8 Extraordinary Types of Vacation You Can Look Forward To

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Are you itching to go on your next trip? Here are 8 extraordinary types of vacation you’ll want to consider. While it may not be an ideal time to travel due to the pandemic, now is the perfect time to start planning ahead. Use this list as a guide to help plan your next vacation.

CONTENTS: In this article, you will learn about 8 types of vacation you can plan now:

1. Road Trip 

Road Trip as a Vacation Option, driving along the coast
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Road trips simply don’t get the credit they deserve. Giving you the chance to either explore your country or head further afield, road trips are a wonderful way of seeing nature and other sights around you. By flying, you’re missing out on all of the things that you could see if you were driving. For instance, you could be driving to one of your stop-offs and see a nature reserve that you want to walk around. This wouldn’t be possible if you were on a plane.

Another wonderful thing about them is that you can head out and drive wherever you want, without being limited or restricted. Even if you have an itinerary in place you can plan it in such a way that you have enough time to spend in each destination along the way. For example, if you want to explore a landmark in the country that you didn’t previously plan to, you can easily do this without having to worry.

You can also extend your trip if you fancy, unlike if you’re flying and you’re restricted by your flight times. With this flexibility, you can explore pretty much anywhere around the world that you want to.

All you’ll need to do for this type of trip ahead of time is book some accommodations, fill up on the petrol (or if you’re going abroad, hire a car) and pack enough clothes to last the trip!

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2. Camping

Type of Vacation: Camping or Backpacking
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Another extraordinary type of vacation to try is camping. It’s something that you can enjoy either close to home or further afield. Plus, camping is the perfect excuse to get closer to nature and escape from the hustle and bustle. 

Giving you a break from the stress of everyday life, it can be enjoyed solo, with your family or with friends. With the right preparation and essential supplies, you’ll be able to have an unforgettable vacation.

During your getaway, you could spend your time hiking around the beautiful nature that’s surrounding you, kayaking down the river in inflatable kayaks, or simply relaxing in your campsite taking in the views. Whatever you spend your time doing on your camping trip you’ll love the experience.  

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3. City Break 

City Break Vacation | Enjoy Travel Life
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So you might be thinking, “this isn’t an extraordinary type of vacation in the grand scheme of things.”

But for many, a European city break can be a wonderful getaway that’s unlike anything that they’ve ever experienced before. And as a whole, it’s the type of vacation that brings new experiences and opportunities.

No matter which city around the world you explore you’re bound to have a fantastic time, spent taking in the awe-inspiring architecture, indulging in the delicious cuisine, and admiring the landmarks. You’ll even find loads of free things to do in the city, if you ask a local. It’s always fun to be a tourist for the days that you’re there! Suitable whether you’re planning on vacationing alone or with friends, the possibilities are endless with this type of getaway. 

Depending on where you’re planning on going, you may also be able to keep the vacation budget-friendly. This is because you can find great deals for city breaks, especially if you’re wanting to visit for a short period of time. This makes it far more accessible for anyone looking for a much-deserved break. 

4. Beach Getaway 

Beach Vacation or Beach Getaway as as one of 8 vacation types
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The thought of relaxing on a beach with a book or a drink in hand is magical for many. And it’s easy to see why. There’s nothing quite like the experience of waking up to hear the crash of the waves and see the sun blazing down. A far cry from the busy city lights, it lets you take in the fresh air and unwind away from the usual constraints. 

This type of dream vacation offers so many different picturesque destinations around the world to choose from, no matter if you have a small budget or plenty of money to spend.

And of course, a beach getaway is one of my favorite types of vacation!

5. Culture-Infused Vacation  

Types of Vacation: Culture-Infused
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If you really want to immerse yourself into a destination, then why not consider heading out on a culture-infused vacation? The world is an incredible place filled with breath-taking locations rich with history. You’ll find temples dating back thousands of years to incredible art pieces, ancient ceramics, and more.

Whatever you’re interested in seeing, there’s a destination that’s waiting for you to explore. Look to find real insight into a culture and deep respect for it from the moment that you start to explore. 

6. Cruise 

An Ocean Cruise as one of the types of vacation
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Cruises can be a fabulous way of relaxing while visiting several destinations in one go. And with so many cruiselines to choose from, varying in destinations, length, price, and style, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

A cruise package includes not only the accommodation but typically the food and any activities that you enjoy when you’re sailing and on land. This ensures that it’s suitable not only if you’re solo (there are specific cruises designed for solo travelers), but as a family or in a couple. 

7. National Parks 

Types of Vacation: National Park
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Ok, so although this can be linked to camping, if you don’t fancy sleeping out under the stars, then you could stay in a resort that’s nearby to a National Park. Luckily, there are many different countries that have national parks, giving you the chance to pick and choose based on the type of trip that you prefer.

From cold, snow-capped mountains to scorching deserts you’ll have an abundance of places to select from. It’s also the perfect opportunity to capture incredible photos that you can then show off proudly when you return! 

8. Theme Park

Disneyland Them Park
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If you love rollercoasters and other rides, then why not opt for a vacation based around a theme parks? You don’t have to have kids to be able to enjoy the wonderful Disneyland Park or other parks. Designed to appeal to everyone, they are magical places that are welcomed forms of escapism no matter what the season. 

Even though theme parks are definitely on the more expensive end of the spectrum, the experience and memories that they will create are arguably worth the money. Some holiday companies may even offer a payment plan that allows you to pay off your vacation in installments, making it more feasible. 

And if you splurge on VIP tickets, you can make money-saving concessions at Disneyland that will help you recoup the cost.

Final Thoughts on Vacation Types

Which of these types of vacation you choose, of course, will depend on several factors including your budget and interests. But whatever you opt for, you’re bound to have an unforgettable experience that creates magical memories that last forever.

Which of these 8 extraordinary types of vacation will you plan as your next getaway?

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