Are You A Digital Nomad? Puerto Rico Might Be Your Next Best Stop!

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Hey, Digital Nomad – Puerto Rico is calling. Of course, you don’t have to be a digital nomad to appreciate beautiful Puerto Rico. But it’s and especially nice place if you have the opportunity to work remotely.

These days, employers are much more flexible about where employees work.

And if you’re self-employed or a digital nomad? Even better. Keep reading to find out why Puerto Rico might be your next best stop.

Aqua ocean meets the lush gardens with red flowers in Puerto Rico

CONTENTS: In this article, you will learn many good things about Puerto Rico – Digital nomads thrive there for these reasons and more. For instance:

Why Puerto Rico Is The New Destination For Digital Nomads

Puerto Rico night scene

In this digital age, people are increasingly working online in a variety of different capacities. However, there is a certain group of people who are choosing to work and travel the world – a phenomenon known as digital nomadism.

In general, digital nomads gravitate towards countries that are warm and have a much lower cost of living than the average cities.

For years, central America and southeast Asia have been popular destinations. But lately, many digital nomads are turning their eyes towards Puerto Rico because of its many benefits.

Let’s explore the primary reasons for this trend toward Puerto Rico. We’ll answer why digital nomads have taken such an interest.

Then, you’ll see why it may be a perfect fit for you, too!

What Is The Weather in Puerto Rico?

One of the significant draws of Puerto Rico is its weather.

Many digital nomads from places like Canada, North Europe, and the east coast United States, have experienced unpleasant weather for at least a part of the year.

Puerto Rico, on the other hand, is classified as a tropical rainforest.

This provides its inhabitants with warm weather all year around, which is refreshing.

On top of this, parts of the year are breezy, thanks to trade winds that blow in from the east.

It’s a great place to contemplate all your digital nomad business ideas!

Vibrant Puerto Rican Culture

Puerto Rican food
Women dancing in Puerto Rico

Over the centuries, Puerto Rico has developed a truly unique culture.

Although similar to other Caribbean countries, its rich history and close contact with European and American cultures have produced something unique.

Today, Puerto Rico is known for having:

  • A vibrant music culture
  • Tasty food
  • An excellent sports community.

In fact, Puerto Rico has been the training grounds for many boxing world champions. It is currently the home of the world’s best submission grappler, Gordan Ryan.

Lower Than Average Cost of Living

Colorful houses on the coast of Puerto Rico

In large cities, the cost of rent can be a significant issue for many people. This can be especially true in places like New York and Los Angeles, where a one-bedroom apartment can cost well over $1,000 a month.

That’s without utilities included!

In contrast, according to Numbeo, a single-bedroom apartment within the center of town will cost on average, $620 per month.

This number drops off substantially the further one gets from a city center. Cheaper rents can be found outside the major cities such as San Juan and Bayamon.

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Great Start-up Culture in Puerto Rico

Digital Nomad Puerto Rico - Laptop, flip flops, beach hat, sunglasses

Because of the enticing tax incentives Puerto Rico offers to companies, many tech start-ups have begun to take up shop in Puerto Rico.

As a result, digital nomads who specialize in tech-related fields will have the ability to make valuable, potentially lifelong, connections with people in the industry.

Furthermore, should you decide to take a break from their nomadic lifestyle, there is always the chance that you could land a job with one of the many start-up tech firms that have made Puerto Rico home.

Co-Working Space in Puerto Rico

Another convenience in Puerto Rico includes a selection of co-working spaces. Most of them are in San Juan, including:

  • Pilot 151 (the first one founded by Sofia Stolberg) 
  • The Workplace at District View Office Center
  • and several more.

But a few others are outside the San Juan, such as:

  • Oceana Hub Center (Caguas)
  • Engine-4 (Bayamòn)

So if you love the idea of working remotely with the option of some kind of shared co-working space, you won’t be disappointed.

Easily Accessible For Americans

American passport in zippered shirt pocket

Although not technically a state and rather an incorporated US territory, US citizens can travel to Puerto Rico as easily as any other state.

Americans don’t even require a passport. As long as you have a driver’s license or some other form of government ID, you can enter Puerto Rico freely.

Moreover, American citizens can work in Puerto Rico as quickly as they can in any other state, and doing so doesn’t require a visa.

Good Infrastructure

Anyone who has spent time in South East Asia or Central America knows that some cities and towns lack fundamental infrastructure.

While this usually means a lower cost of living, it can cause issues with day-to-day living and even affect one’s work.

While it is true that Puerto Rico doesn’t have the same infrastructure level as most large cities in the US, it is far more developed than other popular digital nomad destinations.

New York Time Zone

Clock on NY time

Being in the New York time zone is a major plus for people working remotely.

Anyone who has lived overseas knows how hard it can be to properly time things with clients who are eight to ten hours behind.

In Puerto Rico, you’ll be in synch with the eastern US, as well as other businesses in step with New York time.

Final Thoughts on Being a Digital Nomad Puerto Rico

For all the reasons listed above, Puerto Rico is becoming more and more popular among digital nomads and remote workers.

For Americans, Puerto Rico offers an excellent opportunity to travel to a tropical destination while still staying within the United States. If you haven’t considered Puerto Rico before, you now have all the reason you need to go.

And if you enjoyed this article about working in Puerto Rico as a Digital Nomad, click here to continue reading about great options for American expat living.

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