3 Simple Ways to Get Glowing Skin Over 50 for A More Youthful Image

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Nothing betrays your age like your skin. While it’s important to gracefully, wrinkles, age-spots, and crepey, dull-skin take away from your youthful image. Anyone who says you can get instant glowing skin in 10 minutes is lying.

But you can get glowing skin over 50 when you use these 3 simple techniques, below. 

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CONTENTS – In this article, you will discover three easy ways to help promote healthy skin that glows if you’re over 50, including:

Regaining Some Of That Youthful Glow Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Have you lost some of that youthful glow that you once had? If the answer is yes, then you might be wondering how you can get it back. Well, the good news is that there are a number of things that you can do to get glowing skin over 50, but the bad news is that it’s not a quick fix. 

Dull skin treatment takes some time, but it can be easy. 

The biggest obstacle will be dedicating yourself to these practices if more youthful skin is what you want. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the ways that you can do this, so keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.

What Happens to Skin as We Age | Youthful Looks 

You might feel young on the inside, but outwardly, your appearances may not be looking so youthful. That’s because as you age, the outer layer of your skin (epidermis) gets thinner and you have fewer cells that contain pigment (melanocytes) which get enlarged. The deeper levels of the skin (dermis) also get thin, and UV damage can reduce your skin’s elastin.  The result is skin that looks:

  • Thin
  • Pale
  • Translucent

Skin also loses its elasticity as we age, as early as your 30s and 40s. In fact, in the first five years of menopause, you’re skin loses about 30% of its collagen, a protein that keeps our skin plump and protects it from sagging. 

As you age, you may develop dry, itchy, wrinkled skin that bruises more easily. You’ll naturally lose some fat below the skin, which can make you appear less youthful and more skeletal. Worse, you can lose bone and cartilage, which causes drooping and puckering. 


3 Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Your Skin

First, let’s accept that facial skin problems after 50 is natural, and you’ve earned this honor from a lifetime of experience.

Next, let’s be proactive about aging gracefully and taking simple steps that slow the process. There are a lot of beauty myths about aging skin out there, but you can start improving your skin in 3 simple ways.

Here they are.  

1. Make Exercise a Priority

If you’re one of those women who has been playing sports, going to the gym, and working out your whole life, you’re ahead of the game. 

If you’re not, it’s not too late to start.

That’s because the first thing you can do to develop more youthful looking skin is to make sure that you make exercise a priority. Commit to some kind of daily exercise

This doesn’t mean that you have to head to the gym and complete high-intensity workouts or head to the weight section. You can choose something more enjoyable, like classes at Martial Arts Beaumont.

Or, it can be as simple as:

  • Running or walking regularly with a friend
  • Setting a ‘daily steps’ goal so you’re not so sedentary at home
  • Try slow-flow yoga, which uses fewer poses at a slower pace
  • Park further away from the store entrance whenever you shop
  • Do workout videos at home
  • Get out in nature for a hike or forest bathing

Each day, you want to do something to keep your muscles moving. When you exercise, you are giving your body what it wants and needs and it will reward you with increased strength and vitality. And, it will help dramatically when it comes to getting that youthful glow back. 

We know that it doesn’t seem like it will work, but if you start exercising now, we promise you that you will see a huge improvement sooner rather than later. 

2. Take Care of Your Skin

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When you’re younger, that dewy look seems to come naturally. It’s not until you notice your youthful glow is waning that you realize you might need to do more to take care of your skin. This is a relationship that will take a little work, but will be worthwhile.

The way your skin looks right now is most likely a direct result of how you’ve been treating it. Ideally, you should make time each morning and each night to complete some kind of skin care routine.

Skincare for Women Over 50

The best skin care routines for women over 50 includes some variation of the following:

  1. Wash with a Cleanser
  2. Refresh your skin with a Toner
  3. Add a Serum to deliver nutrients to your skin 
  4. Apply a gentle Eye Cream to hydrate skin
  5. Use Spot Treatments for blemishes or to clear pores
  6. Moisturize your skin
  7. Apply Retinol to treat wrinkles
  8. Oil your skin for additional hydration, anti-bacterial, and anti-aging treatment

Note that you want to follow a regiment that layers products from thinnest to heaviest, as above. 

Committing to any skin care routine will improve the health of your skin and help you get that glow back. Ensure that you look around to find the best anti-aging cream on the market. When you include that in your regime, it will give yourself the best possible chance at youthful skin again. 

If you have the means, schedule regular facials to prevent common skin issues and help reverse signs of aging. They can help remove toxins from your skin and increase blood circulation through massage. You can also use a roller for your skin at home.

And when your skin looks healthy, you are going to feel a lot more confident and youthful than if it doesn’t.

Be wary that some skin conditions may require professional treatment. Such conditions include severe acne, lipomas and rosacea.

A dermatologist will help you to find the best form of treatment. Getting treatment early could be important for reducing the long-term negative effects on your skin (such as scarring).

Furthermore, you’ll also want to take a look at your diet. Avoid high-fat foods that can cause oxidative stress and inflammatory damage. Also, limit sugary and heavily processed foods that some studies show are linked with wrinkles. That means limiting foods like hotdogs, bacon, pepperoni, fatty meats, doughnuts, sugary pastries, and alcohol in your diet.  

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4. How Being Happy Affects You Skin

The final thing that you need to think about when you want your skin to look more glowing is being happy. When you feel good inside, you glow energetically with a confidence that people notice. 

If you’re unhappy, you’re far less likely to glow. This may all sound too ‘woo-woo,’ but there is science behind it. A good mood keeps your hormones in check, and those positive emotions can actually improve your skin’s ability to repair and renew itself.

Negative feelings release the stress hormone, cortisol, which impacts your gut health and your hormones. This is not good for your skin. 

Life certainly has its ups and downs (as we all know too well by this point in life), but this is another good reason to focus on the positive. Whether this is something or someone that makes you happy, hold on to it. 

Plus, it’s important to live your life to the fullest, so allow the happiness to pour over you wherever you can.it’s doing wonders for you—internally and externally.

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Final Thoughts on Glowing Skin Over 50

Now that you know these 3 simple ways to get glowing skin over 50, are you ready to commit to them? You can regain some of that youthful glow that you once had by taking these steps. They are an important first steps to looking—and feeling—better about your aging skin.

Having luminous skin will help ensure that you feel like the best version of yourself once more.

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