Boston vs NYC: Which World-Famous City Has the Better Boutique Hotels?

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Boston vs NYC is a long-standing and heated discussion for many – especially when it comes to sports! But which world-famous city has the better boutique hotels? You’ll find plenty of gorgeous, upscale hotels in each for your travel pleasure.

So, continue reading and we’ll help you settle the argument with the comparison, below. You might just be surprised!

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CONTENTS: In this article, you will learn the arguments for and against Boston vs New York City so you can decide which has the better boutique hotels, including

We’re pretty sure you’ll find arguments in favor or against either side — and plenty of them! But keep reading to consider the following highlights so you can make a quick decision, if you’re on the fence.

What is A Boutique Hotel?

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Before we get into the comparison of boutique hotels in New York City and Boston, it’s important that you know what is the difference between a boutique hotel and regular hotel.

For the most part, a boutique hotel offers a better experience than regular hotels. One reason is that that they tend to be smaller in size. Most, but not all, boutique hotels offer from 1 to 100 rooms.

In a boutique hotel, you’ll find luxurious and usually unique surroundings, including chic decor.

Finally, boutique hotels cater to your comfort and relaxation. It’s one of the most relaxing and peaceful types of accommodations you can choose!

Now, let’s look at comparing at boutique hotel stay in New York City vs Boston.

Boston v New York: A Tale of Two Cities

Boston and New York City are two of the most culturally diverse and historical cities in the United States of America.

While Boston is smaller in size and is home to only 680,000 people, New York City is the USA’s most populated city with approximately 8 million residents.

Both cities offer great restaurants, historical sites, museums, and hotels. You’ll find beautiful garden spaces in Boston and New York designed by renowned designer Frederick Law Olmsted, too.

With regard to lodging, you can find gorgeous yet cost-effective places to stay in both Boston and NYC.

Many choose to stay at the Condor in NYC, while many others stay at the Revolution in Boston.

But which city has the better boutique hotels? It’s a close call. 

So let’s take a look at each city individually so you can compare.

NYC: The City That Never Sleeps

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New York City, the “Big Apple,” has more than one can absorb in a month’s time. Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Central Park are all breath-taking to see. 

The Crosby Street Hotel, a British import, has floor-to-ceiling windows which offer views of NYC’s high-rise buildings and skyline.

This boutique is known to have the best customer service in the state. The hotel is ideal for movie-goers as it hosts a weekly film club in its 99-seater theatre. 

Speaking of theatre, it is every aspiring thespian’s dream to see a play on Broadway. The Chatwal is a luxurious boutique hotel located 5 minutes away from the Broadway theaters. If you’re looking to splurge, this hotel provides you with a personal butler! 

If you want a break from the busy lifestyle, stay at the Condor. Though it is nestled in the heart of NYC, this boutique hotel offers a quiet and calm environment. The hotel’s gardens offer privacy and discretion to its guests, and it’s lobby offers a quaint place to meet new people and unwind. 

But if you want to be within walking distance of the busy but vibrant Times Square, consider staying at Lord and Morris. It is a versatile and affordable hotel, as you can choose between bunk beds and suites. 

Beantown (Boston) – Unmatched Quality of Life

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Boston is lovingly called Beantown for its regional dish, baked beans, which was famous during the colonial days. Boston is a city of historical relevance and has much to offer to history buffs, children, and adults alike.

The boutique hotels in Boston have made an effort towards reviving its historical importance by combining it with luxury.

In 2018, Boston’s 20th century YWCA building was refurbished into the Revolution Hotel.

This relatively new boutique hotel pays homage to all things Massachusetts. This includes basketball, choco-chip cookies, and Dr. Seuss’ famous poem, The Cat in the Hat. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a large spread of breakfast, and a terrace to enjoy the sunlight on. 

Boston is also home to the Verb, a rock ‘n’ roll style boutique hotel for music lovers. All rooms are equipped with a turntable, and the hotel is a tribute to some of the greatest artists to have ever lived. 

But perhaps the XV Beacon is one of the best hotels to stay at as it is located in downtown Boston, with the city’s main attractions within walking distance. Unwind at an “Escape Room,” go shopping, or visit a 19th-century museum! 

Our Pick – Boston versus New York Boutique Hotels

NYC, while grand, is one of the busiest cities in the world and does not provide any relief or escape from a traveller’s busy life. The city of Boston, and its citizens, take pride in their history and want to bring it into the present day. 

While NYC has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing, it also happens to be an exponentially more expensive city than Boston.

The cost of living in Boston vs New York is more favorable.

And even though we love them both – in our evaluation of Boston vs NYC, Boston edges out New York City when it comes to the vibes, access to nature, and historical relevance.

Final Thoughts on Boston vs NYC

Regardless of which happens to be your favorite city – Boston vs NYC – there’s no denying both are incredible places to visit!

And, because they are located just a few hours apart on the US northeastern coast, you could quite feasibly visit both cities in one trip. If your vacation time allows, you could take the train from NYC to Boston, or vice versa to get a flavor of each.

That way, you’ll enjoy some of the best boutique hotels in the world in both locations.

But, if you only have time for one, head to Boston. You won’t be disappointed.

Is Boston better than New York?

We think so.

But then, what did you expect to hear from a Boston girl? (Go, Red Sox!)

Let us know the conclusion you came to in the comments below!

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