Luxury Houses in Puglia: Quick Guide to Renting Hidden Gems

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In the southern part of Italy, Puglia beckons with pristine waters, sun-soaked landscapes, ancient olive groves, and charming whitewashed villages. Amidst this beauty, luxurious villa rentals provide you with a unique escape.

When you stay in these exclusive houses in Puglia rather than conventional accommodations, you’ll be immersed in Italian culture with all the modern comforts, privacy, and freedom.

So, read on to uncover six handpicked Puglia houses to plan your unforgettable Italian escape.

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Exlusive houses in Puglia: You’ll find hidden gems throughout this beautiful region of Italy.

CONTENTS – In this article, you will be roaming in beautiful and luxury houses in Puglia to get yourself prepared for another Italian dream journey, including:

Exploring Puglia Houses: Italy’s Hidden Gems

The captivating allure of Puglia awaits your presence.

Also known as Apulia, you’ll find Puglia in the southern peninsular of Italy, bordered by the Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Strait of Otranto, and Gulf of Taranto. You might recognize this region as “the heel” of Italy’s “boot.”

This Italy guide unveils the best of Italy to help you plan your perfect trip.

What you may not know is Puglia is one of Italy’s hidden gems, with its crystal clear waters, sun-kissed landscapes, ancient olive trees, and sleepy, whitewashed villages. Hidden amid the wonders of Puglia lie luxurious villa rentals that promise you a memorable escape. 

When you’re holidaying in this mesmerizing region, you cannot go wrong with choosing villa rentals in Puglia over conventional accommodation options.

Villa rentals epitomize exclusivity and indulgence, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the authentic Italian lifestyle. These opulent abodes seamlessly blend the region’s cultural heritage with modern comforts. They offer as much privacy and freedom a you desire.

So, if you are seeking tranquility and a home away from home experience, check out the following Italian homes in Puglia specially curated by SopranoVillas for your Puglian escape. Any one of these houses in Puglia will make for an enchanting Italian escape!

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1. Torre Vado Villa

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You’ll love experiencing Puglia’s many charms.
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Torre Vado Villa is comfortably perched atop a hill overlooking the breathtaking coastline of Santa Maria di Leuca. The estate is a traditional Salento Leuca villa with a private pool. It offers a beautiful fusion of modern comfort and old-world charm. 

The villa has a main Trullo and two annexes with four bedrooms and en suite bathrooms. When you stay at Torre Vado Villa, you’ll be surrounded by palms, lush olive groves, and blossoming flora.

In fact, the moment you step into the estate, you will experience the local allure and tranquility of this property. You can relax in the swimming pool amid the panoramic view of the sea or enjoy al fresco dining in the outdoor pergola. 

The villa is conveniently close to the crystalline bays and beaches, ensuring you have an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones. 

2. Marittima Swimming Pool Villa

You’ll find the Marittima Swimming Pool Villa conveniently located in Marittima, which is a charming fishing village.

It is surrounded by the Ionian and Adriatic seas and super close to the sandy beaches. The villa itself showcases baroque architecture, a testament to its ancient Roman heritage. 

Once a village mill, this estate has been revamped such that its interiors blend regional tradition with modern elegance.

The sprawling ground floor features a dining room, a living room with an antique fireplace, and a well-equipped kitchen. Make yourself at home in the three bedrooms upstairs, each exuding style and comfort. 

If you are looking forward to exploring the jaw-dropping charm of Salento, this villa is perfect. 

3. Lecce Five-Star Masseria

The Lecce Five-Star Masseria radiates with a rich history and is beautifully nestled beneath the cerulean sky of Puglia. This property was once a 12th-century flower market, now meticulously repurposed to showcase designer furnishings and frescoed star ceilings. 

The villa houses eight (8) double rooms, including two lovely master suites. You’ll agree the standout feature of this villa is the indulgent spa with a Turkish bath, sauna, and indoor pool!

The Lecce Five-Star Masseria estate also boasts a palatial garden surrounded by palm and olive trees. This is an especially serene spot for enjoying al fresco dining.

What’s more, the estate is near Porto Cesareo and Lecce, making it all the more convenient for you to explore the treasures of Puglia. 

4. Crystal Water Villa

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Your exclusive Italian escape awaits in Puglia’s villas.
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If you want to live like a king during your Puglian holiday, the Crystal Water Villa makes an excellent kingdom.

This luxurious villa is situated in the Maldives of Salento and offers an infinity pool with sea views. Spread out in the spacious living area drenched with ample natural light.

In addition, the kitchen is well equipped for all your culinary creations. Plus, with four double bedrooms, this villa will accommodate up to nine guests, making it perfect for entertaining, families, and groups.

Outdoors, you will be in awe of the panoramic terrace that overlooks the infinity pool and the whitewashed elegance of the village. Furthermore, the villa grants easy access to Punta Prosciutto’s stunning beaches

5. Salento Luxury Farmhouse

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Experience a view to the vineyard when you rent this house in Puglia.
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When you stay at the Salento Luxury Swimming Pool Farmhouse, you’ll be nestled within a historic wine estate dating back to the 16th century. This gorgeous restored farmhouse is adorned with high-end interiors, offering you an exclusive countryside experience with all the modern luxuries. 

The villa’s accommodation spans two levels, featuring a fully functional kitchen and a bright living room. It includes five double bedrooms, each boasting en suite bathrooms, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs.

The Salento estate’s external charm features a private pool with a wooden deck, lounging areas, and shaded outdoor dining.

Situated amid the vineyards, you’re welcome to experience high-quality winemaking just steps from your door. 

6. Salento Historic Villa With Pool

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Indulge in luxury comforts, indoors and out.
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The Salento History Villa with Pool is in San Cesario di Lecce. It’s the epitome of 19th-century elegance. Surrounded by lush gardens, this distinguished villa features a grand dining area with a fireplace, two living rooms, and two bedrooms with en suite facilities.

On the lower floor, you’ll find additional bedrooms, bathrooms, and a spacious living room plenty of natural light. 

This charming Puglia house has a delightful outdoor ambiance, with exotic gardens, charming covered terraces, and a salt-water swimming pool with a Jacuzzi hot tub.

The property is only a short drive from Lecce, where you can explore Puglia’s baroque architecture and authentic cuisine. 

What makes a SopranoVillas Vacation Unique Compared to Other Rental Options?

Renting a villa from SopranoVillas means you can expect an unforgettable luxury vacation experience bathed in effortless charm and Italian sunshine.

Here’s what awaits you.

  • Exceptional villa options: SopranoVillas provides an impressive collection of luxurious villas you’ll love, each boasting scenic locations, unique architectural styles, and private swimming pools.
  • Uncompromising luxury and comfort: You can rest assured you’ll have everything you need for the best experience. The villas are equipped with gourmet kitchens and plush furnishings, palatial bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, and terraces. Some of the villas also come with home theaters, jacuzzis, spas, and private gardens!
  • Concierge services: Look to the dedicated concierge service team to take care of everything you need while you settle in one of the villas of SopranoVillas. 
  • Enjoy authentic Italian experiences: By renting one of these luxurious villas, you can go beyond the tourist maps and discover the hidden gems of Tuscany. Also, you can indulge in curated experiences, such as private wine tasting and dinners with experienced chefs. They will truly elevate your stay.

Final Thought on Houses in Puglia

So, what are you still contemplating?

Pack your bags, call your loved ones, and get ready for a Puglian adventure.

These villas will be the perfect home base for your Italian vacation. In fact, you’ll be looking forward to returning to the comfort and luxury of your villa at day’s end.

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