What To Do In Dubai For A Week: The Best Tours You’ll Love!

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Figuring out what to do in Dubai for a week?

This question lingers in the minds of intrepid travelers seeking an unforgettable experience in the UAE.

Dubai, with its iconic imagery flooding social media feeds, is a captivating city that offers a plethora of attractions and adventures. While exploring Dubai independently is an option, the challenge lies in unraveling the hidden gems and delving into the rich tapestry of its history and culture.

So, you’ll want to consider guided tours that include the best Dubai attractions to fully maximize your trip. Read more below and get your bag ready for the unforgettable experiences in Dubai!

What to do in Dubai for a week
It can be challenging to decide what to do in Dubai for a week.

CONTENTS — In this article, you will learn of some iconic places in Dubai you’ll want to visit during your Dubai trip, including:

Experience an Unforgettable Dubai City Tour with Oasis Palm Dubai 

The UAE is made up of seven unique emirates, each with its own points of interests. Dubai is often seen as the epitome of tourism in the UAE, with its iconic images and videos shared on social media.

Even if it’s entirely possible to tour Dubai without someone to help, it can be challenging to know where to go and understand the backstories and lore behind the various locations.

While videos and blogs may provide some information, taking a guided Dubai city tour from an experienced tour company with lots of experience is the best choice. That way, you ensure you’ll enjoy a rewarding experience.

Oasis Palm Tourism specializes in various trips throughout the United Arab Emirates. They offer well-trained, expert tour guides who are fluent in multiple languages.

They make sure that every single person gets the best experience within an affordable budget. So, let’s explore the multiple options available to you that suit any type of budget.

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A Tour That’s Perfect for You

Oasis Palm Dubai offers exclusive cars and guides to bring you and your family on an unforgettable trip.

Your car will not be shared with anyone else, so this is especially perfect for honeymoon couples. It’s also ideal for anyone who suffers from medical ailments.

If you’re going with a larger group, Oasis Palm can also arrange for buses and other transportation options. Each VIP group has a specialized tour guide that speaks in a tourist-friendly language.

Guided tours include a tour operator who shares more knowledge about the location with you. That way, you’ll get insights you might not otherwise learn.

The guided tours are a reliable, proven way to to ensure you have the best experience possible. They costs somewhat more than an unguided tour, but it’s well worth the difference.

Unguided tours (those conducted by the drivers only) have a set itinerary. While the driver may provide some briefings, his primary job is to get you to the destination.

In that case, most of the time, you are going to be dropped off at a location, given some information by the site’s tour guide, and then directed to the destination.

Of course, you have the option of reading about the attraction before or following the journey. But there’s nothing better than having a dedicated tour operator who can show and tell you everything while you’re on site.

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Take the Dubai City Tour of a Lifetime

If you want an unforgettable city tour of Dubai, look no further.

This sightseeing excursion to some of Dubai’s most intriguing locations lasts for half a day and includes lunch. The tour provides private and semi-private tours around Dubai, both with and without a guide.

And if you choose to go it alone, you’ll want to include these stops on your itinerary.

Revisit The Past in the Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum 1 | Enjoy Travel Life
Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum, housed in Al Fahidi Fort, documents the development of the city from its earliest days until the present.

The museum’s garden has an Arish, a type of summer residence common among ancient Arabs. Within the Arish, you’ll see displays of authentic period furnishings and kitchenware.

The galleries give a glimpse into the emirate’s history before the discovery of oil. It’s a fascinating insight.

Visit Jumeirah Beach and Take in The Ocean Vistas

What to do in Dubai for a week

Do you feel like experiencing the refreshing chill of a sea breeze while in Dubai?

Then you should go to Jumeirah Beach next.

The brilliant blue of the sea will instantly captivate you.

Here, you’ll experience the fresh air of the ocean, explore the coastline, and can swim in the deep, clean water.

Definitely take some incredible photos with the Burj Al Arab behind you in the distance from this vantage point. No trip is complete without an iconic selfie!

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Behold The Spectacular View of The Burj Al Arab

What to do in Dubai for a week
The iconic Burj Al Arab is a must-see.

From Jumeirah beach, you have a breathtaking view of the Burj Al Arab, but you should visit it up close.

Burj Al Arab, located on a separate island, represents one of many among the world’s most luxurious hotels. The hotel’s design is reminiscent of a ship’s sail.

There are nine different restaurants you can choose from, as well as a pool deck and immediate access to the beach.

It’s famous for the one-of-a-kind eating experience it provides at the subterranean seafood restaurant inside called Al Mahara.

Nearby, the Wild Wadi Waterpark provides tourists with limitless opportunities to enjoy a variety of water sports.

Shop to Your Heart’s Content at The Dubai Mall

Are you a shopaholic? Then you may count yourself quite lucky to have access to one of the biggest shopping malls throughout the world.

Even if you’re not a shopper, the Dubai Mall is like no other. You’ll find in it an aquarium, underground zoo, ice rink, incredible sculptures, and more. If you want to learn more about the enigmatic marine creatures, a visit to the aquariums and aquatic zoo is a must.

But be careful! It’s easy to get lost in this expansive shopping center, so you’ll need a map..

As an added attration, the magnificent Burj Khalifa towers over the Dubai Mall.

Experience Islam At Its Best at Jumeirah Mosque

What to do in Dubai for a week
Jumeirah Mosque is the only Dubai mosque open to all faiths and is photo-friendly.

The Jumeirah Mosque welcomes individuals of all faiths to come and learn about the Islamic culture and way of life. This is Dubai’s sole mosque that has been accessible to non-Muslims.

This beautiful mosque is made entirely of white stone. 

It reveals the area’s Islamic as well as Arabic roots.

As there aren’t any limits on photography, you may take pictures to remember the beauty of the gorgeous mosque.

It’s also worth noting that when entering this mosque, women must conceal their heads. So bring along a scarf.

The Burj Khalifa is The World’s Tallest Wonder

In the course of the guided tour of Dubai, you ought to have noticed the Burj Khalifa. It’s the world’s tallest wonder!

As the world’s highest structure, it acts as a welcome symbol for Dubai.

It also boasts the world’s largest LED screen. The Burj Khalifa light display is a spectacular sight which turns the tower into a luminous masterpiece.

On national holidays, Dubai pays respect to other countries by displaying the flag of the country in brilliant lights right on the Burj Khalifa.

Thousands come to the Burj Khalifa to view the light display, which has become an unavoidable aspect of Dubai’s New Year’s celebrations.

And, the Burj Khalifa is enhanced by the splendor of the Dubai Fountain, which is another visual wonder.

This sanctuary has thirty acres laid aside near the Burj Khalifa Lake. The sight of the water moving rhythmically in accordance with music and achieving an altitude of roughly 900 feet will take your breath away.

Final Thoughts on What to Do in Dubai For a Week

There are a lot of places in Dubai that you can discover. From the Mall of Emirates to Palm Jumeirah, you can rest assured that you won’t run out of things to do and see in Dubai.

But perhaps the most effective and insightful way to do so is to plan a guided tour. That way, you’ll be sure to get to them all and come away all the wiser.

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