51 Steamy Romance Packages That Will Spice Up Couples Getaway

Getting away from the daily grind as a couple can deepen your relationship, rekindle the “spark,” and provide an opportunity for you to enjoy one-on-one time. Here is a list of great romantic hotel packages from top hotels as inspiration to add a few romantic amenities to your getaway with someone special.

romantic hotel packages - wine and pastry in hotel room

Many hotels offer Romance Packages that help make your getaway special.

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What is a Romance Package?

Oftentimes, hotels offer Romance Packages which are specials that help make your getaway special and save you some planning time.

They might include amenities such as chilled champagne, chocolates and flowers.

Whether for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or even a wedding proposal, adding a few of these romantic touches can help make your time together all the more memorable.

Are Romantic Amenities Worth the Cost?

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Romance packages are generally add ons to your bill, so be sure to compare the extra cost of the package to standard room rates before you commit.

Of course, you don’t need a special occasion to make a getaway more romantic. Just imagine, would you and your partner enjoy one or more of these popular romantic hotel packages?

  • Wine and cheese welcome
  • A dozen red roses in the room
  • Chocolate covered cherries
  • Rose petal turn-down service

(I know I would!)

So, let’s get started.

rose petals float in pool - hotel romance package
Be sure to ask for a better room, such as one with a view or a whirlpool tub for two.

How to Plan a Romantic Getaway

Step 1: Plan Romance Ahead

First, ask the concierge for a special room, perhaps one with a balcony, or a romantic water view. Or, maybe they offer a honeymoon suite or one with a whirlpool tub for two.

Ideally, the room is secluded from busier areas.

Remember they the concierge will be a wealth of information. They can offer suggestions based on their experience, their expertise about the local area, and your preferences. If possible, let them help you plan and set things up in advance.

Some hotels even have romance coordinators whose specialty is arranging to make your experience romantic. 

Step 2: Add Personal Touches

Plan to add your own personal touches, like a handwritten love note, a favorite playlist or music, and something to slip into.

And don’t forget a thoughtful gift as a keepsake remembrance of your getaway.

couple eating breakfast in bed - hotel specials
Always ask for the checkout, as late as 3 pm so you can sleep in and linger.

Step 3: Select Romance Packages

Take a cue from these 51 steamy romance packages offered by top hotels to dial up the romance.

If you find something in this list your hotel doesn’t offer, simply ask if they can or provide a similar luxury romance package.

Most hotels are happy to work with you to create a special romance package with romantic amenities.

Who knows, it might become their new signature romance package.

51 Romantic Hotel Packages for Inspiration

[You can Download this full list for later.]

Include one or more of these options to help romantify your hotel stay:

  1. Concierge pre-call to arrange romantic details
  2. Chilled champaign and elegant flutes on arrival
  3. Various massage lotions
  4. An assortment of gourmet chocolates
  5. Complimentary dessert for the special occasion
  6. Couples massage at the hotel spa
  7. Complimentary bottle of wine
  8. Rose petal turndown service
  9. Delivery of a dozen red roses
  10. Breakfast in bed with Mimosas
  11. A horse-drawn carriage ride
  12. Late checkout, as late as 3 pm so you can sleep in and linger
  13. A “Do not disturb” sign for the door
  14. Complimentary valet parking service
  15. A tray of sumptuous chocolate covered cherries
  16. A sleigh ride through the village (if it’s snowing, even better!)
  17. A dining table beside a roaring fireplace
wine by the fire - romantic hotels
Request a table set beside a roaring fire.
  • An in-room soaking tub or private hot tub for two
  • A balcony with breathtaking views
  • A picnic lunch to go
  • A soaking tub with bath oils, bath salts, or aromatherapy
  • A steamy sauna to yourselves
  • A nap in a hammock that fits two
  • An evening by the fire pit
  • A sunset horse ride on the beach
  • Movie or theatre tickets
  • Limo service to/from events
  • A welcome basket with regional gifts
  • Hot tub cocktails and apps
  • Complimentary dinner at an exclusive restaurant
  • Sunset cocktails on the beach
  • A king-sized bed with plush linens
  • Room-service dinner by candlelight
  • A two-person walk-in shower
  • A sunset sailing excursion
  • A couples intimacy kit
  • A generous spa credit to feel your very best
  • massage oils at hotel spa - couples massage
    Oils and aromatherapy add a sensual element to couples’ massages.
  • A box of chocolate truffles
  • A canopy bed draped with sheer fabric
  • A wine-and-cheese welcome to your room
  • A bouquet of favorite fresh flowers
  • Complimentary champagne flutes to keep as a mimento
  • A ride on a bicycle built for two
  • Egyptian cotton or satin sheets
  • A starlight stroll on the boardwalk
  • A cooking class or other culinary experience together
  • Private butler service
  • Matching plush bathrobes
  • Heart-shaped pastries or breakfast eggs
  • A handwritten love note
  • A romantic playlist or soft music
  • couples holding hands - romantic getaways
    A little forethought and planning creates a perfect romantic getaway.

    Step 4: Recreate the Romance At Home

    If you want to bring the romance home with you, look for opportunities to recreate the experience at home.

    Maybe you’ll invest in some luxury massage oils from the hotel spa. Or maybe you’ll add a few candles in the bedroom.

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    Final Thoughts on Romance Packages for Couples

    Well, it’s really that easy. With a little planning and forethought, your romantic getaway will become an unforgettable experience–in just 4 easy steps.

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