Best Stay At Home Date Nights: 5 Easy Tips To Make Your Night In Special

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Planning stay at home date nights might fast become your favorite (and most romantic) way to hangout with your special someone.

It not only offers great economical way to spend time together, but also offers more comfort and a relaxing environment for spending time together.

If you’re not sure how to get this started, you’ll learn how in this article.

With a little thoughtful planning, the tips below will make your date night memorable and full of romance.

Just continue reading to find out more, below.

stay at home date nights
Plan a romantic stay at home date night with these tips

CONTENTS – In this article, you’ll discover helpful tips for planning the best stay at home date nights, including:

  • How to Make Your At-Home Date Nights Even Better
  • Getting Ready Together
  • Treating Yourselves to Great Food
  • Putting on Your Favorite Music
  • Reimagining Your Dining Area
  • Picking Up a New Hobby or Skill
  • Final Thoughts on Stay at Home Date Nights
  • Next Steps

How to Make Your At-Home Date Nights Even Better

Are you and your partner trying to cut down on expenses?

Perhaps you’re not in the mood to get all dressed up this week.

Or, maybe you’re just as attached to your couch as you are to each other?

Whatever your reasons may be, rest assured that spending quality time at home can be just as fun and romantic as hitting the town together.

In fact, if you plan it right, it might be even more so.

Here’s why.

The relaxed, familiar atmosphere of your home allows you and your partner to focus on each other.

You can savor your time together in ways you just can’t do in a public setting.

To make the most of your next night in, however, it’s important to go in with a plan.

You’ll want to eliminate all distractions, set the mood, and create a comfy space in which you and your partner can connect undisturbed for an evening.

Try the following ideas to make your next night in one for the books:

Get Ready Together

Getting ready together is one of the best ways to build anticipation for a night out.

And, there’s no reason you can’t bring that same energy to your stay-at-home date nights.

Try to spend at least half an hour doing things together that will get you into the zone for date night.

For instance, you’ll want to change out of your work clothes and into something more comfortable – but not your everyday loungewear.

If you’d still like things to be extra relaxed and casual, buy some tights, leggings, or leisurewear from a brand you love a few days before and try on your new clothes together.

If you’d like to get fancy for your night in, however, feel free to pull out all the stops.

Getting dolled up when you have nowhere to go and nobody to impress but your partner can be lots of fun for some people.

Consider making a game of it by asking for each other’s input or choosing each other’s outfits.

Who knows? The privacy of your home may even motivate each of you to experiment with clothes and accessories you’re still working up the courage to wear out.

Treat Yourselves to Great Food

Are you and your partner the kind to whip up gourmet meals together from scratch?

Or, is ordering in from old neighborhood favorites or fresh new finds more your speed?

In either case, good food is a must for stay-at-home date nights.

Sit down with your partner and plan out your menu beforehand, as this is a great way to bond and get excited for the date itself.

While you definitely want your date night dinners to be special, there’s no need to break the bank.

Try looking for food you love but don’t get to have often, whether that’s premium steak and wine or takeout from the most sinful fast-food joint around.

If you’ll be cooking, date nights are the perfect time to break out those special recipes that you’ve been saving for just the right occasion.

And don’t forget to finish your meal off with an extra-indulgent dessert.

After all, stay at home date nights can be a special occasion worth celebrating!

Put on Your Favorite Music

Whether you buy your music or use a streaming service, few things will help you set the mood for your date better than putting on a nice long playlist full of tunes you both love.

When it comes to genre, the sky’s the limit.

So, pick whatever works best for you, your partner, and the activities you have planned for the evening.

High-energy pop tunes, for instance, are great for game nights, long cooking or baking sessions, or just being silly together.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourselves in the middle of a spur-of-the-moment dance party!

If you’re in for a more keyed-down evening, on the other hand, you may want to explore some quieter genres like soft jazz or lo-fi music.

Instrumental tracks are a great way to create an intimate atmosphere during dates, as they can keep playing gently in the background for hours without disturbing your conversations.

On the lookout for new tunes, or strapped for ideas on what to play?

Don’t hesitate to ask friends or even the Internet for advice on crafting the perfect date night playlist.

Popular music streaming apps may even have pre-curated playlists for you to peruse, so go ahead and dive right in.

Reimagine Your Dining Area

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There’s no need to book a table at an upscale restaurant to enjoy the feel of fine dining.

With a little imagination and creativity, you can recreate that romantic and luxurious ambiance in your own home.

Bring out your best dishes.

Spread a nice tablecloth across your dining table

Light a few candles.

Whether you’re cooking or ordering in, take the time to plate and arrange your food thoughtfully.

You might even bring in some fresh flowers for a centerpiece.

Even if you’re not splurging on dinner, the atmosphere alone will make your meal feel extra-special.

One important thing to remember about hosting a dinner date at home: don’t forget that it’s a date.

Allow yourself to imagine your familiar dining room or patio as a different place.

It can become a cocoon of comfort where you and your partner can be alone together.

And, don’t rush through your meal.

Instead, relax, look into each other’s eyes, and indulge in an involved conversation.

That way, you can savor the moment and create more of a connection. It’s something that’s so easily overlooked in today’s rushed lives!

Pick Up a New Hobby or Skill

Stay at home date nights may be the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to try something new that you haven’t had the time to pursue.

If you’ve both been wanting to learn to bake, for example, look up a simple cookie or cupcake recipe and whip up your own dessert together.

You might even turn it into a friendly competition to see whose sweet treat turns out to be the most delectable.

Trying new recipes is just the beginning, too.

You’ll discover there are plenty of skills and hobbies you can start learning from the comfort of your own home.

Tutorials for everything from painting to dancing to pottery are abundant on the Internet nowadays.

So, do look for a new activity you’ll both enjoy.

As stay at home date nights are all about diverging meaningfully from your regular routines, pay special attention to activities you might not have the chance to pick up otherwise.

Final Thoughts on Stay at Home Date Nights

While going out can be a fun and meaningful experience, it’s important to remember that you can connect just as deeply with your partner by spending time together at home.

At the end of the day, after all, it’s the choice to slow down and focus on each other that matters most.

This commitment to enjoying each other no matter where you are or what you’re doing will keep your relationship strong and happy for years to come.

By taking into account all the romantic cues for stay at home date nights, you can make your special evenings together even more meaningful.

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