A Beautiful Day Trip From Amsterdam to Giethoorn [Netherlands]

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Giethoorn, known as the Venice of the North, is one of the best villages to visit when you’re in the Netherlands–especially as a day trip from Amsterdam to Giethoorn. You might simply like to relax and take in the scenery of this picturesque water village, but there are many other things to do while you’re visiting.

Read on to discover what to do in Geithoorn.

Giethoorn Village | Enjoy Travel Life
Because there are no roads in Geithoorn, only waterways, some call it the “Venice of the North.”

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Where is Geithoorn?

You”ll find Giethoorn (pronounced “geet-horen“) about 75 miles from Amsterdam. This small and unique village is in the North-East region of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam to Geithoorn Map | Enjoy Travel Life
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Getting To Giethoorn From Amsterdam

If you’re traveling to Giethoorn from Amsterdam, you can travel by train & bus, or by car from the city.

Arriving By Train & Bus

You can take a direct train From Amsterdam Zuid/Centraal station, get on a direct train to Steenwijk. You may encounter a connecting train via Zwolle as well, and you can also hop in there to get to Giethoorn. The travel time will take approximately 90 minutes.

When you reach Steenwijk, you will find a bus station next to the train station. Take the bus no. 70 and go down at the Giethoorn village bus stop. The bus ride will take about 30 minutes. 

Traveling to Giethoorn by Car

If you’re traveling from Amsterdam to Giethoorn by car, you can choose from a few routes ranging between an hour and a half to two-hours. You’re in for a scenic drive, but make sure to leave early so you can avoid the traffic. 

Once you arrive in Geithoorn, the parking is free and will be evident as you pull into the town. From the car-park, it’s about a 5-10 minute walk to the village center.

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How Long Should You Spend In Giethoorn?

Giethoorn may be tiny, but there are plenty of things to in this sleepy water village in the Netherlands.

No doubt, the tranquillity and relaxed vibe is enough to make you want to stay longer. Whether you plan a day trip or three days in Giethoorn, rest assured, you will have the time of your life on this village situated on the water.

Getting Around Giethoorn

Cycling in Giethoorn | Enjoy Travel Life
Renting a bicycle is one great way to explore Giethoorn.

Since Giethoorn is a small village, and bridges connect houses and establishments over canals, you can explore Giethoorn by foot.

On the other hand, you can rent a bike if you want to explore the land. 

Of course, the most exciting and a “must-do” experience to get around the village is to rent a boat. People in the village ride a boat to get from one place to another, so why don’t you give it a shot as well? 

The boats are flat-bottomed and fairly stable, so tipping is almost impossible. You won’t even need a boating license to rent one.

What To Do In Giethoorn

It’s hard to get bored in the village of Giethoorn, especially if your main goal is relaxation.

But here are our top suggestions for things to do when you visit Giethoorn.

Go On A Boat Tour

While you can rent a boat yourself, you’ll find several boat tours in the village where the skipper will tell you stories about Giethoorn’s history along with other exciting facts.

The boat tour will show you the beauty of the village as it navigates the canals and under bridges. And, you’ll learn more about the culture of this quaint village.

Take some time choosing the best boat tour for you because each has its perks. For instance, some boat tours come with fresh coffee and delicious pastries that you can enjoy while you’re being toured around the village. 

Enjoy A Cruise

giethoorn canal boat | Enjoy Travel Life
Take a boat cruise along the canals of Giethoorn.

If you want a longer time on the water, then a boat cruise is exactly what you should do. Our favorite is a two-hour boat ride in the village that will also let you explore a museum, the Edel and De Oude Aarde. The cruise is inclusive of a four-course meal, too! 

Play Some Mini Golf

Practice that swing at the mini-golf!

The mini-golf experience in Giethoorn is usually provided along with a cruise as part of a package. Therefore, you get to play some mini-golf on an 18-hole golf course and finish your day with a punt puzzle ride. 

Have High Tea

High tea is a thing in the Netherlands and other European countries.

With that, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants in Giethoorn where you can have high tea in. You can even enjoy it on a terrace overlooking the canals for a more memorable experience.

If you aren’t a fan of tea, most cafes and restaurants have a wide selection of coffees to choose from.

Also, make sure you try out Dutch pastries because they are to die for! 

High Tea | Enjoy Travel Life
Consider having high tea at one of the cafes or restaurants in Giethoorn.

As we mentioned earlier, a bicycle is a great way to get around Giethoorn. You can get those legs moving and cycle around the whole village.

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Go Cycling Around The Village

You can rent a bike for a few days at a time if you want to fully explore the village and nearby areas. This way, you might even visit the nearby small villages, such as Steenwijk and Kalenberg.

The solex is another type of bicycle you might want to give a shot when you’re in this part of the Netherlands. It’s an eco-friendly bike with an electric motor but without the noise or gas emission. 

Or, you could try a kickbike.

A kickbike is another human-powered bike with a handle, deck, and wheels that you push off against the ground. It usually has a large wheel in front with a smaller rear wheel so you can go faster than a regular bike.

Notch Up the Ride With A Scooter

Don’t know how to ride a bike but still want that real feel of the fresh air and scenic locales of Giethoorn?

No problem.

If you’re willing to try a trick scooter, we can predict some serious fun ahead. No pedals, no chains, no seat. It’ll take only a few minutes for you to learn even if you haven’t ridden one before.

And you can take it everywhere a bike can go.

Explore The National Park

The Weerribben-Wieden National Park is the biggest national park in this area, and just 5 miles from downtown Giethoorn. You can explore the park while you’re in the area. You’ll also find activities, cafes, and accommodations there, too.

Visit The Museums

Giethoorn Museum | Enjoy Travel Life
The Museum Giethoorn shares a glimpse of the original Gieterse farm.

Giethoorn has several museums you should definitely check out:

  • The Museum Geithoorn ’t Olde Maat Uus is where you can catch a glimpse of the original Gieterse farm, as the museum was a renovated farmhouse.
  • Find crystals and gems in the museum Old Earth.
  • Don’t miss the Gloria Maris at the Shell Gallery.

If you’d like to explore more museums, you’ll find more in nearby villages, such as:

  • Radio Museum in Oldemarkt
  • City Museum Steenwijk,
  • and many more!

Final Thoughts on Amsterdam to Giethoorn

Giethoorn is one of the most beautiful villages in all the world, so if you have the chance, take the opportunity to explore it. It’s among the top destination for students, too! Its tranquil atmosphere, picturesque scenery, and local activities make it the perfect getaway. 

Have you been to Giethoorn? Which of these activities sound the most interesting to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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