25 Best Reasons to Visit Switzerland (and the Best Time to Visit)

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If you’re looking for good reasons to visit Switzerland, you’re in luck. You’ll find 25 persuasive grounds for adding this alpine wonderland to your travel plans. Not that anyone really needs to justify a trip to such a beautiful country. But if you do–we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about Switzerland, below. 

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CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn 25 reasons to visit Switzerland, when you should go, and why it’s a great place to visit, including:

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland is a beautiful country situated in the heart of Europe, a home to many multi-linguistic groups. It is perhaps most recognized for its scenic beauty, with mountains that portray a view of heaven on earth. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg (if you will).From the exotic foods, to outdoor activities, to diverse culture, all are among the top attractions for Switzerland tourism.

25 Most Compelling Reasons to Visit Switzerland

This article feature those and more of the best reasons to visit Switzerland. Keep reading to discover why you should visit Switzerland, at least once in your lifetime.

1. Switzerland is Easy to Get To

Since Switzerland is in the middle of Europe, it’s easy to get to. You can fly into the international airports in Zurich, Basel, and Geneva, or fly into Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, (also called “EuroAirport”) or Bern-Belp Airport. Another easy way to get to Switzerland is by train. You’ll find easy connections from Austria, France, Italy, and Liechenstein, as well as other popular locations.

2. It’s Easy to Get Around in Switzerland

Once you arrive in Switzerland, you’ll find it’s easy to get around using public transportation. That might mean you travel by rail from one town to another using the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), or travel within a city using the tram. You can also take a water route by ferry in certain cases.

3. Switzerland is a Culturally Diverse Country

Switzerland is a country with not one or two but four official languages. That’s because the Swiss region is a combination of German, French, Italian, and Romansh speaking people. People from the neighboring countries Germany, Italy, France, and Austria greatly influence multilingualism in Switzerland.

Each language is spoken in a specific canton (division) of the country. Although German is considered the broadly spoken language used in workplaces, the multi-linguistic nature of Switzerland makes it a welcoming country for tourists residing in neighboring countries.

So welcoming, in fact, you may consider moving here. If you’re looking to relocate to your favorite canton of Switzerland, movingist can assist you in the moving process.

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4. You’ll Discover Breathtaking Scenery

Switzerland is well known worldwide due to its scenic beauty, especially its mountains and lakes. The stunning natural valleys make Switzerland a tourist-attracting country. The Alpine Mountain stretch makes the best skiing resort during winters, a great tourist site, too.You can expect to be “wowed” by the breathtaking scenery of Switzerland. 

5. Matterhorn: Most Photographed Mountain in the World!

One of the most recognized scenic attractions in Switzerland is the Matterhorn. So much so that it is the world’s most photographed mountain! Almost 2 million people visit this attraction each year, making it the most popular tourist attraction in Switzerland.

Even if you don’t ski, it’s worth a visit to Matterhorn just to behold its magnificence and snap a photo. After all, it’s called “The Jewel of the Swiss Alps” for a good reason. 

6. The Beautiful Lakes of Switzerland 

At the foot of many of Switzerland’s mountainous terrain, you’ll find incredible lakes. Switzerland has 22 stunning lakes!

For instance, Lake Geneva is one of Europe’s largest and most beautiful fresh-water lakes. Other lakes in Switzerland, like Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Bienne, Lake Lucerne, and Lake Lugano offer unique beauty of their own.

Mountains surround some, others are dotted with historical castles. In the summer, not only are these lakes beautiful to behold, but you can also enjoy water sports, like canoeing, stand up paddling, water skiing, diving, and more.

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7. Switzerland’s Waterfalls

As you can imagine, between the mountains and the lakes, you’ll find soaring waterfalls in Switzerland. In fact, many have creatively inspired poets, including Goethe and Lord Byron.

Lauterbrunnen Valley has 72 waterfalls, including Trümelbach Falls, which are inside a mountain.

The waterfalls in Switzerland are some of the biggest and highest falls in Europe. Take for instance, Rhine Falls on the upper Rhine River, which is 492 feet (150 meters) wide and plummets 100 feet (30 meters) below. It’s a truly spectacular experience!

8. You’ll Find Castles Almost Everywhere in Switzerland

You’ll find fairytale castles sprinkled throughout Switzerland.

From Chillon Castle in Veytauxto, which overlooks Lake Geneva, to the Castles of Bellinzona, Castle Spiez,  and Hohenklingen Castle, and others, each is a rare glimpse into history.

Part of the reason these picturesque castles are so well-preserved is due to Switzerland’s military neutrality. Many of Switzerland’s castles were built during the Middle Ages and perched on high, offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

9. You can Rejuvenate Yourself in the Tamina Hot Springs

Back in 1535, the doctor Paracelsus wrote about the healing nature of the hot mineral spring waters of Pfäfers. These spring waters, known as the Tamina Hot Springs, were discovered in the 13th century.

Today, the the thermal spring still gushes continuously from the rocks at a therapeutic 98°F (36.5 °C). 

You’ll find them near Bad Ragaz in the Tamina gorge, and the old spa is still open to visitors. Even better, if you stay at one of the nearby luxury hotels, you can experience this healing therapy for yourself.

10. Plenty of Amazing Ski Resorts

High-peak mountains surround more than half of Switzerland’s territory. As mentioned, the most famous mountain captured by photographers is Matterhorn Mountain in Zermatt. Matterhorn is the perfect destination for ski lovers. 

But also, Saint Moritz is well known for holding Olympic games twice, earning a name for Alpine winter tourism in the region.

You’ll find everything from après-ski spots, expert-level ski slopes, and family-friendly resorts in the Swiss mountains. 

To make it even more attractive, many ski resorts are served by panoramic cable cars, high-speed chair lifts, and scenic trains that make getting from one mountain to another easy.

11. Best Vacation Spots

Located within and among this scenic beauty, weather lakes or mountains, you’ll find the most fantastic vacation spot. Each location offers its own geographical beauty. 

Don’t overlook vacation stays in cities with breathtaking landscapes, either, like Zurich, Geneva, Bern, and Basel.

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You’ll discover many popular tourism destinations in Switzerland beyond the Matterhorn.

Jungfrau region is another great spot for tourism due to Interlaken’s old town, situated in the middle of three mountains. 

Switzerland is also home to 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like the Convent of St. Gall, Monte Saint Gorgio, and the Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps.

13. Switzerland Offers a Great Nightlife

You’ll find plenty of dance clubs, cocktail lounges, comedy shows, and restaurants to round out Switzerland’s nightlife

If you’re looking for the best city in Switzerland for a party scene, head over to Zurich. There, you’ll find the highest concentration of nightclubs and an energetic vibe!

The best part is, you’ll find a range of genres to suit all ages and lovers of all types of music.

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14. Delicious Swiss Cuisine

When it comes to food, there is no match for Swiss cuisine. That’s because Swiss food includes collective items from French, Italian, and German foods.

From Rösti, a delicious flat potato cake fried in butter or oil, to Birchermüesli, a mix of oats lemon juice, apples, nuts, and milk, to Biberli, a gingerbread pressed into a mold, and sausage and brat dishes, you’ll find the food to be as diverse as the culture. 

There are a few culinary specialties which, on their own, are good reasons to visit Switzerland. More on those, below.

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15. Cheese in Switzerland is Amazing!

Fondue is known as the production of Switzerland’s culture, which is made from the finest cheese.

Considered the traditional dish of Switzerland, a lot of debate goes into choosing the right type of cheese for making Fondue – but you’ll discover they’re all delicious.

16. Try Delicious Beverages, Like Swiss Wine

Like their neighbors in France and Germany, Swiss people prefer wine as a beverage with their dinner. But unlike the other countries, Swiss prefer new wine instead of aged or old one.

Swiss wines are primarily produced in the west and south of Switzerland, and almost all of it is drunk within the Swiss boundaries. (Less the 2% that’s exported, mostly to Germany.)

While you’re in Switzerland, sample some Vin des glaciers. It’s a sherry-style wine that’s uniquely Swiss, and made from grapes rarely found outside Switzerland.

17. OMG, Swiss Chocolate

Chocolate holds a significant proportion in Swiss desserts, making Swiss people the biggest consumers of chocolate.

It is not likely that every sweet tooth item is made of chocolate. Sometimes they prefer hazelnuts or chestnuts for famous deserts. But high-quality Swiss chocolate is one of the creamiest chocolates you’ll taste–and perhaps one of the best reasons to visit Switzerland!

The Swiss are best known for developing and perfecting milk chocolate, which has more sugar, less chocolate, and avoids artificial emulsifiers.

Toblerone is perhaps one of the most famous Swiss chocolates, but you’ll also find makers like Felchlin, Lindt Chocolate, and others to sample, and take home as a tasty souvenir.

18. The Street Food Festival in Zurich

Swiss people have their ways of making delightful cheese and chocolate. Thus, they display their love for food through their Street Food Festival held in Zurich. 

You’ll enjoy exploring Switzerland’s traditional and unique flavors at this festival, which features global culinary trends.

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19. Grindelwald World Snow Festival & Ice Sculptures

You’ll have to visit Switzerland in the winter for The Grindelwald World Snow Festival, as it’s an ice sculpture competition for artists and sculptors. 

Enjoy admiring the creative talent of artists who display their skills on an ice block and show their best work in the form of sculptors.

The festival goes on for six days, during which they displayed the sculptures around the city until they melt.

20. Château-d’Oex Balloon Festival – So Fun!

Over twenty different countries participate in The International Balloon Festival, held in Château village of Switzerland.

If you attend, you’ll see dozens of hot air balloons floating over the snowy Alps of Switzerland. The festival takes place over eight days, so you’ll have several opportunities to work it in to your itinerary.

21. Get Yourself a Swiss Watch

It’s no secret that the Swiss make the best luxury watches, with a price-tag to match.

If you want to sport one of these fine time pieces on your wrist, that ranks high among the reasons to visit Switzerland. 

Most people think of Rolex as the top Swiss watch, but keep other luxury watch brands in mind, too, like Omega, Schaffhausen, and TAG Heuer. 

You’ll likely save yourself some money when you buy a luxury watch in Switzerland because that’s where they manufacture them. However, that’s not always the case, so do some research before you go.

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22. The Swiss Value Professionalism – Which is Great for Tourists

The Swiss people value and prioritize higher standards of living. That often means being strict in routine to bring about financial stability in their professional life

What that means to you as a tourist is that dealing in business matters involves responsibility, honesty, tolerance, and punctuality. In terms of professionalism, Swiss people are very polite people and peaceful.

This will make your visit all the more pleasant.

23. Education Matters & Study Abroad

Switzerland is home to some of the best colleges on the planet. Its schooling framework empowers the country to have variety by surrendering it to the cantons to manage schools and most colleges. 

The colleges in Switzerland are ordered into three support points. The critical exploration, applied sciences and expressions, and educator instruction. 

A large portion of the colleges in Switzerland offer their courses in English and are inviting worldwide understudies. 

So, if you have an opportunity to study abroad in Switzerland or even arrange for short studies while you’re visiting, it’s a worthwhile reason to visit.

24. Agritourism – You Can Stay on A Swiss Farm

You’ll find about 200 farms throughout Switzerland that support agritourism – that is, farm stays. This way, you can lodge at a working farm and experience the peaceful, rural side of Switzerland that you might not experience otherwise.

25. Switzerland is Super Clean

You’ll find Switzerland to be refreshingly clean! From its public restrooms, to your hotel room, to the public transportation, streets, restaurants, and beyond. This is one of the reasons to visit Switzerland that makes everything you do there that much better.

When is the Best Time to Go to Switzerland?

The best time to visit Switzerland is between April and October, unless you’re into winter sports—in that case, go in December to March. 

Peak summer tourism is May through September, so if you plan your trip in the shoulder season, it will be less crowded. June has the highest rainfall.

High Tourist Season is from July to August, and while more crowded and more expensive, you’ll enjoy the best weather, alpine trails, and long hours of daylight. The hottest month in Switzerland is July at 65°F (18.5°C), and there’s no excessive heat or humidity. 

The coldest is January at 32°F, or  0°C, which is also the driest month. If you’re hoping for guaranteed snow that is ideal for skiing and don’t mind snow storms and below freezing temperatures, go in January and February.

As you can see, you’ll find a lot of right answers about when to visit Switzerland, but probably some that are more “right for you” times to visit. It all depends on what your interests are. But the short of it is, there’s no bad time to visit Switzerland.

Final Thoughts on Reasons to Visit Switzerland

Switzerland offers a lifetime experience for tourists and visitors with its beautiful landscapes. Now, you have 25 good reasons to go. From the colorful festivals to incredible scenery and exquisite chocolate, Switzerland is every bit worth the trip.

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