Positively Positano: 48 Hours on the Amalfi Coast

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On my whirlwind 14-day tour of Italy, I’d scheduled only one night in Positano before scheduled to leave the Amalfi Coast for my family’s inland hometown of Ariano Irpino. Of course, that changed as soon as I arrived. Positano begged me to stay, and so my love affair with Positano began.

My Brief Love Affair with Positano

Positano gave me three good reasons to stay:

  • A private balcony on my third-floor room with sweeping views of the Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Colorful homes chiseled into the mountainside architecturally reminiscent of Greece
  • Scads of charming boutique shops with handmade linen dresses.

How could I possibly say no?

A big fan of the movie, Under The Tuscan Sun, I wanted to experience Positano for myself. On arrival, I immediately requested a second night at the Hotel Villa Gabrisa. Because it wasn’t peak season, they were able to accommodate me. I knew right away one night was not enough for this affair.

Getting to Know Positano

For 48 hours, I explored solo what’s traditionally known as a romantic couples’ destination, savoring picturesque moments to myself without regret. Although I didn’t find the Under The Tuscan Sun’s handsome Marcello calling from a balcony, I fell in love with Positano itself. You see, it’s magical, that way.  I’ll let my photos below tell the story.

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Love Affair with Positano - Balcony of Villa Gabrisa
I could not get enough of this view from my balcony at the Hotel Villa Gabrisa. I enjoyed my breakfast in Positano gazing across the Tyrrenhian Sea.
Love Affair with Positano - Streets of Positano
I was anxious to explore; The streets wound around and around as I descended through the village built on steep terrain.
Love Affair with Positano - 3 Sirens of Positano
Legends of mermaids on the islands off Positano, known as the Sirenuse, were enchanting. A world renown hotel, Le Sirenuse, has taken their namesake.
Love Affair with Positano - Ivy Covered Architecture
I loved the vine covering this home. It was my balcony view looking upward toward the mountains.
Love Affair with Positano - Mountain Homes Water View
Ah, Positano. You are truly beautiful.
Love Affair with Positano - Laundry Line
Even laundry can be picturesque in a place like this.
Love Affair with Positano - Greek Influence Water View
Blue and white and water as far as the eye can see. Such a beautiful marriage.
Love Affair with Positano - Lemon Tree
Lemons, everywhere! Perfect for making my new favorite drink: Limoncello!
Love Affair with Positano - Greek Inspired Doorway
Bright white homes and sunshine reminded me of Greece.
Love Affair with Positano - Greek Inspired Architecture
Surely, you’ll agree, there is a Greek influence in the architecture of Positano.
Love Affair with Positano - Amalfi Coast View
On each turn, I beheld beautiful views of the sea, like this rooftop view.
Love Affair with Positano - Church View of Street
Such beauty made my heart sing.
Love Affair with Positano - Balcony View of Mediterranean
Another stunning balcony view of the Tyrrhenian Sea took my breath away.
Love Affair with Positano - Residence
I followed the stairs through town, catching glimpses of daily life. I know I could get used to living here.
Love Affair with Positano - View of Amalfi Coast
This view. I am speechless.
Love Affair with Positano - Colorful Building
Everywhere I looked, I found beautiful colors and architecture in contrast to the rough mountainside.
Love Affair with Positano - Santa Maria Assunta Duomo
The golden dome of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta glows in the heart of Positano.
Love Affair with Positano - Cat and Urn
Someone found a spot for a cat nap.

Everything Seemed to Thrive

Love Affair with Positano - Magenta Flowers
These flowers burst with color in the Mediterranean sunshine. Wow!
Love Affair with Positano - Cheese Wheel at Grocer
Best. Cheese. Ever. Parmigiano Reggiano
Love Affair with Positano - Ivy
Positano was brimming with life!
Love Affair with Positano - Fresh Produce and Ham at Grocer
And the fresh food at the little market…Bellissimo!
Love Affair with Positano - Homes in Cliff
Looking from the lower street to the homes built on the ledge above made me think, isn’t Positano just incredible?

Where to Stay in Positano, Italy (Interactive Map)

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Until We Meet Again

What a wonderful love affair I had with Positano! I was happy to extend my visit the extra day at the Hotel Villa Gabrisa but really could have spent three, four, five days here, taking it all in. It was hard to leave Positano behind, but no doubt, I will return. I may even bring a friend next time.

Pro Travel Tip: Stay as long as you possibly can!

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