Best Ways You Can Prepare for Your Komodo Sailing Trip Adventure

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Does the idea of a Komodo sailing trip where you can swim with turtles and manta rays sound amazing to you? Then you’ll want to bump this Indonesian adventure to the top of your bucket list, especially if you love wildlife and incredible scenery!

There are a few things to prepare that will make this the best experience possible. Read on to find out what you should know before going on your Komodo sailing trip.

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Things to Know Before Going on A Komodo Sailing Trip

If you have never been to the Komodo Islands, you will love them.

Sailing around the Komodo Islands in Flores is an incredible activity.

There is no shortage of things to do, from hiking and snorkeling to swimming with turtles and manta rays.

The views are spectacular, and the turquoise waters, breathtaking.

Before you take a sailing trip that could last three days or a short day trip, you need to be prepared and know a few things first.

Let’s get down to business.

1. Plan Your Itinerary

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Before you head out and start exploring the Komodo islands, make a plan with some of the top sights you want to see.

Almost every Komodo trip includes the highlights like Padar and Rinca islands, but if you’re especially interested in seeing something specific like the manta rays or pink sand beach, then you’ll want to make sure your tour provider can include it.

Another location in Komodo that’s becoming popular to visit is Taka Makassar, a small crescent-shaped sandbar with clear water. This one is located at the edge of the national park, so not all tours include it, but the superb natural scenery makes it worthwhile!

2. Take a Several-Day Trip

Before you head out and start exploring the Komodo islands, make a plan with some of the top sights you want to see.

Almost every Komodo trip includes the highlights like Padar and Rinca islands, but if you’re especially interested in seeing something specific like the manta rays or pink sand beach, then you’ll want to make sure your tour provider can include it.

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To enjoy the islands’ breathtaking beauty, a day trip will be too short to enjoy the breathtaking views and the entire sailing experience.

You get to relax on the boat and get enough time to hop from island to island.

On the stops, you can:

  • Go hiking on Kelor Island
  • Snorkel in Menjerite
  • See Komodo dragons on Rinca Island
  • Have a look at bats on Kalong island
  • and lots of other activities.

3. Avoid Taking the Trip on Weekend or Holidays

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Most local trips are made on weekends when people are off work. Or, they are on holidays, either public or school holidays.

Going on these days means the famous attractions will be crowded, especially Rinca and Padar.

You will appreciate these sites more when they are less crowded and quieter!

4. Come Prepared for Short Hikes

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When you book a sailing trip to Komodo, that does not mean you will spend the entire time on the boat.

The Islands surrounding the Komodo National part are exquisite.

To experience the scenic islands, you may need to spend about 20 to 30 minutes hiking to the top of Kelor Island and enjoy the picturesque view from the top. 

You need to ensure you carry some sunscreen and a hat to shield you from the hot sun. The sun around these islands is scorching, explaining why most of the islands’ landscape is sparse and dry.

Carry hiking sandals or boots that have proper traction for the hike.

5. Choose Boats Wisely

The Komodo islands are relatively safe, but you need to be very picky when choosing a sailing boat for the trip.

Investigate the company or person who owns the boat and ensure they have a good reputation. If you are not traveling independently and are booked in a resort, there are high chances they own their boat and have an experienced crew.

If traveling independently:

  • Find out if the boat has recently been refurbished or what the maintenance is like.
  • Ask about their safety measures, such as life jackets.
  • Talk to the boat captain and ask about his experience sailing around the islands

6. Consider Your Budget

The beauty of these sailing trips is that they cater to all budgets.

Since there is an influx of tourists visiting Flores, the locals have come up with different sailing packaged that cater to everyone’s pocket.

If you want to spend lavishly and pay huge amounts per night, you can.

Prefer a cheap option with just a room and a toilet? That’s possible.

How about sleeping on the deck under the stars with other people? That is also possible.

The trip is customized to fit different budgets.

7. Book On-the-Spot or In Advance

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If possible, you can book a trip on the spot so that you can look at the boat you will be traveling in, its condition, and make comparisons.

However, this is not always possible.

For the 3-day trip, you need to book well in advance to allow for supplies to be bought in advance.

If you have time on the island, you can look around, compare and pay for the boat you want to, and then book a trip.

8. Getting In and Out of Labuan Bajo

You’ll find there are frequent flights to Labuan Bajo from Bali, Makassar, and Jakarta. The cheapest flight is from Bali.

Here’s a simple tip: You can get cheaper plane tickets by going to each airline’s website and comparing the prices of their tickets. 

Some of the local portals offer discounts, and you might be lucky to get a good bargain.

Sailing trips start early in the morning, so get to Labuan Bajo a day in advance as you might get caught in a budget airline flight cancellation or delay.

9. Book Your Accommodations on Land

Make sure you have a place to stay on land for the time before you embark and for your return.

You’ll want to check popular booking sites like,, and to compare your options and find the best rates for any budget.

For a visual comparison, you can also use this interactive map, below.

Final Thoughts on Taking A Komodo Sailing Trip

Every tourist must see the Komodo Islands, so make sure you do not miss all the fun. However, it is important to note the things you should and should not do when going on a sailing trip. When you are prepared and know what to expect, you will avoid any embarrassing or awkward situations.

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