3 Road Trip Rules to Help You Plan a Fun Adventure on the Road

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These 3 road trip rules will help you avoid making some very basic beginner road trip mistakes.

Sure, a road trip can be spontaneous and involves going off the beaten path from time to time. That’s when you discover the best places!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to spoil your fun.

But when you follow these simple but key rules, you’ll have a safe foundation on which to build a great adventure.

Read these 3 easy tips, below.

road trip rules enhance your trip

CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn the 3 road trip rules that can make or break your road trip, including:

  • 3 Key Rules for Going on a Road Trip
  • Your Road Trip Route and Destination
  • Vehicle Considerations
  • Planning for Some Down Time
  • Final Thoughts on Road Trip Rules
  • Next Steps

Going On A Road Trip? Remember These 3 Key Road Trip Rules

After the past few years of staying in place, it’s a great idea to take a break and hit the road for a chance of scenery.

That’s what 40% of Americans aim to do.

Whether you head out on a spontaneous road trip or have been planning one for a while now, taking a road trip can be good for your mental well-being.

Not to mention, it’s great fun.

And, it’s a good way to bond with those traveling with you if you’re taking someone along.

The idea of going on a road trip may be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

As long as you keep these three key road trip rules in mind, you’ll be good.

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1. Have a Clear Route and Destination in Mind

Having a set destination in mind is an important aspect of planning a road trip.

True, getting lost and stumbling upon new and unexpected places can be one of the appeals of traveling by road.

And honestly, this is the first and most overlooked of the road trip rules.

But having a set destination in mind and planning your route inevitably helps you save on important resources.

Those include:

  • Your time
  • Money
  • Fuel

It’s easier than ever to to choose a destination and route, given the plethora of online maps available. 54% of people who travel prefer to use online maps for navigation.

However, you should also bring along a paper map.

That way, when you pass through areas where internet connectivity is spotty, you can still navigate.

So, take some time and pick a destination for your route trip. Then, map out a general route as a guideline.

You can always wander off, but you will never get lost if you determine these two things.

2. Prepare Your Ride for the Road Trip

navigating road trip | Enjoy Travel Life

Preparing your ride is another important aspect of going on a road trip. 

After all, where would the Lone Ranger be without his trusty horse, Silver?

Using the appropriate vehicle not only ensures that you will get to your destination safely, but also that you are comfortable during your trip.

The vehicle you choose to take might be:

  • Your everyday car
  • A rental sedan
  • An SUV or Van
  • Camper or an RV

Surveys show that on average, people on a road trip will spend 23 hours within a vehicle.

As such, it is important that whatever vehicle you choose for the trip has enough space for your luggage.

You also want to have plenty of leg room.

Before your trip itself, you also need to make sure that your vehicle is tuned up and that the fuel has not degraded.

If you’ve been driving the car all along, the fuel is likely fine.

But since gas can lose its combustibility after a certain period of time, keep this in mind – especially if you’ll be driving a car that hasn’t been used lately.

Doing so will avoid the likelihood of having your car break down for this reason in the middle of your trip.

Which brings up a good point: You may also want to make sure you have adequate car insurance for an interstate or international road trip, road side assistance, and travel insurance.

That way, if anything goes wrong with your ride, you’re covered.

3. Plan Time for Rest and Entertainment

road trip rest stop | Enjoy Travel Life

When planning your road trip, it is important to consider the stop overs that you should inevitably take.

Stop overs are a crucial step in these road trip rules.

While traveling with your family and friends is definitely fun, long drives do take their toll on the people in the vehicle.

The driver is especially vulnerable.

As a matter of fact, studies show that driving more than 10 miles at a time can increase one’s blood sugar levels.

It can also lead to fatigue and a host of other issues.

Of course, you’ll be driving more than 10 miles at a time on a road trip!

As such, experts suggest taking a break every two hours.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to explore other scenic spots along your route as you turn off the interstate for a break.

Or, it can be a simple break to use the restrooms and stretch your legs at a highway rest stop.

The point is, plan for those breaks along the way.

You can easily find good stopping points online or using mobile apps.

Better yet, invest a few bucks in the Next Exit 2022.

This book tells you about each interstate highway exit throughout the US. Then you’ll know exactly where to pull off for rest stops, food, gas, lodging, EV charging stations and other important things.

Another way to combat driving fatigue is to play music while driving.

Some peppy music will help boost your energy while on the road, and makes the trip more fun anyway.

Final Thoughts on Road Trip Rules

These 3 easy road trip rules will help you make sure your road trip goes as planned.

At the end of the day, that element of unpredictability is one of the reasons that people go on road trips.

By keeping these three key road trip rules in mind, you can make the most out of any kind of road trip you plan to take.

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