When is the Best Time to Travel?

When to Visit Dreamy Destinations

When you enjoy traveling as much I do, it’s hard to choose your next destination from a Bucket List, let alone figure out when to go. Knowing exactly when to visit dreamy destinations can help narrow things down.

There is a window of travel opportunity I look for between the peak season and low season that minimizes my costs and maximizes my experience. It’s known as “shoulder season.”

This sweet spot offers better travel rates and fewer crowds with the benefit of pleasant weather. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

I’ve had outstanding experiences using this technique when making travel plans to the Bahamas Out Islands, Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and even Venice. In fact, shoulder season is my favorite time to travel! I wouldn’t bother to go any other time.

When to Visit Dreamy Destinations: A Travel Guide

Since I encourage everyone to live out their travel dreams, I’ve done some of the research for you! I’ve pulled together a Month-by-Month Destination Guide listing my picks for when to visit dreamy destinations around the world.

Now, I know not everyone loves the beach as I do. So, in addition to twelve beachy destination ideas, you’ll find twelve mountain/country destinations and twelve city destinations. With this one guide, you’ll discover the shoulder season for thirty-six (yes, 36!) incredible places — and potentially save money and maximize your travel experience. All you have to do is figure out what month you’d like to go. How’s that for easy?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Click To Tweet

Oh, I know there’s a lot more to do once you pick a destination (and I have plans to help you with that, too.) You know the saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Consider this a small but essential first step in achieving your dream vacation.

Whether you are dreaming of a beachy destination, the English countryside, or a bustling city, I hope this free guide brings you one step closer to making your travel dreams a reality.

Here are my recommendations for making travel plans around the world every month of the year. Simply enter your email below and it will be on its way to you!


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Jackie Gately

Jackie Gately is a seasoned travel writer, photographer, and marketing consultant who is passionate about travel. She loves casual-luxury experiences, coastal getaways, cultural attractions, and local, wholesome food and wine pairings. A perfect day ends with her toes in the sand or by chasing the sunset with her camera--ideally both.

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