How to Maintain a House: 5 Important Annual Upkeep Tasks to Do

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Knowing how to maintain a house can seem overwhelming.

But when you focus on the most essential annual tasks to upkeep your property, you’ll rest easier.

That’s why we’ve provided this short list of the most important things to maintain.

Then you can prioritize these 5 tasks that are key to keeping your home in good shape.

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how to maintain a house
How to Maintain a House

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Home Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your House in Order

Understanding how to maintain a house and which tasks you should prioritize is essential to ensure your home is kept in the best condition.

Doing so will prevent future (costly!) problems from developing.

Taking the best care of your property is essential to preserve its value and keep your home in good running order.

But sometimes, keeping up with maintenance tasks when life is so busy can be challenging.

Here are some of the most important home maintenance tasks that you need to complete to keep your house in order.

1. Clear Your Gutters

During the fall, your gutters will likely get clogged up with dead leaves, moss, and other debris.

As this builds up, it can cause a host of problems and impact your gutter’s ability to function correctly.

If you do not clear away all the debris clogging your gutter, this can lead to rainwater overflowing and running down the side of your walls.

Over time, this can cause dampness to penetrate your property, leading to mold and mildew formation inside and out.

Worse, in the winter, it can cause damaging ice dams.

So, clearing your gutters each year is essential, especially before the cold winter temperatures arrive.

Cleaning your gutters is a task you may want to perform yourself.

But, if you want to avoid the dangers of working at height, a professional gutter cleaning company could be the best choice.

2. Protect Your Woodwork

The external woodwork at your home is continually exposed to the elements.

All this exposure to different weather conditions can lead areas of your home, such as your fences and siding, to show signs of rot.

If you live by the sea, this is particularly troublesome. The salt air and wind can be very damaging to wood.

So,pPainting these areas of your home with a wood preservative is an excellent way to keep them looking great for longer.

3. Maintain Your Septic Tank

Your home’s septic tank performs a crucial task.

It works even harder when you have a large family using the toilet, taking showers, and you run the dishwasher and washing machine often.

Therefore, it is vital to inspect your septic system regularly.

Problems with your septic tank can be particularly unpleasant, so ensuring that you avoid any issues is essential.

Using professional septic services to inspect your septic tank is the best way to ensure any problems are spotted early and dealt with promptly.

Scheduling for an inspection to take place at the same time your septic tank is pumped out will help to keep it functioning at its best and will provide you with peace of mind.

4. Service Your HVAC

Keeping your home warm in winter and cool in the summer is vital to ensure that you have a comfortable living environment.

To ensure that your HVAC system can handle the challenges of changing temperatures, you need to have it serviced regularly and keep up with maintenance.

Cleaning your HVAC filter as part of your maintenance schedule is vital to ensure that you clear dust and debris to ensure that it does not get circulated in the air around your house.

In addition, you need to have your HVAC professionally serviced to ensure that it can function effectively.

If it is not properly serviced, your HVAC will be under pressure to work harder to maintain a constant temperature.

This causes more wear and tear, potentially increasing your energy bills.

5. Winterize Your Home

If you live in a region of the country that has freezing temperatures in the winter, you’ll want to make sure your home is
properly winterized.

That means making sure your water spigots are drained, storm windows are down, and your chimney is clean and free from debris, especially if you plan to use the fireplace.

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Final Thoughts on How to Maintain a House

You are considered to be a super efficient if you know how to maintain a house.

It will not only keep you free from worries about home messes that can occur, but paying attention to home maintenance on regular basis preserves your investment.

So, be sure you maintain your house by tending to these 5 important home maintenance tasks each year. They are essential annual tasks.

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