heart of Kentucky’s hidden gems. You’ll discover eight fascinating things to do that will make this state stand out on vacation!

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Best Pickleball Vacations: Play 6 Amazing Destinations of the World!

Pickleball vacations destinations

Have you ever thought of planning a pickleball vacation?

You can experience the joy of pickleball while you explore these stunning vacation destinations worldwide. From exotic beaches to picturesque mountains, this is your chance to experience the best of both worlds.

So, grab your paddle, pack your bags, and get ready for an extraordinary vacation that combines leisure, fitness, and the thrill of pickleball!

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Best Tips for An Unforgettable Kansas City Day Trip!

Kansas city day trip

Are you ready for a Kansas City day trip like no other?

Get ready to go beyond the mouthwatering barbecue and soulful jazz that Kansas is known for. Instead, prepare to be empowered you discover the hidden treasures and unforgettable experiences that await you in this vibrant city.

From captivating museums to breathtaking parks, and from trendy neighborhoods to architectural wonders, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Kansas City.

Find out how to maximize your Kansas city day trip this way, below.

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Off Roading Essentials: Are You Ready For The Ultimate Utah Adventures?

Off roading essentials

Here are the off roading essentials you need to know for the ultimate Utah adventure.

Why Utah?

Utah promises an adventure like no other. You’re sure to have a thrilling experience that will test your skills and push your vehicle to its limits.

With its expansive desert landscapes, challenging rugged terrain, majestic mountains, and exceptional trails, Utah has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the best destinations for off-roading enthusiasts worldwide.

However, to fully enjoy this adrenaline-pumping activity and ensure your safety, you’ll need to prepare. It is crucial to equip your vehicle with the necessary essentials and undertake proper preparation before embarking on your off-roading journey.

Read more below as in this article, you will find all the information you need to get your ride ready for an unforgettable off-roading experience in the beautiful state of Utah!

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Moving From California To Arizona In 2023? Use This Easy Guide

Arizona | Enjoy Travel Life

Are you planning to moving from California to Arizona?

You’ll be trading in the sun-soaked beaches for the red rock canyons and cactus-filled deserts. The two states are vastly different in many ways.

So, you’re in for an exciting adventure!

Moving to a new state is never easy, but with the right preparation and mindset, it can be a rewarding experience.

Read what you need to know, below, to make a smooth transition to Arizona.

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Road Trip to Nova Scotia: 5 Great Places to Stay (and Eat)

Travel New Brunswick St Andrews Cory Cottage 7 | Enjoy Travel Life

My mother Georgi and I packed our bags for a ten-day road trip we’d planned to Nova Scotia in Canada. The trip was a reunion of sorts.

My parents spent summers on Canada’s Northumberland Strait to escape the heat and stay connected to my father’s family heritage. Scenes filled with country life and ocean views spoke of a simpler time.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best places to stay along the way. They make a road trip to Nova Scota all the more enjoyable!

Editor’s Note: We updated this article in June 2022 to add new content and keep it up to date.

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Boston to Salem Day Trip: 13 Thrilling Attractions Beyond Halloween

Salem Harbor Salem MA Summer | Enjoy Travel Life

Salem, Massachusetts is a favorite fall destination in New England that’s especially popular during October. It makes a great Boston to Salem day trip.

With historic and present-day ties to witchcraft, Salem rings in the Halloween spirit with loads of seasonal activities from pumpkin carving to a Witches Ball.

But did you know Salem is a waterfront hub brimming with fine dining, cultural attractions, and a vibrant arts community worth visiting year-round?

I spent a magical day discovering a cool summer slice of this historic colonial town. It was a quick day trip from Boston, but I could have lingered or spread these activities (and more) over a long weekend.

Instead, I powered through one day in Salem I won’t soon forget. Check out these things to do in Salem most any time of year.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated in May of 2022.

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Fun Things to Do in Arizona (Including 5 Beginner Travel Tips)

fun things to do arizona | Enjoy Travel Life

You’ll find lots of fun things to do in Arizona – so many that it can be overwhelming! That’s why we’ve put together this short list with beginner travel tips. It will help you get a big-picture of what you might like to see and do in AZ, and decide on the must-see attractions when you plan your trip to Arizona. Read our recommendations, below.

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What to Pack for New England Winter Getaways (Plus Winter Things to Do in New England)

girl 4589231 scaled | Enjoy Travel Life

Ultimate Packing Checklist for Winter in New England

If you’re wondering what to pack for New England winter getaways, take it from a local: you’d better be prepared. While winter offers gorgeous, dramatic scenes worthy of Ansel Adams’ photography, when temperatures drop, it literally takes your breath away.

I’ve created this Ultimate Packing Checklist for Winter in New England to tell you everything you’ll need to bring.

Whether you plan to explore New England’s photographic beauty, snuggle up by the fire, or enjoy winter sports, don’t miss the printable packing checklist download to make packing easy for your New England winter getaways. Bonus: It even covers survival gear.)

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