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Venice or Naples, Italy: Good Reasons to Add Both To Your Italy Itinerary

It’s hard to choose between Venice or Naples on your Italy travel itinerary.

When you are on a trip to Italy, these two cities belong on any must visit list. After all, Both are considered to be among the most beautiful cities of Europe.

From historic structures, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and diverse culture, Italy has so much to offer.

But if you’re short on time, we’ll help you decide whether Venice or Naples should be on your Italy Itinerary, below.

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24 Hours in Venice Italy During “Carnevale”

We loved the romantic gondolas navigating the Grand Canal and the baroque architecture of Venice, Italy. But because our trip coincided with Carnevale di Venezia, the costumes were definitely the main attraction.

Even though the February weather was cool and damp, it was a small sacrifice to experience the surreal world of Venice Italy during Carnevale.

Begin your Italian adventure with these essential Italy tips and guide, perfect for experiencing Carnevale and beyond.

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