How to Get The Best Low Cost Flights Delivered to Your Inbox with Matt’s Flights

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A Review of Matt’s Flights

Raise your hand if you love finding low cost flights to amazing destinations.

Did you know there’s a super-easy way to find affordable flights around the world; delivered right to your inbox, even?

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Matt’s Flights alerts you to amazing fare deals to dream destinations.

Matt’s Flights is an email newsletter that publishes discount airline tickets, cheap last-minute flights, and not-to-miss low cost flights each week. It’s put together by Matt Guidice and his team.

Matt asked me to try out his premium newsletter and let him know my thoughts. Read on for my detailed review of Matt’s Flights.

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What to Pack for New England Winter Getaways (Plus Winter Things to Do in New England)

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Ultimate Packing Checklist for Winter in New England

If you’re wondering what to pack for New England winter getaways, take it from a local: you’d better be prepared. While winter offers gorgeous, dramatic scenes worthy of Ansel Adams’ photography, when temperatures drop, it literally takes your breath away.

I’ve created this Ultimate Packing Checklist for Winter in New England to tell you everything you’ll need to bring.

Whether you plan to explore New England’s photographic beauty, snuggle up by the fire, or enjoy winter sports, don’t miss the printable packing checklist download to make packing easy for your New England winter getaways. Bonus: It even covers survival gear.)

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Your Packing Checklist for Fall in New England

Fall in New England

Planning a Fall trip to New England? Autumn is a season that sneaks up on you in New England. One minute, you’re frolicking in beach waves along the coastline; the next, you’re wrapping a fleece blanket to your nose. You’ll be better prepared once you check out our “Packing checklist for fall in New England,” … Read more

Why Travel During Shoulder Season?

Benefits of Shoulder Season Travel

Three Benefits of Shoulder Season Travel

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning an international voyage or a trip to the beach community by the coast. Knowing when to go can make all the difference in a successful trip. You might be surprised by the benefits of shoulder season travel. [Scroll to the end to Download your FREE Month-by-Month Destination Guide.]

Reasons to Travel in Shoulder Season

Understanding the Travel Seasons

The travel year is effectively broken into three seasons to visit a destination: peak season, low season, and shoulder season.

First, let’s take a look at peak season. That’s when most people visit popular destinations. The airfare and hotel prices are usually higher than other times of the year. The weather will most likely be beautiful, but you’ll probably be dealing with crowds, higher prices, long-lines, more traffic, and less than attentive service from overworked staff.

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When is the Best Time to Travel?

How to visit Dreamy Destinations

When to Visit Dreamy Destinations

When you enjoy traveling as much I do, it’s hard to choose your next destination from a Bucket List, let alone figure out when to go. Knowing exactly when to visit dreamy destinations can help narrow things down.

There is a window of travel opportunity I look for between the peak season and low season that minimizes my costs and maximizes my experience. It’s known as “shoulder season.”

This sweet spot offers better travel rates and fewer crowds with the benefit of pleasant weather. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

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