Summer Fun! Important Tips for Tent Camping Close to Home

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If you’re looking for some close-to-home options for summer travel, take a fresh look at tent camping. It’s inexpensive, crowd-free, and perhaps just what the doctor ordered.

We’ve put together these tips for tent camping that will enhance your local camping getaway.

Tips for Tent Camping (several tents glow at night)
Discover the beauty and convenience of tent camping close to home, where you can camp out under the stars at a moment’s notice! 

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The Benefits of Local Tent Camping

Just because you can travel further around the country where you live, that doesn’t mean it’s preferable.

True, exploring domestic destinations far and wide can be a great adventure. But you may be overlooking the beauty and convenience of your local environment.

There, you can camp out under the stars at a moment’s notice! 

8 Benefits of Tent Camping Close to Home

Here are eight reasons why you should try tent camping closer to home: 

  1. It brings us closer to nature and in natural terrain.
  2. It’s an economical vacation.
  3. It’s easy to get home in an emergency.
  4. There’s less chance of vehicle breakdowns due to long rides en route or on the way back.
  5. It avoids major tourist hot spots, which may be over-crowded. 
  6. You can stay for just a night or two for a quick and refreshing change of scenery.
  7. It’s fun to invite friends and family who live nearby to visit or camp with you.
  8. It’s a low-risk way to get started as a camper and see if you like it!

Tips for Tent Camping: How to Choose a Camping Location Wisely

While RV camping, van camping, and “glamping” (luxury camping) have become trendy, tent camping remains one of the most popular types of camping.

We think the best way to find campgrounds nearby is to do a simple Google search.

For a small fee, you can pitch a tent at public and private campgrounds, as well as at RV parks. 

If you’re lucky enough to live near a US National Forest & Grasslands, you can typically camp there for free unless otherwise marked. Just be certain to research the rules in advance.

And, if all else fails and you live in a rural area, consider tent camping in your own backyard.

Why Invest in a Good Quality Tent?

If you’re serious about camping, one of the best tips for tent camping is to invest in a high-quality tent.

It’s definitely money well-spent.

Cheap tents, while inexpensive, tend to provide minimal protection, convenience, comfort, and durability. 

Instead, look for a tent that is genuinely waterproof and stands up to wind. 

Decide whether you’ll want a two-person, four-person, or even a larger sized tent.

You might even buy a tent with one or more compartments or “rooms.” This affords additional privacy and living areas. And of course, you’ll have more room. 

If you do have a bigger tent, you can inflate an air mattress for a more comfortable night’s rest.

Or, splurge and get a glamping tent.

A glamping tent offers all the glitz and glamour of resort-style services not usually considered with traditional camping. (Who said you have to rough it when camping?)

You can also invest in add-ons, such as camping gazebos to enjoy more sheltered space at your camping site.

Be Aware of Camping Safety

If it’s your first time camping, it’s essential to do some research and learn some camping basics to keep you as safe as possible. 

As a beginner, you may want to stay on a campsite rather than out in the wilderness. There, you’ll have more conveniences, like electricity, toilets, and showers.

You may also feel safer in a camping community than all alone outdoors.

Wherever you camp, be sure to keep all food tightly sealed in air-tight containers and properly dispose of trash.

If you ignore this important tip for tent camping, you risk attracting unwelcome wildlife visitor(s) overnight. (Eek!)

You should also never BBQ, use fuel-burning lanterns or heaters, or light candles inside your tent. Dangerous gases could prove lethal or tents could catch fire.

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Plan to Relax and Enjoy Common Camping Activities

While you’re camping, your primary activities will include:

  • Tending the fire
  • Cooking
  • Eating
  • Sleeping

Take advantage of the free time to read, nap, take a nature walk, or just sit around the campfire. (Don’t forget the S’mores!)

Finally, you may want to bring some playing cards, board games, or crafting items to occupy your time. You might even have a few ghost stories to tell.

The real art form of camping is learning to enjoy a slower pace. That’s the best way to connect with your loved ones while on vacation in nature

Final Thoughts on These Tips for Tent Camping

Whether you’ve been home too long and yearn for a simple getaway, or are seeking a down-to-earth experience, tent camping close to home may be just the change of scenery you need.

In fact, it might fast become your favorite pastime.

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