Perfect Party Planning Begins with First impressions: The Right Invitation

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The right invitations are the key to perfect party planning.

They set the first impression and get guests excited about your event. Plus, they serve as a reminder of the occasion.

It may seem like a small consideration, but choosing the perfect invitation sets the tone for your event.

Find out how to make your party an hit from the get-go with these great invitation tips and guidelines, below.

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Perfect Party Planning

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Party Planning 101: Invitations

Invitations are an instrumental element of party planning.

How else are people meant to know about the event or the details of it?

Now, the formality of the event will dictate what form the invitations will need to take.

For the most part, the biggest deciding factor will be whether you should send out physical or digital invites.

Obviously, both options have their benefits and drawbacks.

The choice will largely depend on the party that you are planning and what it is for.

Let’s take a look.

Physical Invites

Physical invitations – usually made from paper or card stock of some sort, but not always – are obviously the more traditional option.

Sending out paper invites might be the easier option, especially if your guest list spans many different ages.

That’s because some older guests may not be entirely comfortable with technology, which can make digital invitations inaccessible.

Traditional invites also leave your guests with a keepsake to remember the event by.

Your guests can also put it on the refrigerator as a constant reminder of the date.

This is why physical invites tend to be used for more meaningful events like weddings, anniversary parties, or baby showers.

On the other hand, physical invitations can often be more expensive simply because they are more intricate.

The cost of materials is obviously going to be higher too.

There is also the cost of delivering the invitations too, whether through the postal service or under your own steam.

Finally, physical invitations also tend to be a more time-consuming process from start to sending out.

This means they need to be done and sent out in advance.

Digital Invitations

Digital invitations are obviously created and distributed digitally.

Most often, that’s via email, but sometimes via social media or even text.

The delivery is also essentially instantaneous, which can be great for those working to a timeline.

Deciding to go with digital invitations as opposed to physical invites is often the cheaper option.

Thanks to services like Greenvelope – which can help you to create the full range of digital invites, including text message invitations. Creating the invites is easier than ever before.

Filling out the templates is pretty straightforward too.

Digital invitations are also better for the environment because there is no need for paper or the waste of resources in that respect.

They ultimately have a smaller carbon footprint, and make less of an environmental impact overall.

This can help you to make your wedding, anniversary, or other event just that little greener.

That being said, you will obviously need to think about your guest list.

Digital invitations might not be ideal if your guest list skews to those notoriously bad with technology.

There is also no guarantee that your guests will get the invites either if they don’t check their emails or their social media accounts particularly often.

So, it might be necessary to remind them to check their emails or however else you plan to send out the digital invites.

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The Final Verdict

Working out whether to send out physical or digital invitations can offer up quite the challenge.

When it comes to choosing between the two, there are a few different considerations that you might want to take into account.

Think about how involved the party planning is.

Also, let your guests know if you have a theme so they can dress up the part or if it’s just a regular old house party where there’s music and drinks.

You might also want to consider buying or renting silent disco headphones to avoid noise complaints if you regularly organize parties in a residential area.

If you are really busy planning the party alongside your other responsibilities, then digital invites require far less commitment on your part.

The same can be said for the guests, too.

It is often easier to RSVP to a digital invite.

Depending on how you have sent them and the company you have used, they might offer an RSVP tracking service too.

If the invitation is to a traditionally more special event like a wedding, anniversary, christening, baby shower or even a big birthday, then a physical invitation can give your guests a lovely keepsake to remember the event by.

Or, maybe you simply appreciate the tradition and beauty of physical invites.

They are arguably more formal and perhaps more elegant and intricate than digital invitations.

You will also need to think about the location of the guests and how they are best reached.

If the guest list is comprised of people that you see regularly, then either option will work for you. If you choose to go with physical invitations, you might even choose to hand-deliver them to those nearby.

If your guests are more far-flung, then it might be easier to send out digital invites – but you can certainly mail them as well.

Final Thoughts on Perfect Party Planning

Invitations are obviously pivotal when planning an event.

However, choosing how to send out your invites and the form that you want them to take is a personal choice.

Obviously, you will need to factor in the details of the event itself, like the occasion and the level of formality, as well as your budget and the guest list, among other things.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both physical and digital invitations.

But in the end, it really comes down to personal preference.

What option do you prefer for your event?

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