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How to Renovate a House on a Budget: Affordable High Value Upgrades

If you’re wondering how to renovate a house on a budget, this post is for you. Home remodels can be expensivebut they don’t have to be. Instead, choose high value, affordable home improvements, prioritize, and combine them with simple makeovers.

Not only will you have upgraded the value of your home, but you’ve created a better living environment for yourself at a fraction of the cost. Consider this guidance below before you make any big investments.

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Cape Cod Honeymoon | How to Pick the Best Honeymoon Hotel in Cape Cod

When you’re planning a Cape Cod honeymoon, you’ll find no shortage of romantic hotels down the Cape. But how do you pick the best honeymoon hotel in Cape Cod, Massachusetts? We’ll show you how below, so you choose the best hotel that meets your expectations. Whether this wedding is your first time around or a second marriage, these tips will help you start your “happily ever after” on the right foot.

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5 Common Beauty Myths About Skin and Aging – Know Your Facts!

You have probably heard many beauty myths about skin and aging, but don’t realize it. But once you know your facts, then you can make informed decisions in your best interest for beautiful aging.

Read below to find out if you’ve been fooled into believing these 5 common skin care myths – and then find out what to do instead.

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Top Romantic Day Trips in PA That Will Make Your Getaway Sizzle!

You’ll love this list of romantic day trips in PA. Perhaps you didn’t know it, but there are plenty of romantic things to do in Pennsylvania for couples. Whether you are going for an extended vacation, or just visiting for the weekend, these stops will add some romance into your Pennsylvania vacation. Check out our top picks, below.

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Are You A Digital Nomad? Puerto Rico Might Be Your Next Best Stop!

Hey, Digital Nomad – Puerto Rico is calling. Of course, you don’t have to be a digital nomad to appreciate beautiful Puerto Rico. But it’s and especially nice place if you have the opportunity to work remotely.

These days, employers are much more flexible about where employees work.

And if you’re self-employed or a digital nomad? Even better. Keep reading to find out why Puerto Rico might be your next best stop.

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How to Learn a Language on Your Own Using These 4 Easy Methods

Knowing how to learn a language on your own opens you up to new opportunities when you travel. When you speak the native language, it demystifies communication and helps you navigate with ease. Plus, it deepens communication and understanding. So what’s the easiest way to learn a new language? We share 4 easy methods, below.

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11 Easy DIY Beauty Products In Your Pantry That Will Boost Your Confidence

Ever wish you could look radiant without the chemicals or cost of traditional beauty routines? The solution may be closer than you think — right in your pantry. You can up these easy DIY beauty products using simple ingredients to maintain a youthful appearance wherever you go. Once you try them, you may never go back to the day spa!

Continue reading to learn how to create your own all-natural beauty products.

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Boston vs NYC: Which World-Famous City Has the Better Boutique Hotels?

Boston vs NYC is a long-standing and heated discussion for many – especially when it comes to sports! But which world-famous city has the better boutique hotels? You’ll find plenty of gorgeous, upscale hotels in each for your travel pleasure.

So, continue reading and we’ll help you settle the argument with the comparison, below. You might just be surprised!

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Careers: Cyber Security Professionals are in High Demand

Cyber security professionals are in high demand today. Whether you’re guiding your soon-to-be college student or thinking of a new career as an empty-nester, it’s an exciting field. But which industry offers you the best odds of landing a good job?

Narrow your search to these 7 top industries and you’ll find the highest demand.

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The Top 7 Hardiest Succulents (That Are Absolutely Gorgeous, Too)!

If you’ve ever been to the southwestern United States or other desert climate, you know that’s where you’ll find the hardiest succulents. These beauties thrive under the scorching sun and drought conditions. But do you know about winter-hardy succulents? Adding some to your landscape means you can enjoy stunning succulents at home—even if your winters are cold. Find out which 7 succulents are cold-hardy, below.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint From Travel With These 3 Easy Changes

If you’re an eco-conscious traveler, you might find it tricky to balance your love of travel with your love of the environment. Perhaps you’ve even wondered how to reduce your carbon footprint when you travel. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be complex. There are simple things you can do to help offset your travel carbon footprint. In fact, you can start today by reading these 3 easy tips, below.

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6 Useful Gifts for Travelers Who Love Photography

Looking for useful gifts for travelers who love photography?

It’s easy, when you know what their top picks would be.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 6 gifts for photographers who travel.

Now all you need to do is pick the best one for your special someone (or yourself!) and put them to good use. They’re all on Amazon, too – so that’s makes is all the easier.

Check out these must-have photography gifts, below.

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Why You Will Appreciate the Little Things in Your Life, Post-Pandemic

It can be hard to appreciate the little things in your life, especially after the devastating of the pandemic.

But staying focused on the positive can offer hope at a time when it’s most needed. As the pandemic lifts, we have great things to look forward to.

Reading them below will bring a smile to your face and help you find gratitude for the everyday life we’ve all been missing.

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8 Tips for Flying Safely During COVID When You Charter A Private Jet

Whether you feel safe to travel by airplane during the COVID-19 pandemic is a very personal matter. And you may discover some advantages to taking a charter flight instead of flying a commercial airline. If so, we’re sharing expert insights and 8 tips for flying safely when you charter a private jet during the pandemic. By taking the precautions below, you will help minimize your risk.

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7 Reasons Why It Is Important to Travel in 2021 [At Any Age]

Turns out there are several good reasons why it is important to travel in 2021. Sure, it’s good fun, and it helps the travel industry recover. But beyond those very good reasons, travel can actually help you grow as a person.

As the world moves out of the pandemic, you can be making your travel plans, too. Find out the seven ways travel can inspire your personal development, below—and then get planning!

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Best Ways You Can Prepare for Your Komodo Sailing Trip Adventure

Does the idea of a Komodo sailing trip where you can swim with turtles and manta rays sound amazing to you? Then you’ll want to bump this Indonesian adventure to the top of your bucket list, especially if you love wildlife and incredible scenery!

There are a few things to prepare that will make this the best experience possible. Read on to find out what you should know before going on your Komodo sailing trip.

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Top 5 Easy Gardening Tips: How to Prepare Garden for Spring Planting

If you have visions of a beautiful garden this year, it’s time to add “prepare garden for spring planting” to your to-do list. Especially if you’re home for the season, you’ll find gardening to be one of the most fulfilling hobbies as an empty-nester or at any stage in your life.

Plus, gardening gets you moving and out in the fresh air after a sedentary winter.

So, we’ve put together these spring gardening tips to match your enthusiasm. They offer easy, quick rewards in the garden to get you ready for spring!

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Taking An Extended Trip? Prep Your Home For Long-Term Travel [Checklist]

It’s exciting to take an extended trip, especially after spending endless months at home. But before you fly the coop, make sure your home is prepared for your absence. Because there’s nothing worse than coming home from vacation to a disaster! Here is a long-term travel checklist that will help you safely leave home behind while you travel.

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Maintaining Good Health As We Age: Make These 3 Things A Priority

Now that the kids have grown, you’re ready to embark on a wonderful a new chapter in your life. You want to have the best possible experiences as an empty-nester, and that means keeping in good health as we age. The bad news is, now more than ever, it’s especially important to be intentional about taking care of yourself. The good news is, we’ll show you how easy it can be if you give priority to these three things, below.

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The Most Common Spring Gardening Mistakes And How to Easily Avoid Them

While you’re home this spring, are you making these common spring gardening mistakes? You’re not alone. Gardeners and plants alike break winter dormancy with the early arrival of spring.

For both, it’s risky business.

While an early spring may give gardeners a welcomed head start, it can result in disappointments – like lost transplants and more permanent consequences including as soil damage.

Instead, temper your spring fever by exercising caution early on and avoiding the most common spring gardening mistakes, below.

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A Luxury Whirlpool Bath: Why You Should Indulge in One at Home

You might  consider a long soak in a luxury whirlpool bath something of an indulgence. Maybe you have the opportunity every once in a while, say, at a fine hotel or when you visit a day spa.

As it turns out, there’s good reasons to enjoy a luxury whirlpool bath more often–and it has to do with your health. Read on to discover all the justification you need to install a whirlpool tub at home.

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Top Shanghai Tips | Follow These 7 Important Tips for First-Time Travelers

Planning a trip to Shanghai, China? We need to talk. There’s a lot you should know before you go to Shanghai. For starters, check out these important Shanghai tips.

Below, you’ll find a mix of practical and cultural travel tips so you can enjoy your first trip to Shanghai, minus any “Shanghai Surprise.” Just be sure to consider these 7 tips before you travel to Shanghai.

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Need an Easy Packing Checklist for Spring in New England? [Free Printable]

Spring in New England presents the opportunity to experience all four seasons in one day. So how do you pack for a visit? It’s easy–that is, if you know what to expect.

That’s why we’ve put together this easy packing checklist to help you plan what to pack. Read on to learn what to pack for spring in New England from a seasoned New Englander.

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What to Wear When Gardening? Best Garden Clothes (2024)

To the serious gardener, what to wear when gardening may not be a matter of fashion. Most make do with old jeans so they can drop knees-to-soil and wipe muddy hands without care. But if you plan to spend your time at home in the garden, you can do better than that.

That might mean considering the latest fashion trends in garden wear or weaving practical considerations into your outfit. Wearing a cute gardening outfit that is loose, airy, and durable can extend your comfortable garden time, and looks stylish too.

Read on to learn how to pick the best gardening outfit that is functional, and also looks and feels awesome. The right clothing can make all the difference.

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Why Travel is Important for Your Mental Health [11 Compelling Reasons]

There are plenty of good arguments about why travel is important. But did you know there are at least eleven compelling reasons that it’s good for your mental health? Whether you’re planning next year’s big trip or simply looking forward to a Sunday drive, travel can have positive psychological effects on your psyche. Discover the ways travel is beneficial to your mental health, below.

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Minimalist Bookshelf Styling: Learn How to Make A Bookcase Look Pretty [3 Easy Ways]

Minimalist bookshelf styling looks so easy. You might think you would perfectly place a few items in the bookcase, then add a pièce de résistance, right? Or maybe you wonder, do you take one thing away, like you do jewelry?

Truth is, it actually takes some know-how to successfully put the whole ‘less-is-more” concept to work into your bookshelf decorating ideas. So we looked to the design experts at Modsy for professional decor advice and simple bookshelf ideas.

Read on to discover some easy bookcase styling ideas so you can style your bookshelf and your home decor like a pro!

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Can You Guess Where You’ll Find the Best Wineries in New England?

When you think of wine-tasting in the US, Napa Valley and Sonoma, California top the list. But did you know you can stroll lush vineyards and sample from the best wineries in New England?

High-acclaimed wine made in the northeast offers a distinct flavor which is a product of the cooler, wetter climate–and it’s popularity is taking root! Read on to find out which vineyards and wineries to add to your itinerary when you visit New England next.

daughter and aging mother | Enjoy Travel Life

Caring for Elderly Parents While You Travel (Without Feeling Guilty!)

Caring for elderly parents is a big family responsibility. After all, your parents cared for and loved you as a child–and now is your chance to reciprocate in full. Now that you’re finally empty-nesting, does that mean you can’t travel? Absolutely not. What it means is that when you travel, you plan ahead with these solutions for your parents care and keeping while you’re away.

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A Beautiful Day Trip From Amsterdam to Giethoorn [Netherlands]

Giethoorn, known as the Venice of the North, is one of the best villages to visit when you’re in the Netherlands–especially as a day trip from Amsterdam to Giethoorn. You might simply like to relax and take in the scenery of this picturesque water village, but there are many other things to do while you’re visiting.

Read on to discover what to do in Geithoorn.

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10 Easy, Early Spring Blooming Trees & Vibrant Shrubs!

Early spring blooming trees are a wonderful “welcome home” from your warm-weather winter vacation and can be a simple cure to coach you out of your winter cocoon. Even better, these flowering trees and shrubs are almost effortless to care for.

If your yard could use a little spring pick-me-up, try planting one or more of the 10 varieties below to add color to your landscape as they herald a beautiful start to the season, year after year!

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Want to Rent Your Home While You Travel? Here’s How To Do It.

A smart way to finance your life’s adventures is to rent your home while you travel. When you offer your home as a holiday rental while you’re away, you can defray travel expenses or (gasp!) even turn a profit on your vacation. Whether you’ll be away for a few weeks or several months at a time, when you follow these important steps, preparing your home as a vacation rental property will be a breeze.

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The Best Way to Spend 2 Days in Dubai

Planning just 2 days in Dubai can be an overwhelming task. There are so many amazing attractions in Dubai, which makes narrowing it down all the harder! That’s why we’ve created this 2-Day Dubai itinerary.

It not only covers the vibrant sights, but also includes cool suggestions ranging from the thrills of Dubai theme parks, to the beauty of its unspoiled nature, and  the timeless allure of Dubai’s historical and cultural landmarks.

You’ll learn how to make the most of your two days in Dubai here.

C’mon. Let’s go!

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How to Prevent Burglary: 9 Powerful Ways of Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

If you stress about leaving your property unattended while you are away, you may have good reason. According to FBI statistics, 67.2% of all burglary offenses are at residential properties. But that doesn’t mean you have to stress every time you go away. Instead, consider how to prevent burglary and protect your home while traveling. That way, you’ll have peace of mind on your trip. 

Below you’ll find 9 powerful ways to help keep your home safe while traveling.

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