Choose A Cottage for An Excellent Family Vacation This Year

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If you’re trying to decide the best place for your family vacation this year, you can’t go wrong when you choose a cottage. It’s the perfect place to create lifetime memories, plus it has several very practical benefits.

Read on to find out why a vacation cottage is a good choice for your vacation this year.

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CONTENTS: In this article, you will learn several good reasons to choose a cottage for your next family vacation, including:

Limitations of a Hotel Room

For the most part, staying in a hotel is great.

Someone else does the cooking, cleaning, and tends to any requests.

Your hotel can be located right in the cultural heart of a destination.

And, you can find a range of overnight or weekly hotel rates to fit just about every budget.

But it can be a bit restrictive when you travel as a family. 

You may be tied to one or two rooms, depending on how many you book. And you’re surrounded by other guests who may not be as tolerant of your kids or grandkids as you are. 

Mealtimes happen between certain hours, which may or may not fit your plans. 

And you may have limited access to facilities, like a kitchen or laundry machines, or share them with other guests.

Sure, hotels may have a great pool and put little mints on your pillow when they tidy up your room. But that only goes so far when you’re envisioning an epic family vacation in mind.

So, let’s look at another option this year. 

Why Choose A Cottage for Vacation

Lo-and-behold, an excellent alternative is a home away from home: a cottage. This is especially perfect if you love to be out in nature or close to the water.

Here’s why.

Bigger, More Private Living Space

Vacation cottages to rent, like Pigeon Forge, for instance, give you a far greater degree of freedom than a hotel room might. 

In a cottage rental, you will enjoy a common living space or family room. So, if you want to relax as a family all together, this is an ideal place for some bonding.

Or, if one member of your family has trouble sleeping, he or she will have a separate space here in the living room to spread into.

You’ll also usually have access to a private garden or yard when you rent a cottage. That way, the kids can play outside while you’re chilling or planning your day.

Or, you can step out into the fresh air yourself at a moment’s notice to enjoy the great outdoors and perhaps see some wildlife in the yard.

Since you occupy the entire property, you won’t have to worry about “keeping it down” for neighbors in close proximity.

The exception might be if you rent cottages on the beach that are close together. But then, everyone is likely frolicking the same way there, in that case.

You won’t have to make polite conversation with strangers in hotel corridors or elevators, either.

Ultimate Flexibility When You Choose a Cottage

When you choose a cottage for your vacation, it’s just you and your loved one in a home away from home. This is much more relaxing than tripping over each other in a too-small hotel room. 

Then, you’ll find that vacation cottages to rent will allow you to plan your time more effectively. 

That’s because you’ll have your own private kitchen. You can cook whatever and whenever you want. 

So if you want a lie-in, you won’t miss out on breakfast. 

And if you fancy a long, sunny day out on the beach, you can dine out or cook when you get in. No need to worry about hurrying back for a set meal time. 

You’ll Have Limited Contact With Others

When you rent a vacation cottage, you can be pretty sure it’s been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized from the prior guests’ stay.

And, you can be assured that you will have full control of who comes and goes all the while you’re there.

You may still want to do a clean sweep of the premises, anyway. Give these high traffic areas some extra attention by disinfecting:

  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Bathrooms
  • Remote Controls for TV, etc.
  • Other high-touch areas 

Then, you’ll be in your own little bubble until you leave the property.

This may give your family an additional level of comfort during your vacation stay.

Fully Equipped with Amenities

Whether you choose standard or luxury vacation cottages, you’ll find they come fully equipped. You should have everything you need for your vacation. 

In a hotel, you might have to ring down to Reception to request an iron. Or, you’d have to head to the shops for a forgotten beach towel. 

But when you’re staying in a vacation cottage, it means you have all that at your fingertips.

Better yet, it’s at no extra cost or nuisance. 

You’ll have the benefit of a kitchen that’s well stocked with appliances. You can cook for even your fussiest eater or cater to your gourmet tastes.

That eliminates the stress and expense of finding somewhere to eat out with menus to suit all the family or your own special dietary needs. 

There will usually be a washing machine at a cottage, too.

So you can wash those sandy, salty towels and have them clean and ready for the next day. This also allows you to pack less for an extended stay..

Tip: If you really want to make your transition from vacation to home easier, launder the clothes and bring home clean laundry instead of a pile of dirty clothes.

And the best vacation cottages will usually have free, high-speed Wi-Fi.

So you won’t have to pay extra or do without technology for the week you’re away. That’s good to know, especially if you might need to peek in or your business matters. 

Weekend Getaways Or Affordable Extended Stay

Finally, in terms of versatility, it’s usually possible to book your cottage stay for as many or as few nights as you want. 

So, you could slip in a long weekend on a Monday holiday. Or, you could stay for longer than a fortnight over school summer vacations when you’ve volunteered to take the grandchildren.

It’s entirely up to you!

You’ll probably agree, a long stay in a hotel is not nearly as affordable, or as enjoyable.

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Choose a Cottage

While there are many different kinds of accommodations for vacation, most people choose from two popular options: hotel or a rental cottage.

Even though both offer lovely experiences, when you choose a cottage for your vacation, chances are you’ll make memories that last a lifetime.

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