Finding Motivation to Travel: 7 No-Excuse Travel Tips for 2022

motivation to travel | Enjoy Travel Life

Finding motivation to travel in 2022 can be harder than it sounds. You might be hesitant and out of practice after two years of staying in place. But if you’re looking to travel again, and keep coming up with excuses, we’re here to get your motivated. 

Below, you’ll find out how to overcome your excuses for traveling in 2022 – and get back to it!

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Monteriggioni Italy: Step Back in Time at This Medieval Fortress Near Siena

Monteriggioni Italy Architecture | Enjoy Travel Life

Your visit to Monteriggioni Italy will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Here’ you’ll find one of the best preserved examples of a medieval village in all of Italy. Better yet, this Tuscan castle is just 12 miles from Siena.

Read on to discover everything you need to know and what to do and see in Monteriggioni so you can plan your visit to the “crown of Tuscany.”

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in May, 2022.

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Simple Driving Radius Map Helps Plan An Amazing Day Trip

Planning a Road Trip | Enjoy Travel Life

Have you ever wanted to take a drive without a specific destination in mind just to get a change of scenery? How do you decide which direction and get a general idea of what’s within driving range so you can have an amazing day trip? You use a driving radius map tool, that’s how.

Read on to find out more about this helpful trip planning tool.

Editor’s note: This post was updated on May 18, 2022.

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Getting Ready for Vacation? 3 Big Mistakes Most Homeowners Make

travel preparation mistakes | Enjoy Travel Life

You’re getting ready for vacation and checking off all the boxes to prepare for your trip. Good for you! But are you making these 3 big mistakes before going away?

Most homeowners think they are doing the right thing when preparing for vacation, but the truth is, doing these three things can be detrimental to your home’s safety. Make sure you know what they are (and remove them your list)!

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Spending Less Than A Day in Siena Italy: The Absolute “Must See” Attractions

Siena Horse Races Palio | Enjoy Travel Life

A day in Siena Italy is time well-spent. You’ll find a lot to love about this charming, medieval walled-hill city that’s bursting with personality. But even if you don’t have a full day to spare in your Italian itinerary, you can explore the most important sights in Siena in less than a day. Here are the absolute “must see” attractions when visiting Siena Italy, below.

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Why You’ll Never Forget the 14 Soaring San Gimignano Towers of Tuscany

Torres Chigi and Rognosa San Gimignano | Enjoy Travel Life

It’s hard to miss the San Gimignano towers along the Tuscan skyline near Siena, Italy. More fascinating than the medieval skyscrapers themselves, is the story of how they came to be. In its heyday, San Gimignano Italy had as many as 72 towers! When you visit one of the prettiest medieval towns, you’ll discover the 14 remaining towers that remain–which are simply unforgettable. Read on to find out why.

Best Haunted Houses in Boston for Halloween Fun

Boston Common at Night | Enjoy Travel Life

No doubt, you’ll find plenty of historic places to visit in Boston, Massachusetts, but do you know which ones are haunted? This vibrant, pre-Revolutionary city with a past holds a few secrets, and in some instances, they are downright disturbing.

In fact, all kinds of spooky things are going on. You just need to know where to look. Whether you book a haunted tour or plan a self-guided expedition, these mysterious spaces and places will enchant you. So, read on to learn more about the best haunted houses in Boston–and more!

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7 Do’s and Don’ts In Thailand (That Will Save You From Embarrassment!)

buddha 5410319 1280 | Enjoy Travel Life

Traveling to Thailand can be a wonderful adventure, but it comes with some warnings. You should be aware of certain do’s and don’ts in Thailand. Knowing them will save you certain embarrassment.

Here are 7 travel tips for Thailand, including some cultural customs as well as sightseeing suggestions.

They will help to make sure you have a great time when you visit Thailand!

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8 Extraordinary Types of Vacation You Can Look Forward To

Extraordinary Types of Vacation | Enjoy Travel Life
Planning a trip on a United States map
Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Are you itching to go on your next trip? Here are 8 extraordinary types of vacation you’ll want to consider. While it may not be an ideal time to travel due to the pandemic, now is the perfect time to start planning ahead. Use this list as a guide to help plan your next vacation.

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