7 Fulfilling Ways You Can Give Back to Community This Year

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Once we achieve our goals in our life, it’s our social responsibility to give back to community.

That might mean offering your services and expertise by donating time to deserving communities through volunteering.

Or it might be a financial offering.

Either way, this article provides 7 easy and fulfilling ways to feel good about meeting your social responsibilities.

Continue reading to learn how you can contribute to build a better society, below.

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When you give back to community, everyone wins.

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7 Ways You Can Give Back To Your Community

You have a good job, a loving family, and can travel everywhere. Perhaps your children have grown and are making their way in the world, too.

When everything around you is positive, your plans may all seem to fall into place.

But many people on the opposite side of the world are hungry, poor, and suffering. That’s something that becomes evident when you get some perspective – especially when you travel.

Perhaps when you look around you, you’ll see friends, relatives, and neighbors who also need help. 

It’s a call to step up from your comfort zone.

Feeling blessed this new year isn’t enough.

Instead, you can become a blessing to other people.

With that in mind, check out the different ways you can give back to your community, below.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to make a difference.

1. Donate To Disabled Veterans  

Veterans are heroes.

Sadly, many of them are long forgotten.

Many veterans are sick, and their families live in low-quality housing conditions.

Because of old age, they may have mobility problems and visual impairment. They may be considered disabled Veterans, and need the community’s help and support. 

While the government continuously creates laws to safeguard the welfare of disabled veterans, that support isn’t enough.

Therefore, private citizens like you can greatly help fill the gaps.

An easy way to help is to schedule a donation pickup.

You can donate clothes, home appliances, shoes, and other items. Many non-profit organizations even offer veterans donation pickup services.

These services collect slightly used or like new items from donation pickup centers and donate them to veterans and their families. 

Some non-profit organizations sell donated items in thrift stores to fund their other services, such as:

  • Job training for civilian employment
  • Booking medical appointments
  • Pushing VA reform legislations
  • and more.

So, check out this disabled American veterans pickup service review for more information. 

It’s an easy way to give back to community.

2. Participate In Community Events 

Community leaders hold regular events, such as sports and music festivals, to benefit neighborhoods in a local area.

When you travel from one place to another, you can give back to community there by:

  • Joining competitions
  • Becoming a resource speaker
  • Being an active attendee

Community events usually have fundraising activities, too.

The proceeds help fund community development projects, such as building assistive mobility amenities and playground and park maintenance.

The money also goes to the community’s emergency funds to help victims of calamities, violence, and other social problems. 

One easy way to help is to take photos and videos of community events and share them on social media to encourage locals and tourists to participate in community events.

In that way, the community can generate more money. 

You can also share your talents and expertise in community events.

For example, you can become a host or perform for a community event.

If you’re a technical expert, you can volunteer to handle the audio-visual or the technology side of things during the event.

Catering, serving, and cleaning at events are also great ways to give back to the community.

You won’t know how fulfilling it can be until you experience it for yourself.

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Donations are an easy way to give back to community.

3. Support Local Tourism

It’s true, there are so many beautiful places in the world to visit.

And you should see as many as you desire!

But, don’t overlook your local community.

In fact, staycations are underrated.

Better yet, the dollars you spend locally stay local.

This helps small businesses, staff, and communities where they need it most.

Supporting local tourism is an easy way to put your money to work in your community.

You can feel good dining out, shopping local, and getting to know the history, beauty, and character of the place you know home.

It’s most likely that you’ll discover plenty of hidden gems and attractions right where you live, or a short drive away.

So stick around for a change and give back to community efforts.

4. Create Or Join A Volunteer Group 

Another fulfilling way to give back to community is to can create or join a volunteer group.

For instance, you can invite your travel buddies to create a social media group to help locals during natural calamities.

Your group can help raise social awareness and fundraise through social media to buy disaster relief food and toiletry packages for affected households. 

Another important volunteer work is helping to take care of the environment.

As a traveler, you know how magnificent places can be when Mother Earth is preserved.

So, encourage your fellow travelers and create a group focusing on environmental projects to give back to your community.

A few examples to inspire you include:

  • Tree planting
  • Street cleaning
  • Coastal cleaning
  • Recycling projects

Work towards educating young people in your community through a seminar or workshop.

And, share what you have seen and experienced regarding cleanliness and waste management in different places.

You can learn and teach young people some art projects from recyclables and similar activities. 

Creating awareness in the youth this way can be a good first step toward a better future.

5. Visit Senior Care Homes 

If your community likely has many older people in it.

If your local area has senior care facilities, you can visit them in your free time.

Many senior citizens in your community live alone and might be cared for by professional caregivers or home care nurses.

No doubt, they miss their children and grandchildren, who may be miles away for work or other reasons. 

So, why not start giving back to your community by visiting your own old parents or grandparents, if they are living?

Maybe you’ve been busy with your career and travels, and that’s okay.

But don’t forget to visit them and make your aging relative’s a priority.

Make a genuine effort to change your routine and include your older folks in your calendar of activities.

Share your travel adventures and you might learn a thing or two from them based on their own experiences, near or far. Imagine the perspective they can share, if you only ask a few questions.

While you’re in a favorable financial situation, set aside a sum amount of money to buy your own or community seniors some presents.

They’ll surely appreciate even simple gifts.

But your presence with them will give older people a sense of joy and comfort, knowing that someone like you never forgets. 

give back to community elderly | Enjoy Travel Life

6. Visit Hospitals And Prisons 

While this tip seems too traditional, visiting hospitals and prisons can significantly change people’s lives. Many hospitalized and imprisoned individuals are suffering.

While they may have friends and families visiting them, a visit from a total stranger is different. 

If they are open to it, you can share hopeful verses or give them some inspiring books they can read.

Spending time with them by having small talks or sharing similar experiences are the best gifts they never expect from a stranger.

They’ll feel happy and hopeful, helping them champion their dignity.

Such positive feelings generate an optimistic mindset. 

And mothers at a sick child’s bedside might just need some support.

Look into opportunities to volunteer to read children’s books to younger childen, or spend time holding infants in the ICU. Your community hospital can let you know where they need your help most.

You’ll also feel good when visiting hospitals and prisons.

It will help give you a new sense of life’s purpose and direction, and an appreciation for what you have.

Moreover, you’ll forget your problems momentarily, because you can relate to others and realize they have bigger problems than yours. 

That’s a big silver lining when you give back to community.

7. Offer Financial Support  

If you’re blessed with a high-paying job or profitable business, don’t spend everything on luxury cruises and vacation trips.

Set a portion of your income to help others, especially in your community.

You can donate money to your church and community organizations. They can use it to fund community projects to help the less fortunate ones. 

Final Thoughts on Giving Back to Community

Give back to your community by starting in your local area. Think of what you can donate or volunteer to do to serve your fellowmen.

The greatest feeling is being able to help other people and seeing the smiles as a sign of gratitude on their faces.

While you travel from one tourist destination to another, consider helping a local or planting a tree.

Whether you choose to do so anonymously or not, the gift of selflessly giving back to community is a fulfilling endeavor.

Every simple effort can make a big difference in making this world better.

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