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Florence Festival Guide: Best Festivals in Florence By Month

In this Florence Festival Guide, you’ll discover something to celebrate year-round in Florence.

It’s no secret that Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. But you may want to add a festival or two to your itinerary to experience Florence in its full regalia.

Read more to find a Florence festival that aligns with your travel dates, below. You’ll also discover helpful tips to make the best of your experience.

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sunset over florence Italian villa

The Best Place to See the Sunset Over Florence [Fiesole Italy]

Exploring the Tuscan Hill Town of Fiesole

Nestled in the gentle curve between two mountains high above Florence, Italy, you’ll find Fiesole. Favored by aristocrats and wealthy Florentines for its summer breezes and stunning views, it lies across the Arno River and less than thirty minutes northeast of Florence. I think it’s the best place to see the sunset over Florence.

The ancient Tuscan hill town with Etruscan-Roman beginnings offers opportunities to explore the remains of Roman baths, a Roman amphitheater, and the grassy hill on which Leonardo da Vinci experimented with flight. For centuries, this picturesque village has inspired great literature and renaissance art.

Fiesole was a serendipitous break from Florence’s bustling city landscape for me and my friend Mary, both itinerant shutter-bugs. We found it to be an ideal place to explore while capturing a beautiful sunset over Florence. Read on to find out what you should know before you go.

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5 Stunning Must-Haves for Fashionable Florence, Italy

I did a little shopping before going to fashionable Florence Italy to update my look – just a few things I thought would travel well.

I would never go to Florence without these fashion travel essentials. Make sure not to forget to pack the items that follow when you plan your next trip to Italy. You’ll find what you need, below.

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Fashionable florence italy

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