What Do I Need to Teach English Abroad? Learn About TEFL

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A commonly asked questions for those who want to go abroad but want job security is “What do i need to teach English abroad?

The short answer to this is, learn to teach english as a foreign language (TEFL).

If you prioritize pursuing your travel aspirations over the daily grind, don’t miss this in-demand opportunity and get yourself certified.

Learn how, below.

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Are These Luxury Features of a 5 Star Hotel Worth It?

features of a 5 star hotel

Many of the features of a 5 star hotel seem like they will make your stay more luxurious.

But is that really the case? And is it worth the extra cost to book a 5 star hotel?

In this article, we explore the features you’re most likely to find at highly rated accommodations, and whether it’s worth paying for these luxury features. Then you can determine the worthiness of 5 star hotels for yourself.

Continue reading on this topic, below, before you book a room.

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Best Family Sailing Vacation? Try these 3 Best Sailing Routes in the World

family sailing vacation 1

A family sailing vacation can be a bonding experience like no other.

As the boat glides through the water, the hustle and bustle of daily life fades away, replaced by the serene beauty of nature.

But beyond just providing a relaxing escape, family sailing can also offer valuable life lessons for both children and adults.

If you are interest about getting more detailed words about Family sailing vacation, read the article below. We are sure it will help you a lot!

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3 Easy Digital Nomad Business Ideas to Make Money as You Travel

freelance digital nomad

These digital nomad business ideas are the ideas of new generation.

With the advancements in technology and work environments in today’s world, you can easily earn an income while you travel. In fact, it’s possible to make a solid salary that not only offsets your travel expenses, but provides a solid profit.

To get started, consider 3 very doable digital nomad business’ ideas, below.

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Got a Love For Travel? Top 10 Reasons Why Travel is the Best Investment

love for travel investment

A love for travel is natural.

Maybe you travel for work, adventure, or are thinking about relocating permanently.

In all cases, travel is thrilling.

And the best news is, travelling is also a great investment which offers a huge return.

Even if you love travel, you might be surprised by the benefits of being a traveler and adventurer.

Read more about how travelling can be beneficial for you, below.

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Top 8 Books for Wanderlust: Inspirational Fiction Reads for Travel Lovers

books for wanderlust

Let these 8 great books for wanderlust inspiration take you to far away places!

Though fiction, each is set in a foreign land or takes you on an amazing journey through the characters’ eyes.

Whether your looking for a good book at the beach or want to enjoy an escape from everyday life, you’ll want to check these out.

Learn more about these titles, below.

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Luxury Yacht Holidays: 10 Excellent Reasons to Book a Luxury Yacht Charter

luxury yacht holidays

Luxury yacht holidays are incredible. While you cruise the ocean to beautiful destinations, surrounded by upscale amenities and a crew at your service, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy vacation.

But if you’re not fortunate to have your own yacht, it’s easy enough to hire a charter. In fact, you might even want to add it to your bucket list.

Continue reading to find out what it’s like. You’ll discover the benefits of booking a luxury yacht charter for your next vacation or outing. 

There’s plenty of good reasons to do so!

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Should You Take a Spontaneous Trip? Here are 7 Good Reasons To Go!

spontaneous trip benefits

If you’ve ever wondered whether taking a spontaneous trip is a good idea, you’re in the right place. While it might seem impulsive at first, last-minute travel offers many benefits. 

That’s why we’re sharing these good reasons to travel on an impromptu basis. Then, you can feel confident booking your next trip “on the fly.”

In fact, this is the ideal time to do it.

Once you know the benefits, you can lose your hesitation and embrace some of the best opportunities to travel.

Find out how, below.

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