7 Most Useful Travel Accessories for a Road Trip or Weekend Away

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It’s easy to overlook some of the most useful travel accessories when you plan a road trip, weekend away, or go backpacking. That might be by design if you like to travel light. But be sure not to leave the essentials behind. 

That’s why we’ve put together this short list of unique travel accessories to take with you. Whether they offer comfort or convenience, all are practical additions to your packing list. Have a look below to find our top 7 travel gear picks for your next adventure.

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CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn about some essential travel gear, from snacks to creature comforts, including:

7 Most Useful Travel Accessories

Discover these 7 best travel accessories to pack in your travel kit, below.

They’re more than just a good idea. These are some pretty cool travel accessories to bring along on your weekend getaway or road trip.

Keep reading to learn what they are–and why you’ll want them.

1. LectroFan Micro2 Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker

LectroFan Micro2 Sound Machine | Enjoy Travel Life

This slick little sound machine offers a big sound at an affordable price tag. But it’s more than a portable Bluetooth speaker.

First, you can pair it with your smartphone so you can stream audio or make phone calls with the built-in microphone.

But even more important for travel is that it’s a compact sleep machine!

You can select from five digital fan sounds, four variations of white, pink, and brown noise, and two ocean surf sounds.

Imagine sleeping peacefully without being distracted by street sounds or as much noise from the room next door when you’re away. 

Plus, you can tilt the speaker of this all-in-one sleep sound machine in any direction to get just the effect you want. 

It’s small enough to tuck into your purse or carry-on bag, too. That’s why the LectroFan Micro 2 Sounds Machine and Bluetooth Speaker tops the list for most useful travel accessories.

But you’ll love it at home, too. 

One of the best things about this product is you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves even when you can’t travel. And, it’s really simple to operate.

In fact, we paired the LectroFan Micro 2 with my mom’s Bluetooth enabled Cassette Player from Sharper Image. New technology can be challenging for my mom as she gets older, but this speaker paired up beautifully without any trouble. It’s so simple to operate!

Definitely get yourself one (or more) of this affordable, useful travel accessory. You can find the LectroFan Micro2 at Walmart or Amazon.

2. Kailu: Open Road Portable Throw

Kailu open road portable throw 1 | Enjoy Travel Life

Maybe you can’t pack up your luxury bedding when you hit the road. But Kailu’s Open Road Portable Throw is the next best thing. Actually, It might even be better.

The Open Road Portable Throw by Kailu is a three-piece collection of luxurious fabric that includes a:

  • Portable, ultra-smooth, temperature-regulating throw blanket
  • Convenient linen draw-string carrying pouch
  • Mulberry silk eye sleep mask (limited offer)

The throw, filled with hand-stretched raw silk, is outfitted with a washable cover. It’s available in crisp white with black piping or a vibrant vintage peony-and-bird design. Both looks are so chic!

Weighing in at just 3.3 lbs, the throw is a full 6 x 4 feet when spread out. Yet, when it’s tucked into the carrying pouch it doesn’t take up much space. It is a mere 16 x 9 x 6 inches.

Since it takes up less space, you’ll have more room for other essential travel gadgets.

The Open Road Portable Throw by Kailu is the perfect creature comfort to bring on a long car ride, for snuggling up under the stars, or to enhance your movie night or hotel room stay.

It’s so convenient that you might want to keep one in the trunk for the unexpected occasion. It’s even compact enough to bring on long flights with you for traveling on the red-eye.

Plus, for a limited time, you’ll get the matching eye mask.

This is a great investment any traveler will want to have on hand away and at home. It’s the best option when you want to combine luxury and convenience — what more could a traveler want?

3. Ocio Leisure Clothing

ocio athleisure clothing | Enjoy Travel Life

You want to be comfortable when you travel. But, you don’t want to look sloppy, either. That’s where the comfortable luxury of Ocio Leisure comes into play.

Ocio offers both comfort and style with their athleisure line.

Look to the Classic Collection for a semi-fitted, refined look that flatters you in all the right places. That’s because it’s inspired by real people with real bodies in real life!

The brand is sustainable and size inclusive – which is hard to find with other loungewear brands. 

Ocio Leisure clothing is made from organic cotton, tencel lyocell (a type of soft, moisture wicking rayon), and a touch of spandex. 

You’ll find breathable options in the mid-weight french terry blend, which is luxe, buttery, and flexible. And the double-scoop tank in eight fashion-forward colors is great for layering in any travel outfit. 

When loungewear fits as well as it looks and feels, yet values integrity, accountability, and transparency, it’s no wonder the designers call it “comfort, uncompromised.” 

4. Congo Tropicals: Plantain Chips

Congo plantain chips travel snack | Enjoy Travel Life

I’ve always loved plantains, whether the crunchy ‘banana chips’ of my youth or the sweet, ripe, fried plantains from abroad or made my own kitchen.

That’s why I was delighted to try Congo Tropicals Plantain Chips

If you don’t already know about plantains, they are sugar-free vegetables that grow in tropical parts of the world. Not only are they nutritious, high in fiber and potassium, and low in cholesterol, they are truly delicious. 

The plantain fruit resembles a banana. But where a banana is almost always eaten raw, plantains are cooked before you eat them. 

They are full of vitamins and minerals and quite frankly, the Congo Tropicals Plantain Chips are a bit addictive. Get a few packs of twelve to stock up. You’ll want to try all three flavors, each delicious:

  • Salted
  • Ripe (Madura) 
  • Garlic

Crunchy plantain chips are a healthier alternative to junky snacks, like potato and corn chips, but just as convenient. That makes these delicious snacks a great choice for a road trip, lunch snack, or anytime you’re on-the-go. (And you can leave the guilt behind.)

5. Smelly Proof Reusable Bags

Smelly proof bags travel | Enjoy Travel Life

Perhaps one of the most versatile–and indispensable–travel accessories on this list are Smelly Proof Reusable Bags. They are a perfect odor-proof solution for many situations you might encounter as a traveler or person with an active lifestyle. It’s truly a useful travel item.

Packing up some wet, smelly clothes after the gym? Protecting the clean clothes in your luggage from germy shoe-bottoms? Taking tuna sandwiches or hard-boiled eggs for lunch or on a road trip? Collecting shells at the seashore?

These reusable, smell proof bags come in different sizes to contain any unpleasant smells. Plus, they are liquid, moisture, and puncture resistant. They are also freezer and dishwasher safe. So you can forget about overpowering smells or messy leaks when you use these Smelly Proof bags on long trips or otherwise.

They also keep your snacks super fresh with the air-tight double-tracked zip closure and a freshness technology barrier that locks in odor and freshness.

Additionally, Smelly Proof bags are USA made, BPA free, and printed with food-safe inks. So, using these bags is a good step toward eliminating single-use plastic and reducing your carbon footprint. 

They are perfect for daily use, road trips, hiking, camping, marinating, and more. That makes Smelly Proof one of the most useful travel accessories around. 

Find the perfect size that’s right for you here.

6. Ivory Paper Co

Ivory Paper Co Planner | Enjoy Travel Life

The best way to plan a trip is to…plan.

Sure, spontaneity and impromptu adventures are great. But even at that, you’ll want to plan the framework. For instance, keep track of things like:

  • Important departure dates
  • Admission times and fees
  • Addresses of attractions and historic sites
  • Emergency contact information
  • Tour and transportation details

That way, you can avoid some unexpected disasters that can ruin your travel experience.

This All-In-One Planner by Ivory Paper Co. inspired by busy schedules is perfect for mapping out your travel plans. Whether you want to keep a daily log of your activities and plans, take a weekly glance, or map out the whole month, Ivory Paper Co. makes it easy. 

Then, you can organize and prioritize your adventures.

This is one of the most beautifully designed planners to help you mapping out your flights, road trips, and plan out itineraries for your next vacation.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

The All-In-One Planner is also great for your busy daily life. In addition to the daily, weekly, and monthly views, you’ll find address pages, a password keeper, and a personalized cover to keep everything on track.

Once you get your day-to-day tasks in order, you can find the time to enjoy more vacations and plan your next trip! 

Create your customized All-In-One Planner from Ivory Paper Co. here.

7. Rollga Foam Roller

rollga foam rollers | Enjoy Travel Life

After a day of backpacking, sitting in the car, or squished into a basic economy seat on the plane, your body feels it.

One simple solution is Rollga. It’s one of the most useful travel accessories when it comes to rolling out bodily aches and pains. 

Rollga features a cross-directional foam roller that’s designed to stabilize your hips, align your back, and increase your range of motion. It targets muscles, not bones. Rollga will help you stay limber on your next excursion, so it’s worth packing this when you go!

This foam roller is more efficient, effective, and more comfortable than ordinary rollers. That’s because it works with a contoured shape that fits your body and reaches hard-to-reach trigger points.

You can choose from a soft, standard, or hard 18” foam roller to take with you, as well as other shapes and sizes. They even offer a micro hand/foot roller that fits conveniently on your keychain. 

The last thing you want when you’re on vacation is to wake-up stiff and feeling aches and pains before a day of exploring.

Instead, keep Rollga with you for the ultimate stretch. Whether you’re with other outdoor enthusiasts or taking the city by storm, this amazing product is a huge help when you want to feel your best. 

Bonus Item: Moc Toe Boots

Moc Toe boots are the style of boot most commonly seen in factories, mills, and other gigs where you need a roomy fit for dynamic movement.

Usually, you’ll want a flat sole to keep your heel from catching on nails or what have you. 

But there are slim ones, chunky ones, wedge soles, heeled ones, and other styles to choose from.

You’ll recognize them because they have a U-shaped seam on the top of the toe box.

And, they are a perfect fit if you love to travel a lot!

Most people find the moc toe construction produces a more flexible and roomy boot than plain toe boots.

The roomy fit also makes it a good casual boot and one of the few that looks comfortable with jeans and a t-shirt.

Of course, it’s so important to be comfortable while traveling. Moc Toe boots help keep your feet feeling good!

Of course, in addition to the 7 unique items we’ve shared above, you might want to bring other essential travel accessories for a weekend getaway or backpacking.

The trip gear you most often hear about for international trips might also include these travel items:

  • Water bottle you can fill with tap water from a drinking fountain
  • Credit cards and a travel wallet with RFID
  • Electronic devices, cell phones, a SIM card
  • USB ports and a travel adapter for international travel
  • A portable charger with a long battery life
  • Small first-aid kit
  • Important documents, including your travel documents and a passport cover
  • A good travel bag or duffel bag (tip: pack a laundry bag, too)
  • Fanny pack (if you must)
  • Face mask and hand sanitizer
  • Toiletry kits and travel bottles with shampoo and conditioner
  • Luggage scale and the best packing cubes you can find
  • Neck pillow or Ostrich pillow
  • Compression socks for long-haul flights

These are all key travel essentials you can consider, especially if you have a little bit of extra space in your luggage.

But for a short trip, the well-planned travel backpack that includes a few useful things offers the best travel experience.

Final Thoughts on Unique Travel Gadgets

The important thing to remember is not to leave these 7 useful travel accessories behind when you’re figuring out what gear to bring on your trip.

That way, you’ll know you have the most important things with you from this list of must have items on your trip. Bringing the best travel gear and the right travel accessories is a great way to make an ordinary trip, extraordinary.

For more travel inspiration on traveling light, read these ideas next.

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  1. I admit, I just heard about most of these from your post. I know about sound machine but not the bluetooth speaker. The sound machine will help us when we decide to stay in a place that is close to the highway. The Rollga is something I need during a road trip. And, of course, I want to try Congo Plantain Chips! Sounds good to help me stay awake when it’s my time to drive.

    • I’m glad to introduce you to some new accessories and other things you can enjoy when you travel, Umiko. (The Congo Plaintain Chips are so yummy!)

  2. I am usually the first one to get all the possible gadgets regarding to travel. Very often though I forget I had them. I do however usually pack almost all the things from your essential items list. I think I might try the reusable bags. They seem like something my family needs for the amount of snacks we always bring. And I hate wasting so much plastic bags. This could be so helpful.

    • The Smelly Proof bags are a big hit with readers! I hope you give them a try, Paula. Sounds like you’ve got a good system in place – minus the forgetting. (I do that too!)

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    I often spend the night at campsites and close to nature, surrounded by wild nature, I always have Smelly Proof Reusable Bags with me.

    • Great to hear you know about Smelly Proof bags! They are great for camping and keeping food odors under wraps. If you get the sound machine, I bet you’ll love that, too.

  4. These are some very useful travel accessories we can take along while traveling. Especially the reusable smell proof bags and the ivory portable planner.

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  6. I must admit to being a gadget girl. So I am always looking for suggestions on new travel accessories I might not have. A portable throw sounds like a great idea when you travel during the change of seasons. But smelly proof reusable bags might be the most useful thing on this list for me. Every trip at least one thing we pack leaves a mess.

    • Linda, you’ll love these bags. I’ve found so many uses for them while traveling and otherwise!

  7. I could not imagine rollers to be a travel accessory but now, after reading your blog, why not? Sometimes I really feel like getting a massage done after hiking, backpacking, etc. Then why not use one of these, it would be so comforting! I am hooked by it.

    • I’m glad I’ve put this idea in your head, Shreya. Your back will thank you. Traveling is tough on the muscles!

  8. I agree about the foam roller. I definitely could use that to relax my tired aching muscles of a long day of site seeing.

    • Yes! So often we forget about taking care of ourselves when so focused on planning a jam-packed day. This is one easy solution for achy muscles.

  9. Smelly proof reusable bags get my vote! They would be so useful for road trips as well as for the home. I honestly never heard of them before but am so intrigued. The leisure clothing also has peaked my attention!

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