Spice Up Your Vacation With These Fun, Novel Ideas

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If you’re looking to have fun on your vacation while traveling in your own country, or only a short distance outside of it, don’t worry. The world is plenty big enough to remain interesting, even if you find yourself wishing for more. Once you learn how easy it is to spice up local travel and familiar places with a sense of novelty, you’ll discover a new world within reach. Try these 3 easy ideas, below.

Have fun on your vacation in a camper van (toy shown)

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CONTENTS: In this article, you will learn to easily spice up local travel and familiar situations with a sense of novelty. Here’s how:

3 Easy Ways to Have Fun On Your Vacation

Plan A New Look or Two

As superficial as this might sound, planning a few new outfits that rise to occasions can keep things interesting. 

When preparing for a faraway trip, like a vacation in Italy, you might indulge in flowing blouses and chic jeans for a more sophisticated look. That’s because it’s easy to shed preconceived ideas others might have about you and try out a fresh look when you travel to a new country. 

There’s no reason you can’t do that when you travel locally. 

Plus, when you feel good about yourself, you’re more likely to try new things.

Look for a haute couture outfit for a special dinner out. You could even try some vegan lashes, like these from Dose of Colors, to feel ultra-confident and add an air of mystique. 

More casual affairs, like outdoor activities and trips to familiar vacation spots, will also benefit from a little outfit upgrade in the spirit of adventure. Go ahead, splurge on those trendy hikers or a new bathing suit ensemble, if possible. 

What you wear may not be the most important detail of your vacation, but it’s a small investment with a big return that can sweeten your vacation experience.

Try A Food Tour

If there’s one thing in life that’s eternally satisfying, it’s good food. 

Why not try a food tour?

While it’s exciting to be sampling foods in a foreign country, exploring all the authentic cuisine in a city one hundred miles away from you can feel like a fantastic new experience. But why is that? Well, because it is.

For example, In Boston, the nearest city to me, I can enjoy:

All of these options are less than an hour from home. You can likely do the same with a city near you.

Simply draw a radius around your hometown or plan a visit to the city nearest you in search of new culinary adventures. Whether it’s a delicious international soup or a decadent desert, it’s just waiting for you.

Tip: Try this simple tool to map a radius around your location.

You can opt for a guided food tour or plan your own self-guided excursion, to literally “spice” things up!

Go Wild & Natural

A wild and natural vacation can also be plenty of fun, provided you do it right. Any one of these popular outdoor options will help you enjoy nature in its full glory:

Especially in these socially distanced times, it’s easy to see the benefit of a comforting foray in nature. You can have all the space to yourself, and you needn’t travel far to experience your local countryside. 

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Final Thoughts

With just these few mindset changes, you can see how easy it can be to make the ordinary into something extraordinary and have fun on your vacation–even when it’s close to home.

Which of these ideas will you try on your next local adventure? Tell us how it goes in the comments below.

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