What to Do on Anniversary? 9 Romantic Couples Gift Ideas

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What to do on anniversary is perhaps the most common question every romantic couple wonders.

You may have it on your minds, now, with the hopes of adding more love to your beautiful relationship – or making a difficult partner happy.

In both cases, it’s important to think of something out of the box and surprise your partner on your anniversary.

We’ve made it easier for you by offering some great anniversary gift ideas that will make your beloved one happy.

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9 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Next Anniversary

Not knowing what to give your significant other when your anniversary is right around the corner can cause stress.

This is especially true if your partner is expecting something grand and unique for your anniversary.

If the paragraph above describes you right now, fret not.

This article will provide some of the best anniversary gifts you can give your partner.

Regardless of your partner’s interests, this article has suggestions that are sure to fit the bill!

1.  Movie Night (with a Twist)

You can skip the long queues at the movies and have your own movie night at home instead.

Hear me out – this idea can be anything but ordinary.

This idea is more romantic than going out, as you’ll get the place all to yourselves.

But it’s more than that.

When choosing which movies to watch, think about your partner’s preferences.

Provide at least four options, so your partner can choose a favorite.

And don’t forget to prepare snacks like flavored popcorn, nachos, buffalo wings, and mozzarella sticks!

But here’s the twist.

For your anniversary, you’ll want to take the experience up a notch.

This isn’t just any ordinary movie date night to celebrate your special day.

So, end the night by giving a keepsake inspired by the movie.

For instance, if you’re planning to watch Alice in Wonderland, a full hunter pocket watch from Dalvey can be a great gift.

Or you give your partner love letters after watching Letters to Juliet.

How about a beautiful Tuscan leather travel bag after watching Under the Tuscan Sun?

This is an opportunity to really come up with a creative pairing of gift to movie.

It will make your anniversary all the more meaningful, because not only are you spending quality time together with extra attention to details, but you’re gifting a special keepsake.

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2.  A Trip To The Netherlands

If you love travelling or find yourself going on trips often, your anniversary will surely be one for the books when you celebrate it in The Netherlands.

Why the Netherlands?

Well, to start, it’s a beautiful country filled with breathtaking mountains, waterfalls, and lakes.

Your itinerary should include spending time in the iconic tulip fields in The Netherlands.

These beauties bloom from mid-April to early May, so schedule your trip accordingly. 

Make sure to take a romantic boat ride around Amsterdam, too.

This allows the two of you to enjoy the best views of the nearby sights and the lights along the canal. I

f your budget allows, consider paying for a private boat instead of hopping onto a public boat. That will make the occasion extra special.

There are many other things you can do in The Netherlands. A few that come to mind are relaxing at the Keukenhof Gardens or watching the sunrise from the Frisian Islands.

Trust me, a trip to this beautiful country won’t disappoint!

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3.  Sign Up for Cooking Class Together

Learning something together is always fun.

So, why not celebrate your anniversary by taking up a cooking class together?

This is a great way of bonding together and developing stronger communication skills. And, it will be a real hit if you are foodies!

Search for cooking classes online or ask your friends for referrals.

You’ll want to pick a class that offers a schedule that suits both of your free time.

Then, have fun during classes and apply everything you’ve learned by cooking meals for each other!

4.  Relax at the Spa

Do you and your partner live a busy life?

Want to celebrate your anniversary while relaxing together?

Then a trip to the spa is the perfect anniversary gift!

Call spas near your area to book an appointment.

If possible, look for spas that offer bundles or services made especially for couples.

what to do on anniversary
What to Do on Anniversary?

That way, you and your significant other can spend the special day soaking in a hot spring, trying out a mani-pedi, and having a relaxing massage.

Don’t worry about the service you’ll pick because whichever you choose, you and your partner will walk out from the spa feeling fresh and relaxed!

5.  Have a Museum Date

If you and your partner are self-proclaimed art buffs, celebrate your anniversary by visiting museums in or out of the area.

Bonus points if you can schedule a trip to the museum where the two of you had your first date.

Besides being romantic, visiting museums is healthy.

According to a study, visiting museums helps reduce stress, eliminates loneliness, and makes life feel more meaningful.

Museums also encourage conversations — perfect for catching up!

There are many types of museums, so start looking for one that matches your partner’s preferences.

Be sure to secure tickets early, especially if your own or your partner’s favorite artist will hold an art exhibition.

And, you may even surprise your partner with a meaningful remembrance from the Museum Gift Shop.

In fact, you might arrange the gift presentation with the museum staff ahead of time. They may be delighted to help make your occasion memorable!

6.  Visit National Parks

Visiting national parks is another unique anniversary gift idea to celebrate your anniversary.

That’s because being out in nature is a great stress reliever and encourages exercise.

Unlike typical dates, spending time in national parks offers a more diverse experience as the two of you can take a hike, have a picnic, and then sleep under the stars.

Some national parks even allow visitors to ride horses, try out paddling, and join ranger tours to view the wildlife.

If you’re going to camp in a national park on your anniversary, reach out to the authorities ahead of time and ask if camping permits are necessary.

You don’t want to cut the celebration short just because you found out on the day that you need permits, right?

Then, pack up and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable trip together to a national park!

7.  Spend The Night at a Luxury Hotel

Anniversary gifts don’t have to be expensive.

But, for sure, your partner will smile ear to ear the moment you inform them that you’re spending the night together at a luxury hotel.

This anniversary gift idea doesn’t require too much preparation.

Plus, it’s convenient as you can choose to book a hotel near your home and save time traveling to and from the hotel.

Lesser travel time means more quality time together. (But it’s hard to beat a romantic getaway to a villa in Puglia, Italy!)

Staycations allow you and your partner to take a break from the hustles and bustles of life, especially if you have kids.

The experience is fun, takes less planning, and allows you to find undiscovered beauties in your area.

Plus, the concierge can help make the experience even more romantic. Ask them how they can help.

Whether it’s delivering chocolates, champagne, and flowers-to-your-door (service), arranging a candlelight dinner nearby, or providing a romantic turn down service with rose petals, most luxury hotels provide these kinds of extra amenities on request.

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8.  Enjoy A Workout Subscription

Did you or your partner want to exercise more but didn’t even have the motivation to start?

Use your upcoming anniversary to motivate each other to work out regularly.

Purchase a workout subscription for you and your partner as an anniversary gift.

Exercising together means being able to bond with your significant other, too.

Not only does working out help ensure you’ll have many happy, healthy years ahead, the membership also provides motivation to do so.

That way, you can inspire each other to continue working out.

Depending on your own and your partner’s fitness levels, you can choose a subscription that includes group fitness classes to yoga, pilates, cycling, or Zumba.

And, it will give you something else you can commit to, together.

9.  Laugh Your Hearts Out at a Comedy Show

You and your partner will surely have the time of your lives when you spend your anniversary watching a comedy show.

You’ll have so much fun that you and your partner will make it a habit to watch these comedy shows regularly!

After dinner and drinks, surprise your significant other with tickets to a comedy show in your area.

Some of the most fun comedy shows feature several comedians who do short sets, usually with a surprise celebrity guest in between.

Tickets for comedy shows are budget-friendly, around $20 to $40 per person, depending on who’s performing.

So, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank! But you know your partner will be all smiles (and maybe even a few “guffaws”)!

Give the Best Anniversary Gift

Anniversary gifts don’t always have to be tangible.

With the suggestions presented here, you and your partner can celebrate your anniversary by sharing a new or unique experience together.

But you can’t go wrong by gifting exquisite tanzanite jewelry for an anniversary. It’s an unparalleled choice with vibrant hues symbolizing deep connections and its rarity reflecting a unique bond. This makes it a perfect expression of enduring love.

It will surely keep the fire alive!

Final Thoughts on What to Do on Anniversary?

You now have some very creative ideas to answer the questions, “What to do on anniversary?”

In addition, you can feel more confident about impressing your beloved one with any one of these great anniversary gift ideas.

You may even want to try them all throughout the year.

Happy Anniversary!

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