Study Abroad Essentials: How to Unlock Global Learning Opportunities

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This article provides a comprehensive guide about study abroad essentials you need to know.

That way, you can compare study abroad programs and experiences your child might be considering.

You’ll also find tips for choosing a destination, comparing costs and curriculum, and exploring cultural immersion opportunities in this resource.

Continue read below to learn how your student can make the most of their international education. 

Study abroad essentials
Study abroad essentials: make sure your student picks the best destination.

CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn useful study abroad essentials tips and tricks about the top 5 study abroad destinations, including:

Study Abroad Destinations: Comparing 5 International Programs and Experiences

Many students opt to fulfill their educational requirements at their higher education institutions of choice. In fact, the majority of them see their future inside the country.

Yet, others know their future careers will benefit by learning beyond their national boundaries. This is what makes study abroad a perfect fit.

It’s not just about getting educated elsewhere. They’ll find tremendous value in living in a new country and experiencing a different culture from their own.

But which culture? It’s hard to pick the destination where your child will expand their world views.

That’s why you’ll find some insights that will help you answer the question, “what are the best places to study abroad?”

You’ll learn about 5 top places to study abroad to help your student make the decision which one is right for them.

You’ll want to base your decision on your student’s:

  • Where can you study abroad?
  • Partnerships your student’s college has
  • Educational aims and preferences
  • Geographic location
  • Job perspectives
  • Other personal factors

So, here are 5 great options to help you find the best place to study abroad.

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1. Japan – As One of the Best Places to Study Abroad for International Learners

Study abroad essentials
Japan is one of the best places to study abroad.

If your student is on ewho dreams of studying in a foreign country, Japan will be a great choice.

It’s among the best places to study abroad, and the most attractive for international students.

That’s because Japan is hospitable to foreigners. It offers outstanding programs in various directions, such as STEM, education, and others.

Here are vital points you’ll want to know about studying abroad in Japan:

  • The average cost of tuition – $2,800 US per semester
  • The average cost of rent – $1,250 per month
  • It has excellent colleges and best study-abroad programs
  • The cuisine is outstanding
  • It offers convenient transportation throughout the country
  • Consider that the airfare to Japan can be costly, and there is a significant time difference from the US
  • The country offers amazing cultural experiences!

2. Australia – One of the Best Countries to Study Abroad

Australia is another of the most attractive places to study abroad.

Here are some quick facts about Australia as a study abroad destination:

  • The average price of the tuition is $15,000 US per semester (yikes!)
  • It is an especially good fit for those who are fond of an active lifestyle
  • It offers a rich choice of top-class universities that are recognized all around the globe
  • If you live in the US, you’ll want to factor in the cost and duration of air travel, as well as time differences when it comes to keeping in touch.

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3. Spain as a Great Study Place to Learn the Language

You may already know Spain is rated highly when it comes to the best countries to study abroad.

One of the most distinct features it offers is the chance to learn Spanish quickly and easily. Plus, a flight to Europe is must shorter from the US – and more affordable.

Here are some benefits of studying abroad in Spain:

  • The average tuition for one semester in Spain is $2,000. This makes (Spain a very affordable study abroad location.)
  • Average rent cost is $1,200 per month.
  • Its educational system has a strong focus on learning different languages. Thus, you can find out how to master any foreign language without major complications.
  • It provides a fascinating range of sporting, historical, cultural, and musical traditions

In addition, Spain is a great place to visit your student – and completely underrated when it comes to American tourism.

4. Best Study Abroad Experience: Ireland

Study abroad essentials
Dublin City University in Ireland offers excellent study abroad options.

Did you guess that Ireland is among the great countries to study abroad?

It is!

Ireland is a perfect place for students interested in art and culture — and perhaps their own Irish heritage!

A few things to note:

  • The price for learning in Ireland is about $8,000 per semester
  • Average rent is $1,600 per month
  • It has many excellent universities and smaller colleges to suit your student’s needs

In all, the tuition is a small price to pay for the verdant hills and pub life that Ireland offers, which will surely be unforgettable!

5. Study Aborad in England

Study abroad essentials
England has a long and rich tradition of higher education. (King’s College)

Finally, consider England for study abroad.

Here’s why:

  • The average cost of education is $8,600 per semester
  • Monthly rent is about $1,250 per month
  • With its famous universities and colleges, your student can study at the best schools
  • It has one of the strongest systems of education with a long and rich history
  • If your student is an English speaker, s/he’ll be right at home!
  • It’s a short ride “across the pond.”

Tips on Choosing the Right Places to Study Abroad

There are many places to study in a foreign country. But now that you have an idea of the top 5 destinations to study abroad, you’ll want to consider these other tips.

  • Be sure the system of education isn’t too complicated for your student
  • Select a country that is able to meet your student’s needs
  • Opt for the foreign language you know in that very country
  • Make sure your foreign country studying offers solid career credentials
  • Consider pricing and budget factors
  • Don’t forget to factor in the time, money, and availability of air travel for your student (and yourself, if you hope to visit them!)
  • Be sure the selected destination offers the right major for your student

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If the country is attractive, but its system of education is tough, you may have to opt for another one.

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But, you must keep in mind the college policies before deciding whether this is a route you support. It’s worth having the conversation about the best ways your student can keep ahead of their assignments.

Final Thoughts on Study Abroad Essentials

If your student intends to get an education in a foreign country, help them choose the right destination.

Which ones are the best places to study?

This all depends on your student’s preferences and objectives.

But now you know a little bit more about these 5 great options you should consider.

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