You’ll Love This Monadnock Region NH Hotel: Jack Daniels Inn Review [2022]

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Looking for a Monadnock Region NH hotel as a home base for exploring New Hampshire? The Jack Daniels Inn in Peterborough is an excellent choice.

Whether you’re planning a fall foliage trip, a spring hike, or just want to get back to nature for the weekend, this newly renovated motor inn won’t disappoint you.

Poised alongside the Contoocook River, the Jack Daniels Inn offers spotless, spacious rooms with plenty of creature comforts, extra amenities, and the best in technology.

Find out more about why it’s the perfect place to stay, below.

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CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn about the Monadnock Region NH hotel, Jack Daniels Inn in Peterborough:

  • My Visit to Jack Daniels Inn, Peterborough NH
  • Room Review at Jack Daniels Inn
  • Spacious Accommodations
  • Comfortable Bed & Living Area
  • In-Room Conveniences
  • Bathroom and Vanity Space
  • Modern Technology Features
  • Alexa is On Call
  • Handy TouchStay App
  • Other Rooms at Jack Daniels Inn
  • A Safe Place to Stay in Peterborough
  • TLDR: Recap of Amenities
  • Jack Daniels Inn Grounds & Natural Setting
  • The Staff & Reception
  • Ideal Location for Exploring
  • The Backstory
  • Final Thoughts on Monadnock Region NH Hotel
  • Next Steps

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Jack Daniels Inn – Hotel Review, 2022

I was delighted to be invited up to visit Jack Daniels Inn in Peterborough, New Hampshire. 

It’s conveniently located on route 202, about 90 minutes north-west of Boston, Mass.

That puts the hotel in a prime location for exploring the Mount Monadnock region in southwestern New Hampshire and beyond.

The inn, known to many as the Jack Daniels Motor Inn, is under new management. I was excited to see the enhancements Weekender Hotels has made to refresh the hotel. 

So, I took a quick road trip up to the Monadnock region of New Hampshire to check things out and do some sight-seeing, too. 

Part of the fun was exploring the charming town of Peterborough, NH. 

It’s filled with all kinds of shops and restaurants, nestled within the natural backdrop that is New Hampshire.

I caught views of Mount Monadnock and found many scenic views and things to do along the way.

But by far, it was Jack Daniels Inn that exceeded my every expectation. 

Review of My Room at Jack Daniels Inn

Jack Daniels Inn is conveniently located on route 202 in Peterborough NH, alongside the Contoocook River. 

Once you pull into the ample (free) parking lot surrounded by trees and beautiful landscaping, you’ll have found a peaceful haven to enjoy your trip to New Hampshire. 

The hotel offers 17 rooms in a two-storied building with balconies bedecked with tasteful string lights. 

While it may not be a luxury hotel, Jack Daniels Inn certainly offers many modern amenities on par with the best accommodations.

Spacious Accommodations | Deluxe King Room Overview

Jack Daniels Inn King Room | Enjoy Travel Life

I stayed in a Deluxe King room on the second floor for the weekend. 

My first impression was that the room was more spacious than most rooms I’ve stayed in. 

The large living area holds a comfy, king-sized bed, a writing desk, twin end tables, a dining table and chairs, and a bureau with plenty of drawers.

The room has a light and airy decor, but was homey, too.

Everything was absolutely spotless – from the bed to the rugs to the bathroom and right down to the corners of the room.

The Comfortable Bedroom & Living Space

As part of the hotel refresh, the mattresses at Jack Daniels Inn were recently replaced. 

My bed was soooo comfortable!

In addition to a new mattress, the bed sheets were bright white and luxurious. Several types of pillows to suit different sleep preferences topped the bedding – I counted six, plus two throw pillows for extra comfort while sitting up.

If you long for a comfortable bed while traveling, you’ll find it at Jack Daniels Inn.

Across from the bed, a large smart TV is wall mounted for perfect viewing. 

Even better is the print out with instructions for the remote control. (What good is a large smart TV if you can’t operate the remote? Well, the instructions made it easy.)

Another entertainment bonus is that premium channels, like Disney and Hulu, are complimentary. It was great to relax comfortably in bed at day’s end to view a movie or two I’d hope to see.

Two large, double windows let in plenty of natural light to this space.

My room faced the main road, so at times there were some traffic noises. But they didn’t interrupt my sleep.

You can always book a river view room at Jack Daniels Inn when you visit.

The light-blocking shades were also a great room feature.

You can push them up for the full light-blocking effect; push them down for a sheer filter, or open them up altogether if you want the windows open.

Then there are regular cloth curtains for further privacy.

The air-conditioning in my room worked well and kept it comfortable at a steady 70 degrees, even in the hottest of days.

When I visited Jack Daniels Inn, it was in the 90’s and humid, followed by buckets of rain. (Ah, New England.)

The room remained comfortable throughout the changes in weather conditions, and was easy to adjust to suit your preferences.

In-Room Conveniences

By this point, you might have heard enough to decide that Jack Daniels Inn is a great place to stay.

But the conveniences and amenities don’t stop there.

Here are some other in-room conveniences that made my stay at Jack Daniels even better.

Two of the in-room conveniences I enjoyed most are the microwave and mini-fridge.

Neither are huge, but they came in handy for storing and reheating leftovers from local Peterborough restaurants that were just too good to toss.

And, if you are a coffee-lover like me, you’ll be happy to know there was a Keurig coffee machine with Starbucks coffee pods in the room for your first cup of the day.

Another thing that I loved about my room was that there was an iron and ironing board tucked neatly away in the closet space.

I like to wear cotton dresses when I travel, especially in the summer. But, they always arrive at my destination full of wrinkles.

So, it was great to be able to press them without having to ask the office for an iron. That way, I could start each day looking and feeling my best without making a special request.

The closet space was ample and outfitted with plenty of hangers and a luggage rack, as well.

Complimentary bottled water, an ice machine, and ice bucket were also on hand.

jack daniels inn business | Enjoy Travel Life
jack daniels inn amenities 1 | Enjoy Travel Life

The Bathroom & Vanity

The bathroom sink and granite vanity are at the far end of the bedroom, along with a full length mirror.

If you’re sharing the room with another person, this makes getting ready convenient, since they are outside the bathroom door. This vanity area includes a magnifying mirror, bath products, and a blow-dryer.

Inside the bathroom itself is the toilet, a glass walk-in shower with handheld and overhead sprays, plenty of high-quality white towels, and a bathmat.

The bathroom fan runs automatically when you turn on the light.

And, like the rest of the place, the vanity and bathroom spaces are super clean.

The Tech

As someone who travels with a good amount of devices in tow, I was happy to find plenty of outlets at Jack Daniels Inn.

I was able to easily charge my phone, ear pods, and laptop without wanting for a plug.

But that’s the bare minimum for a quality hotel stay.

Jack Daniels Inn goes over and above when it comes to modern technical conveniences.

Here are several reasons why.

Alexa – Like Your Personal In-Room Concierge Service

jack daniels inn technology | Enjoy Travel Life

In my room, beside the bed, was a little futuristic-looking orb. At first glance, you might think it’s an ordinary digital clock.

But it’s so much more.

This device is in fact an echo dot.

This cloud-based voice service is almost like having your own personal in-room concierge service.

I loved saying, “hey Alexa, play classical music.”

Or, “Hey Alexa, how hot will it be today?”

“Alexa, what time is sunset tonight?”

“Alexa, wake me up at 8 am.”

“Find me a nearby pizza restaurant.”

If you’re a light sleeper, here’s a trick you can use:

Tell Alexa, “Alexa open White Noise.” She will fill the room with sleep-friendly sounds until you tell her to stop.

You can also ask her to play ocean waves, or a babbling brook.

I thoroughly enjoyed having a digital assistant at my beck-and-call.

You can also use the echo dot like a personal bluetooth speaker to stream podcasts, audio books, and music from your phone.

And if Alexa can’t find what you need, just head on down to the The Jack Daniel’s Inn reception area. There, you’ll find a real person (or two) will be there to help.

More about that later.

QR Code Guide: TouchStay App

Another great in-room feature at Jack Daniels Inn brought to you by technology is the digital guide to the Peterborough area.

Simply scan the QR code (framed on the desk) to download this online resource to your smartphone.

Not only will you find information about Jack Daniels inn, Covid-19 information, no-contact checkout, and wifi info, but also a local guide to the region.

At the tap of your finger, you’ll discover:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Bars & Nightlift
  • Entertainment & Activities
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Therapy
  • Sightseeing
  • Parks & Nature
  • and more

You’ll find so many things to do!

Each listing features an overview of what to expect, the address, phone number, google reviews, hours, a map, and additional links for more information.

This was an extremely helpful tool that provides a lot of useful information for someone new to the area.

It’s a great resource for planning your itinerary each day.

The TouchStay app also details the inn’s lobby hours for breakfast and snacks, instructions for the room’s temperature control unit, self check-in options, and housekeeping information.

I thought this was great to have on hand.

Everything I needed was centralized in one place and handy on my phone.

Other Rooms at Jack Daniels Inn, Monadnock Region NH Hotel

peterborough hotel balcony | Enjoy Travel Life

In addition to the Deluxe King Room I stayed in at Jack Daniels Inn, there are several other room choices that might better suit you.

The property offers:

  • 13 Double-Double rooms with two double beds
  • 2 Standard King rooms
  • 2 River King rooms with views of the river.

Six of the rooms are on the ground floor, and seven are reached by stairs to the second floor.

Of these, eight are accessible rooms, and four are pet friendly.

Jack Daniels Inn: A Safe Place to Stay in Peterborough

I often travel solo, but I was expecting my travel partner to join me for this trip.

Unfortunately, he was unable to join me this time.

Nonetheless, I felt very safe in my room, which locked securely and had a deadbolt, too.

And, the property, stairways, and all walkways were all well lit.

In fact, it was quite pretty at night!

Recap on the Jack Daniel Inn Accommodations

So, to recap the highlights of the amenities Jack Daniels Inn offers:

  • Spacious rooms
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Large, smart TV with premium channels
  • In-room mini-fridge and microwave
  • In-room iron/ironing board
  • Spacious desk area and side chair
  • Ample space for clothing, luggage rack
  • Eat-in table & chairs
  • High-speed, free internet
  • Well lit spaces, inside and out
  • Plenty of natural light
  • Room darkening shades
  • Extra outlets and charging stations
  • An echo dot with Alexa at your service
  • App for resources, attractions, and information
  • and more.

And we haven’t even talked about the beautiful grounds!

Jack Daniels Inn Grounds & Natural Setting

jack daniels inn river | Enjoy Travel Life

As you arrive on the property, you will see there is plenty of free parking and green spaces surrounding the inn.

Jack Daniels Inn backs up to the river.

Even if you didn’t get a river-facing room, you can relax and sit with river views in the Adirondack chairs, or at two sets of tables that overlook the river.

In fact, I recommend that you do. It’s such a soothing experience to listen to the natural sounds of rushing water and birdsong.

The property is well landscaped, with lovely perennials and trees.

And the evening lighting provides an especially magical effect.

If you happen to smoke, you’ll find a designated and discreet place to do so.

If you don’t, you’ll be happy the smoking area is far from the rooms.

When you meander the property, you might come across what looks like a headstone with the letters ‘J. D.’ on it.

For curious minds, here’s the story.

A restaurant owned and run by Jack Bullock and Dan O’Rourke once stood at the far end of the property. When the property flooded in 1983, the restaurant was destroyed, but the marker memorializes it.

Incidentally, the owners’ names are the namesakes of Jack Daniels Inn!

The Staff & Reception – Over and Above

While you can easily be self-sufficient in your private room at Jack Daniels Inn, there are times you’ll want help from a real person.

That’s where the staff and reception desk come in.

And like everything else at this high-quality establishment, they over-deliver.

Each of the staff members I spoke with was so friendly and took the time to make recommendations based on my interests.

Even though Jack Daniels Inn is under new management, the family-feel of this place remains.

That’s in part because the folks who work here have been here for the long term. They are deeply familiar with the town and the area, and happy to share their knowledge and recommendations.

And that is were the personalized care excels.

But you can always go down to reception just to use their “big” coffee maker, which adds the froth and all, free of charge.

You’ll find dairy-free milks, regular milk, and half-and-half stocked in their fridge, as well as to-go cups to take with you on your local explorations.

You’ll also find a selection of complimentary snacks and beverages, here, too.

At breakfast time, you can help yourself to cereal, cereal bars, yogurt, fruit, and more.

You can even purchase some regional specialties, like maple sugar, maple sugar candy and locally made post cards as a souvenir.

Convenient Location to Things to Do in Peterborough

covered bridge nh | Enjoy Travel Life
jackie gately cathedral of the pines | Enjoy Travel Life
local farm petersborough nh | Enjoy Travel Life

One of the things I loved about staying at Jack Daniels Inn is it’s location.

It’s right around the corner from Depot Square, where you’ll find excellent restaurants, shopping, galleries, antiquing, and self-care services.

Peterborough is a charming and fascinating place, home to a marionette theatre, the Peterborough Players, and old-time stationary store.

it’s a quick drive to scenic views, trails, water (or snow) activities, historic sites, and within sight of Mount Monadnock.

My personal favorites were Cathedral of the Pines, covered bridges, state parks, and the community movie theatre.

In the fall, of course, you can look forward to beautiful foliage and pumpkin festivals.

Jack Daniels Inn is a perfect home base for exploring the local and larger Monadnock region.

Backstory of Jack Daniels Inn in Peterborough, NH

Jack Daniels Inn has been in business for more than 100 years in various incarnations.

It’s long been a Monadnock region NH Hotel worth visiting.

It started out as a group of cottages on the banks of the Contoocook River.

In 1906, these cottages were replaced by a motor inn with rooms that catered to Peterborough visitors, known as the Town & Country Motor Lodge.

After the original structure was wiped out by a river surge, the inn was rebuilt in 1955. Jack Daniels Inn hosted guests comfortably but affordably from that point more than 25 years.

Then in 1977, the hotel was bought by a couple starting a new life in Peterborough. Thanks to Pam and Eric Lorimar, Jack Daniels Inn became an even more welcoming place for travelers passing through the Monadnock region in NH, and for longer stays. 

Hotel guests made their stay in Peterborough NH an annual tradition for winter and summer sports.

Parents visiting students attending one of the small colleges or private schools in the area relied on the affordable quality offered by Jack Daniels Inn.

Now that the Lorimar’s have retired, Weekender Hotels has stepped up to usher Jack Daniels Inn into its next chapter.

They’ve brought it to new levels of comfort and modernity. 

Jack Daniel’s in one of several properties in New York and New England by Weekender Hotels, who clearly know what they’re doing.

Like the previous owners, Weekender Hotels is dedicated to making sure guests enjoy their stay.

That’s what Weekender Hotel Founder, Kier Weimer, shared about his vision to provide the “place and setting to explore the outdoors.”

It’s easy to see his vision in action at Jack Daniels Inn.

Final Thoughts on Monadnock Region NH Hotel: Jack Daniels Inn

Let me admit to being just a little bit spoiled when I travel.

I’ve stayed at 5-star hotels, luxury resorts, and the best bed & breakfasts.

New Hampshire isn’t really known as a “fancy” kind of place – and that’s the beauty of it.

But let me just say, for the value, Jack Daniels Inn has won me over.

I am happy to recommend it because I think you’ll be happy here too!

Be sure to book a room at Jack Daniels Inn while it’s still a hidden gem.

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    • I always love to know the history of a place – glad you enjoyed learning about it, too! This place has a great feel!

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    • It really is, Clare. It’s perfect for exploring this area in New Hampshire, with all the creature comforts you could ask for!

  5. I always have trouble choosing a hotel during my trip, so I appreciate such detailed recommendations. I would love to stay at the Jack Daniels Inn in Peterborough, especially with my plans to explore New Hampshire. I love that rooms are so spacious and have desks and a comfy workplace. I also love this natural setting, the river, and the greenery.

    • It can be really tricky to find the right place. Hopefully, my review gives you the assurance you need to book a stay at Jack Daniels Inn!

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    • Hi Linda! Yes, this place offered all the creature comforts I could ask for. I enjoyed Alexa, but you can certainly unplug “her”!

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    The local app sounds pretty amazing as well, with everything you need for your visit to the Monadnock region.

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