Mexican Inspired Life: Popular Culture In Mexican Food, Fashion, and Design

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A Mexican inspired life is one that incorporates vibrant reminders of Mexico’s unique culture into your own. You can find some easy ideas to rightfully honor and appreciate Mexican cuisine, fashion, and design elements while adding a little joy to your everyday life. Learn how, below.

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CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn how to respectfully bring popular Mexican culture into your life, including:

Why Embrace a Mexican-Inspired Life?

Mexican culture is one of the most influential in the world, and you can see it everywhere. From food to fashion to design, Mexican culture has made its mark on many aspects of society. 

That’s why we’re focusing on popular culture in Mexico, both modern and traditional, with emphasis on how this influences lifestyle choices for Mexicans living abroad or those who are interested in exploring their roots.

We most commonly know Mexican culture for its:

  • Vibrant colors
  • Festive celebrations
  • Passionate people

For many Americans, Mexican culture represents a happy-go-lucky lifestyle that is full of fun and excitement. 

So if you truly appreciate and respect the Mexican culture and are looking to add a little bit of Mexican flavor to your life, here are some ideas you might try:

Yummy Mexican Food to Make At Home

Mexican cuisine is one of the most loved in the world. It’s no wonder why – with its delicious flavors and spices, it’s hard not to appreciate it! 

You’ll discover endless possibilities when it comes to cooking your own famous Mexican food at home. Popular options include everything from tacos and enchiladas to chilaquiles and mole sauce. 

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One easy and delicious “must try” food is this grilled Mexican street corn recipe, also known as elotes. 

And don’t forget about popular Mexican desserts – churros, flan, and tres leches are just a few of the sweet Mexican treats that are absolutely scrumptious! 

Other favorites in Mexico are fusion dishes that combine European cooking techniques with traditional Mexican recipes. 

For instance, popular fusion foods might include French toast or a cheese soup equivalent to fondue – served bubbling hot with tortilla chips to scoop it up.

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Fashion Inspiration from Mexico

When it comes to fashion, Mexico is known for vibrant colors, intricate patterns, embroidery designs, and beautiful fabrics. 

Clothing has long been an integral part of Mexican culture – particularly during special celebrations like Dia de Los Muertos. That’s a three-day celebration held in November to honor deceased loved ones. 

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During this celebration, you’ll see people wearing bright orange marigolds around their necks or carrying Calaveras (sugar skulls) as they dance through the streets celebrating life with music and song. 

Many traditional outfits worn today by Mexicans reflect these colorful traditions. 

For instance, one fashion trend includes brightly embroidered blouses paired with maxi skirts.  Accessories range from statement earrings and wide-brimmed hats to colorful woven bags. 

As you can see, it’s easy to add a touch of Mexican inspired dress to your life with just a few simple pieces. The best part is, you can wear them any time of year.

Design | Mexican Inspired Home Decor

Mexico is home to some of the most beautiful and intricate architecture in the world. There’s no shortage of stunning buildings to admire, from ancient pyramids and temples to colonial churches and modern skyscrapers. 

Similarly, Mexican art is renowned for its vibrant colors, folkloric designs, and use of natural materials, such as wood and stone. 

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So if you’re looking for a way to add a touch of Mexican flair to your home décor, consider using traditional design elements from Mexico in your next project. 

Or, you can also showcase works from these and other well-recognized Mexican artists:

  • Frida Kahlo, known for her vibrant self-portraits, and for portraying the female experience and indigenous culture (along with her signature eyebrows)
  • Los tres grandes (“three great ones”) Deigo Viera, José Clemente Orozco and David Siqueiros, who created bold, meaningful murals defining the Mexican identity that followed civil war (1910-1920)
  • Contemporary artist Gabriel Orzoco, who creates thought-provoking designs based on the urban landscape and everyday objects while balancing geometry and organic materials. 

No doubt, you’ll find plenty of design inspiration online or in stores that carry Mexican-inspired wall art and decor.

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Final Thoughts on Mexican Inspired Life

Living a Mexican-inspired life doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, as long as you truly appreciate the culture. It can be as simple as adding a few Mexican inspired elements to your everyday routine. 

Whether you’re cooking up a Mexican feast, drawing fashion inspiration from traditional clothing, or decorating your home with folk art, you have endless opportunities to bring the spirit of Mexico into your life.

Photo credits: Miguel Gonzalez (Unsplash), Canva Pro