landscape maintenance checklist

Landscape Maintenance Checklist: 7 Easy Steps for a Low-Maintenance Garden

An easy landscape maintenance checklist is the key to cultivating a thriving, low-maintenance garden that saves you time and resources. That way, you can travel more and have the free time to just enjoy the beauty of your gardens.

Follow these 7 easy steps with expert tips and strategies to design a garden that is both beautiful and easy to care for. Continue reading to discover how you can enjoy a lush, sustainable garden with minimal effort.

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Travel lifestyle

Your Travel Lifestyle: Finding the Best Home for Travel-Lovers

Let’s delve into the world of finding a perfect home that supports your travel lifestyle. A travel-centric life offers great rewards and experiences. Yet, finding the right home given the complexities travel presents can be a challenge.

Unless you’re 100% nomadic, you’ll likely want a place to call home. From choosing the right location to security considerations while you’re away, choosing your home base isn’t a decision to take lightly.

So, read more below to discover the important factors you’ll want to consider. The tips below serve as a compass for balancing the best of both worlds—home and away.

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Home renovation checklist

An Easy Home Renovation Checklist: 3 Steps to Begin Your Project

Renovating a home isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s an investment that enhances comfort, functionality, and value. The journey begins with understanding three critical elements to plan a successful renovation.

With the right guidance and an easy home renovation checklist, turning your house into your dream home will become a manageable, rewarding journey.

So, read more below and make your home beautiful. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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taking travel photos | Enjoy Travel Life

Easy Travel Gallery Wall: 7 Steps To Showcase Your Wanderlust

Travel memories are priceless, and adding a travel gallery wall to your decor gives them a beautiful place of honor. In fact, it’s easy to turn your wanderlust into a visually stunning display!

Discover seven simple steps that go beyond hanging pictures to turn your travel gallery wall into an artistic showcase. Continue reading to create a meaningful travel collage that begs to tell the story of your adventure.

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drain | Enjoy Travel Life

8 Important Drainage Maintenance Benefits Homeowners Must Know

When it comes to safeguarding your home from floods, proper drainage maintenance is essential. Neglecting your drainage system can lead to costly water damage and a host of other problems.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn 8 important drainage maintenance tips every homeowner should know. These tips, when followed diligently, will help keep your home safe and your mind at ease. This is especially important when you’re traveling.

Read more below to learn these crucial tips for maintaining your home’s drainage system.

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woman sitting beside RV

Financing an RV as a Primary Residence? Read These Important Details First.

Have you ever dreamed of leaving your life as you know it behind and financing an RV as a primary residence? It’s very doable. (Plus, who wouldn’t want a care-free lifestyle, especially if you’re empty-nesting?)

But before you take the plunge, read these important details about your financing options, legalities, and the benefits you’ll enjoy when you can finally call your RV your home.

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how to properly wax a car

How to Properly Wax a Car in 7 Easy Steps [DIY Car Wax]

If you are a DIYer, you’ve probably wondered how to properly wax a car at home. 

After all, whether you’re driving around town or heading off on a road trip, your car is an extension of your personal image. You want it to look its best!

When you decide to try a DIY car wax, not only will you some money on professional services, but you can take pride in the professional-looking results you can achieve!

Just follow this easy step-by-step guide to learn how to properly wax a car for yourself.

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Home security checklist

9 Must-Follow Steps for the Perfect Home Security Checklist

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll want to follow a home security checklist to ensure the safety of your investment. Protecting your home and loved ones from potential threats is crucial for your peace of mind.

In this article, you will learn eight essential steps to create the perfect checklist to secure your home.

By implementing these measures, you can enhance the safety of your home and significantly reduce the risk of break-ins or other security breaches.

Let’s get started.

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park model cabin | Enjoy Travel Life

5 Best Reasons A Park Model Cabin in Massachusetts is A Great Option!

Park model cabins have gained immense popularity in recent years as a versatile and appealing housing option.

These compact and portable structures combine the comforts of a traditional home with the mobility and flexibility of an RV (recreational vehicle).

With their unique design and numerous advantages, park model cabins offer an excellent solution for those seeking an affordable second home or rental property.

Read more below to explore the concept of park model cabins, their features, benefits, and their growing significance in today’s housing market. Then you can decide if buying one is right for you!

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New homeowner checklist

New Homeowner Checklist: 6 Best Upgrades That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

Are you looking for a new homeowner checklist to upgrade your sweet home?

As a first-time homeowner, you may not have plans to spend the rest of your life in your first home. However, upgrading your property can make all the difference if you decide to sell it later.

And while you’re there, it will make your space all the more homey.

With adding value in mind, it’s important to consider easy upgrades that can add value to your home in 2023.

Below are some tips to get you started.

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Natural Gardening: A Non-Toxic Way to Eliminate Garden Pests

How To Use A Natural Gardening Approach Against Pests

If you’re wondering how you can use a more natural gardening approach in your home garden, stay tuned.

You don’t have to of rely on harmful chemicals to protect your garden.

That is, not once you know the benefits of organic pest management and how you can it to repel pests from your plants.

From planting marigolds and dill, to sprinkling chili powder, we’ve got you covered with effective and eco-friendly pest control methods.

Continue reading to get started on creating a healthy and thriving garden without harming the environment!

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gardening in a drought

Gardening in a Drought: 9 Water Conscious Tips for Your Garden

Gardening in a drought can be a headache for nature lovers.

Yet, as continued drought conditions and early water bans persist, you can still have a beautiful yard. It’s time to implement some water conscious tips for your garden.

That way, dry spells won’t be a major setback, and you can still enjoy the lush greenery of spring and summer. With a few water-saving techniques, you can sustain a beautiful garden and enjoy your green space all season long.

For tips and tricks to help you keep your garden thriving while minimizing water usage, read more below.

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Drought tolerant lawn alternatives

5 Drought Tolerant Lawn Alternatives For A Better Yard

These drought tolerant lawn alternatives offer homeowners a better option – even though America’s obsession with Lawns is well-founded.

Where better to picnic, spend a breezy afternoon with family and friends, or toss a frisbee to the dog than on a soft, cool blanket of grass?

Its carpet of roots prevents soil erosion in all but the steepest slopes while combating dusty and muddy conditions year-round.

And, its green expanse cleanses the visual palette.

But a good-looking lawn comes at a considerable expense, especially during dry spells.

In this article, you’ll learn some tips on keeping your garden green(ish) during drought, as well as some lawn alternatives you’ll want to consider.

Keep reading to find out more.

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summer gardening tips

13 Easy Summer Gardening Tips for a Vibrant Home Garden

These easy summer gardening tips will help you maintain a beautiful garden you and your family can enjoy when you’re home.

It can feel like a daunting task, but can be easier than you may think — and it’s completely worth the effort!

Fortunately, you’ll discover easy and effective techniques that any gardener, experienced or not, can implement to elevate their garden to showstopper status. With a little bit of extra care, your garden can be the envy of the neighborhood.

Find out how, below.

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Beneficial and harmful insects

Gardening: 10 Beneficial And Harmful Insects You Should Know

When it comes to gardening, beneficial and harmful insects are the top concerns of nature loving people. However, the truth is that the best gardens are full of bugs!

These little critters play a vital role in maintaining the health and beauty of our gardens. For instance, bugs such as bees, butterflies, and beetles help to pollinate flowers, while others like earthworms improve soil quality.

Moreover, some bugs even keep harmful insect pests at bay. But how can we tell the difference between beneficial and harmful insects?

Let’s find out more in the article below.

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low water plants

15 Low Water Plants That Will Look Beautiful Even During Drought!

Are you tired of seeing your once-beautiful garden wilt when dry spells hit? Then you need to look for low water plants!

With the right plant choices and water-saving practices, you can sustain your garden even during the hottest and driest months. This is really handy when you go away on vacation, too!

With so many drought-friendly plant options available, you can design an entire garden that is both beautiful and drought-tolerant.

So, let’s explore the world of xeriscaping and you’ll discover how to keep your garden thriving even in the toughest conditions.

Read more about what to plant and water-saving garden techniques in this article, below.

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clean home while away | Enjoy Travel Life

12 Easy Tips to Maintain Cleanliness at Home While You’re Away

So you are also thinking about how to maintain cleanliness at home while you’re away?

If you’re someone who travels often, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of keeping your home clean and organized in your absence.

There’s nothing worse than returning from a luxurious getaway to a dust-filled, stinky, pest-infested home. Am I right?

Fortunately, I have some useful tips that will help you maintain the cleanliness of your home — even when you’re away.

Discover these easy home cleaning tips, below.

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care for chickens at home | Enjoy Travel Life

How to Care for Chickens at Home: 5 Easy Beginner Tips

Chickens can be a great addition to your outdoor space. They provide fresh eggs, pest control, and entertainment. But it’s important that you know how to care for chickens before you make the commitment.

So, this beginner’s guide to raising backyard chickens shares what you need to know.

In this article, we’ll explore the essential choices you need to make when raising chickens and the ongoing care and maintenance tasks required to keep them healthy and happy.

Read more below to find the most important tips about raising chickens at home.

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home gym ideas | Enjoy Travel Life

Best Unfinished Basement Home Gym Ideas for Your DIY Renovation

Implementing unfinished basement home gym ideas can be a great investment for you and your family.

It’s no surprise that taking steps to improve your health and fitness is a worthwhile effort.

And given the current state of the housing market, upgrading your existing space makes sense.

So, here are some great tips about how you can start funding, planning, and enjoying your DIY renovation.

Read below for more about building your own gym at home.

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WhatsApp Image 2022 12 21 at 10.06.31 PM 1 | Enjoy Travel Life

5 Important Loan Steps for Buying a Flat in Singapore You’ll Love

If you’ve ever thought of buying a flat in Singapore, there are a few things you should know first.

Singapore is an amazing place to live.

With a highly educated population, low crime-rate, and good climate, it’s ideal in many ways. Most importantly, it’s a city-state that warmly welcomes ex-pats.

Find out what it takes to get a loan for a flat, below.

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how to maintain a house | Enjoy Travel Life

How to Maintain a House: 5 Important Annual Upkeep Tasks to Do

Knowing how to maintain a house can seem overwhelming.

But when you focus on the most essential annual tasks to upkeep your property, you’ll rest easier.

That’s why we’ve provided this short list of the most important things to maintain.

Then you can prioritize these 5 tasks that are key to keeping your home in good shape.

Find out more, below.

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diy tips for beginners | Enjoy Travel Life

DIY for Beginners: 5 Ways to Learn to Tackle Home Improvement Projects Yourself

If you’re looking for tips on DIY for beginners this guide is for you.

While you may be skilled and very talented to do home improvement tasks by yourself, you need to keep these tips in mind as a beginner.

Read this article below and get yourself prepared to perform DIY tasks at home yourselves but with a good guidance.

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garden makeover ideas | Enjoy Travel Life

Easy Garden Makeover Will Transform Your Garden (3 Simple Steps!)

A garden makeover is one of the most rewarding activities you can do as a gardener.

Not only does it refresh your garden with new life and vigor, but it’s an opportunity to showcase your creativity in the garden.

The best part?

It’s easy!

Read this article below for useful insights about how to makeover and transform your garden in 3 easy steps.

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silly moving mistakes | Enjoy Travel Life

Silly Moving Mistakes: Avoid These 5 Common Errors When You Move

You’ll want to avoid these common silly moving mistakes that so many people make.

They can be very problematic and can cause a lot of unnecessary stress!

So, this article shares some great tips about how to avoid moving mistakes so your transition goes more smoothly.

Discover what the 5 most common errors are when it comes to moving — and how to avoid making them, below.

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what to expect when moving | Enjoy Travel Life

Your Long Distance Move Checklist: 7 To-Dos To Top Your List

Making a long distance move checklist is key when moving far away.

At minimum, you’ll want to do some research and solid planning before you move to any new city, state, or country.

That way, you can get settled into your new home quickly with fewer worries.

To assist you, we’ve rounded up the most important things for you to do to help you plan your relocation.

You’ll find them below, along with some great tips and tricks to make your long-distance move easier.

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keep home safe while away | Enjoy Travel Life

What To Do When Leaving Home for Extended Time: Top 10 Homeowner Tips

It’s always a matter of concern about what to do when leaving home for extended time.

Leaving your home unattended for longer durations can cause you unnecessary worries while you travel!

What will you return to? Will your investment be safe? What if someone breaks in or the weather is frigid?

These are all valid concerns.

But with these homeowner tips, you can rest assured your home will remain safe. Then, you can truly enjoy a relaxing time away.

Learn how, below.

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WhatsApp Image 2022 11 11 at 5.44.29 AM 1 | Enjoy Travel Life

Growing a Low Maintenance Vegetable Garden, Step-by-Step

A low maintenance vegetable garden is many gardener’s dream.

Not only does it make kitchen gardening easier, but you’ll get better vegetables, and perhaps some cost savings..

An added benefit to growing your own home-based fresh vegetables is the opportunity to get close to nature as a hobby, too.

Read more about this truly rewarding experience, below.

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Move to a new city 720 | Enjoy Travel Life

How to Move to a New City and Start Over: Beginner’s Guide + Tips

When you move to a new city, you want to be well prepared and mentally ready to adapt to your new home.

Perhaps you are a little bit nervous and doubtful about starting over.

If so, this article will be especially helpful as you are getting prepared for relocation.

Continue reading this beginner’s guide to choose and get acclimated to the new place you will call home.

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winter sled in snow | Enjoy Travel Life

The Best Ideas for Winter Fun At Home When You Can’t Travel

If you’re lamenting the fact that you can’t travel this winter, you are not alone. It’s painful to be stuck at home for months on end if you are a traveller at heart—especially if you dream of a warm winter vacation.

Chin up!

There are still some great ways to have fun at home and make the most of your time.

Of course, there are the usual winter sports: sledding, building snowmen, ice skating–B-r-r-r! Or, read on to hear other ideas for winter fun at home when you can’t travel.

That way, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time at home this winter, snow or otherwise.

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rosemary natural pest repellent | Enjoy Travel Life

How to Keep Insects Away from Home Naturally? 6 Easy Home Remedies

If you’re wondering how to keep insects away from your home naturally, the solution may be closer than you think. 

These 6 easy home remedies help repel or eliminate bugs using everyday ingredients from your cupboard or garden.

These natural pest remedies might be what you need to avoid spraying toxic chemicals in your home or property. 

Try them as your first line of defense against unwanted bugs in your home. 

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dog safe outdoor plants | Enjoy Travel Life

31 Pet Safe Plant Choices with Pet-Friendly Tips for Your Yard

These pet safe plant choices and tips for your backyard will help you create an harmless outdoor living space for your furry friend. 

After all, your pets are an important part of the family!

Make sure your yard and garden are free from toxins and other dangers to them. That way, your pets will safely enjoy it as much as you do.

Find out how, below.

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uncluttering fast home | Enjoy Travel Life

Decluttering Fast: 5 Easy Steps to A Neater, More Peaceful Home

Decluttering fast is possible. Even though you may feel overwhelmed, when you break this task into easy steps, you’ll see how easy it can be.

Whether you’re downsizing to a new home, moving abroad, or just need to create a more peaceful environment, you’re in the right place.

Below, these easy steps will help you declutter your home – fast.

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why is my grass dying | Enjoy Travel Life

Why is My Grass Dying? 7 Easy Solutions for Brown Spots in Lawn 

If your lawn has ugly brown spots, you may wonder, “Why is my grass dying?” As perplexing as the problem is, there is most likely a simple solution.

Below, you’ll discover 7 common reasons for brown patches in your lawn. And, of course, how you can easily fix them.

Then, instead of returning from summer vacation to a dead lawn, you’ll have a beautiful, lush lawn you can enjoy.

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getting off the grid | Enjoy Travel Life

Getting “Off the Grid” for a Weekend or Longer: 5 Easy Tips

Many people dream of getting “off the grid,” but few actually do it.

One way to see if an unplugged lifestyle will suit you is to take an off-grid vacation. That will give you an opportunity to get a brief taste of homesteading and more sustainable living choices.

It could be enough time to convince you to commit to living off the grid—or not.

First, learn some off-grid basics to help you plan a weekend away from it all, below.

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woman in sunflower field | Enjoy Travel Life

Best Inspirational Garden Quotes To Make You Think

There’s little more rewarding than seeing your garden efforts in bloom. Or maybe it’s walking in a vibrant field of cheery sunflowers. Or you’re exploring interesting plant varieties in a beautiful botanical garden.

Envision breathing deeply into a velvety, fragrant rose.

No matter which kind of garden experience you prefer, gardens of all kinds are restorative!

If you are drawn to gardens as I am, you’ll love these inspirational garden quotes.

Just browse this extensive collection of garden sayings and quotes that are sure to make you think about gardening—and life…long beyond spent blooms.

Editors Note: We updated this post in June 2022 with more garden quotes to keep it fresh!

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feel good recipes for foodies | Enjoy Travel Life

9 Easy Feel Good Recipes for Foodies You Can Make Yourself

These easy feel good recipes will become a staple in your kitchen. They are simple to make recipes for foodies that you can make yourself in no time — even if you are a beginner. Check out these delicious, real food recipes below that can also be comfort food for when you’d rather be traveling. That way, you can indulge in tasty bites at home, but without much effort.

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home security tips and tricks | Enjoy Travel Life

Safety Check: 3 Home Security Tips and Tricks For Empty-Nesters

These home security tips and tricks might  be the last thing you’re on your mind as you embark on a new chapter in your life. After all, becoming an empty-nester gives a person a lot to think about. But protecting your property is essential.

Your home is probably vacant now more than it used to be — which is exactly why these home security measures matter. Keep reading to find out what you can do to keep your home safe.  

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eco conscious solar panels | Enjoy Travel Life

Eco Friendly Home: 5 Efficient, Eco-Conscious House Features

If you have an older home, you may think it’s too late to create an eco-conscious home.The fact is, is may be easier than you think. 

Plus, when your house is eco-friendly, it will be more efficient and give you peace of mind. (Who doesn’t want a better night’s sleep?) You’ll know that you’re doing your part to help the environment.  

Here are 5 eco-conscious changes you can make to your home to get started.

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candle safety fire hazard | Enjoy Travel Life

How to Prevent Fire Hazards in Your Home: 5 Important Safety Tips

If you’re a homeowner–or wherever you live–you need to know how to prevent fire hazards. Unattended cooking is the #1 cause of house fires, but that’s not the only one. You’ll want to pay attention to other dangerous fire hazards, too. When you follow these 5 important safety tips, you can reduce the risk of fire in your home.

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natural light indoor | Enjoy Travel Life

How To Choose Lighting for Your Home That Makes It Look & Feel Great!

When you choose lighting for your home, it can be overwhelming. That’s especially true when you know the right home lighting can make or break a room; home lighting plays a big role in the ambiance, functionality, and design. So you’ll want to consider these interior lighting tips as you select lighting for your home. That way, you’ll enjoy your home so much more when it’s properly lit.

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clean out a flower bed | Enjoy Travel Life

How to Clean Out A Flower Bed and Revive A Neglected Garden

If you’re wondering how to clean out a flower bed that’s been neglected, you’re in the right place. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been away all summer, inherited an old garden, or just want to revitalize a perennial bed. The truth is, it’s not hard to revive a neglected garden. And when you’re done, it’s one of the most rewarding tasks in the garden. Look below to get started.

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