Summer Vacation in the Mountains: 5 Compelling Reasons You Should Do It!

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Thinking of spending your summer vacation in the mountains? If you’re not, we’ve pulled together the top 5 compelling reasons to plan a mountain getaway. Keep reading to find out why you should go to the mountains this summer. At minimum, it will be a refreshing change of perspective—and so much more.

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CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn 5 reasons why a mountain vacation this summer is the perfect trip, including:

Best Reasons to Take A Vacation in the Mountains this Summer

If you can’t wait to lie down on a lounge chair by the sea, you probably do not need to read this article. But if you are tired of crowded beaches and beach bars, and are looking for a new perspective on vacation, this post is for you.

There are so many destinations in the world that offer great mountain vacations. Just take a look at this list of some of the incredible mountains and mountain ranges you can visit throughout the globe!

33 Popular Mountain Vacation Destinations

Aoraki/Mount CookSouthern Alps, west-central South Island, New Zealand
Blue Ridge Mountains Western North Carolina, US
Great Smokey MountainEastern Tennessee to North Carolina, US
Bogda Peak/Bogda Feng/Mount BogdaFukang City border, Xinjiang, China
Castle MountainBanff, British Columbia, Canada
Cerro TorreArgentina/Chile
Cradle MountainTasmania, Australia
DenaliDenali National Park, Alaska, US
El ChaltenArgentinian Patagonia
The Dolomites/Italian AlpsBolzano, Italy
Grand Teton National ParkJackson, Wyoming, US
Grindelwald/Bernese AlpsJungfrau, Switzerland
Jotunheimen MountainsEastern Norway
KilimanjaroTanzania, Africa
Kirkjufell (Church Mountain)Grundarfjörður, Iceland
ManaliHimachal Pradesh, India
Mount EverestNepal/Tibet
Mount FujiHonshu, Japan
Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)Huangshan City, China
Mount ParnithaAthens, Greece
Pocono MountainsNortheastern Pennsylvania, US
QueenstownSouth Island, New Zealand
Rocky MountainsNorthwestern Canada to Southwestern US
Stowe Mountain (Mount Mansfield & Spruce Peak)Stowe, Vermont, US
Table MountainCape Town, South Africa
The PyreneesFrance/Spain
Tiger’s NestParo, Bhutan
Torres del PaineChilean Patagonia
Uluru (Ayers Rock)Petermann, Northern Territory, Australia
Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain)Cuscu, Peru
White Mountains – New HampshireNorth-central New Hampshire into Western Maine
ZermattValais, Switzerland

Once you get a taste of vacationing in the mountains, you’ll understand why taking to the mountains is an excellent alternative to other summer destinations – especially when you want to get away from it all.

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1. Enjoy the Cool Temperatures in the Mountain Tops

white alpine flowers in bloom

The fact is that in the mountainous areas, lower temperatures prevail. That’s good news on the hottest summer days, because you will not feel the sweat flowing from your forehead. 

The altitude combined with the deep forests can ensure temperatures up to 15 degrees lower than those sweltering down on the beaches. What a wonderful escape from the heat!

It is no coincidence that in the old days, everyone went on summer vacation in the mountains. A bonus is that you are not going to hear the sound of air conditioners anywhere, either.

You’ll want to bring along long-sleeved blouses and a light jacket along with your swimsuit and flip-flops. Most likely, you will still need them. Keep reading to find out why.

2. Take in the View While Cycling

cyclists handlebars along mountain bike path

If you are a fan of mountain biking and especially like riding downhill, the ideal vacation awaits you in a bike park. In Europe, for instance, you’ll discover dozens of bike parks for every level of skill and budget. 

You will find the cheapest bike parks in Bulgaria, but many travelers say the most enjoyable one is  in the heart of the Alps. 

If your budget has no restrictions, the bike park in Whistler, Canada, is waiting for you. It is the top bike park on the planet, where thousands of cyclists flock every year. 

You’ll want to budget for the day pass and lift ticket, and often you can save money with a multi-day pass. You can even rent a premium trail bike for the day, which can be more convenient than bringing your own bikes. 

The Whistler bike park has extensive trails for downhill biking throughout the mountain in five different zones. Or, you can go cross-country biking through alpine trails and old-growth forests. Add recreational cycling, road biking, and electric bike rentals to the offerings, and you’ll surely find something to suit your skill level.

The best part is that after a day of cycling, you can head over to the mountain chalets and relax.

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3. You Will Not Miss Out on Swimming or Sunbathing

aqua pond nestled in the valley beneath snow-capped mountains

If you choose to go on a mountain vacation this summer, you do not have to miss your swimming and sunbathing. That’s because you’ll find dozens of enchanting lakes in the European mountains. Plus, there are countless small and large rivers where you can swim. 

In fact, the water temperatures in the mountains range from cool to icy, and you can find excellent coastal spots as well. This will help cool you down this summer! 

Camping in Grundarfjörður, Iceland means spectacular scenery and great swimming time.  The refreshing activity is a national pastime and part of daily life.

If you want to confirm how big swimming is in Iceland and basically treat yourself to unique views of mountains and nature, rent a cozy campervan for an unforgettable summer vacation in Iceland.

If you want something more classic, choose to swim in a beautiful hotel pool set the mountains or sunbathe in a private rental property in nature.

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4. Give Water Sports a Try?

aerial view of two rafting boats in mountain river

You can be active in various water sports in the lakes and rivers in the mountains. You’ll find everything from water skiing and wake boarding to windsurfing and canoeing. 

If fishing is a favorite hobby for you or your significant other, you’ll want to look for those undisturbed fishing locations in the mountains, too.

You’ll definitely find many sports on a mountain vacation where you can have fun in your free time. Some–such as rafting and canyoning–are ideal in the summer. Before you try something new, make sure to consider these safety tips for summer travel.

You can also find excellent hiking and conquer invincible peaks all over Europe and North America; every summer, thousands of nature lovers come up to the mountains who might not want to do it during the winter. 

In many cases, you can even explore the wildlife on a wheelchair or on foot.

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5. You Will Find Better Prices in Hotels and Resorts

Mount Washington Hotel in the White Mountains, NH
The Omni Mount Washington Hotel – Bretton Woods, NH

For most mountain destinations, the summer months are the so-called off-season. That means you can find advantageous prices and vacation packages at that time. 

You can afford to stay in the hotel of your dreams without spending a fortune. In many of them, you can even enjoy spa services and swimming in beautiful pools. 

For example, you can plan a summer visit the French Alps, where in winter the prices are much higher since it is considered “high season” then. Thus, you are given the opportunity to discover the magic of the peaks, trying new activities and hobbies, while at the same time saving significant money from your travel expenses. 

But before you organize the details of your trip, contact a company like Nuco Travel. They’ll help you choose a complete vacation package in a mountainous area of ​​France or elsewhere. Then, you’ll be assured of the best prices and quality services since they are experts on vacations in the mountains.

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Final Thoughts on Summer Vacation in the Mountains

So, we encourage you to dare to be different this summer by taking a vacation in the mountains. Sure, take some beach days, too. But try something for a change. You’ll discover how much fun it can be to take a mountain vacation—and maybe even start a new tradition for your annual family vacation.

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