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Best Inspirational Garden Quotes To Make You Think

There’s little more rewarding than seeing your garden efforts in bloom. Or maybe it’s walking in a vibrant field of cheery sunflowers. Or you’re exploring interesting plant varieties in a beautiful botanical garden.

Envision breathing deeply into a velvety, fragrant rose.

No matter which kind of garden experience you prefer, gardens of all kinds are restorative!

If you are drawn to gardens as I am, you’ll love these inspirational garden quotes.

Just browse this extensive collection of garden sayings and quotes that are sure to make you think about gardening—and life…long beyond spent blooms.

Editors Note: We updated this post in June 2022 with more garden quotes to keep it fresh!

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Spring Flowering Bulbs You Can Plant Now (And How to Do It!)

While most of the garden has finished its growing cycle in Autumn, spring flowering bulbs are just getting started. Each bulb you plant in fall contains everything it needs to grow roots, survive winter, and emerge in brilliant colors to herald spring. If you envision returning home from a winter escape to cheery daffodils and tulips that brighten your landscape, this post is for you! You’ll learn how to plant spring bulbs in fall, which bulbs to select and plant, along with some beginner mistakes to avoid. If you plant spring-flowering bulbs now, you can look forward to their brilliant spring debut.