Breakfast in Positano, Italy

An Assortment of Goodness

Delicious Breakfast Choices

As I fill my dish with an assortment of delectables from the complimentary breakfast spread at Hotel Villa Gabrisa in Positano, Italy, it’s hard to choose what to take and what to leave behind. It all looks so good!

Cut fruit, fresh mozzarella balls, slivers of ricotta pie, prosciutto, and bright clementines picked fresh from the trees outside. Even the glossy prunes, which I don’t normally eat, are delicious here. They are fresh, tender, mild, and sweet, with no weird “what is that?” preservative flavor. Not a hint of rubbery.

If only it were fig season, but no such luck in this off-season of February. Those odd-looking fig trees are everywhere; also olive, lemon, orange, all in living color and contrast to our aging grocery store produce in the states. 

Breakfast would be incomplete without a slow frothy cappuccino — or two — served in bright hand-painted cups.

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Anticipating the Day Ahead

Today I bring my breakfast back to my room on the third floor, comfortably overlooking the Amalfi Coast from my balcony. Diffused light fills the air, as does the sound of aqua waves lapping the beach below, poised along the Gulf of Salerno and filled by the warm Tyrrhenian Sea.

I’m told the sand is black and sugar fine but have yet to bare my feet in it. The sun tries to burn through a morning fog, warm and moist, surrounding the steep cove. I am hopeful she will succeed, if only per una momento.


Exploring Positano

Housekeeping clamors in the room next door, reminding me I’ve lingered too long at my keyboard this morning.

With camera-in-hand, I will climb up and down what’s sure to be a thousand steps of Positano for the amazing scenes of the Amalfi Coast.

You can walk back and forth on the road for miles as it slowly winds up the cliffs of Positano, or find la scala (stairs) which cut through the mountainous tiers at a dizzying incline to reach the cliff top residences and shops quickly. Going down to the beach is waaaay easier.

Ultimately, as I sling my trusty camera across my neck like a purse, I know the best images will be those forever impressed upon my memories.

Do you have favorite memories from the Amalfi Coast? Share them in the comments below!









All photographs were taken by Jackie Gately with a Canon EOS Rebel or iPhone 7 Plus camera for exclusive use by Enjoy Travel Life (c) 2018.

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