Dreaming of Casual Luxury
Travel Experiences?

If you wish you were traveling or if you already travel the world, you can count on Enjoy Travel Life for inspiration and guidance.

Look to us for expert travel tips about dream destinations, luxury hotels, and the casual luxury lifestyle–especially if you’re an empty-nester.

So, What is Casual-Luxury?

Casual-luxury is a lifestyle that let’s you enjoy the finest quality and hospitality, minus the fuss.

Jackie Gately Enjoy Travel Life | Enjoy Travel Life

Think, amazing hotels.

Beautiful surroundings.

Delicious organic foods.

Exceptional service.

Luxury travel experiences.

All without putting on airs.

Because, let’s be real…

Life it too short to be anything less than genuine.

That’s exactly what you can expect from us here at Enjoy Travel Life:
Authentic, practical advice and exceptional destination reviews you can trust.

And for the times that you can’t travel, we’ll show you how to bring luxury travel experiences home.

Whether that means you showcase your own magnificent flower garden, prepare a top-notch international meal, or design extraordinary living spaces

“Staycations” never felt so good.

It’s all part of living your best empty-nesting life.

Because you deserve it!

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