9 Essential Safety Tips for Cheap Hotels in Karachi, Pakistan

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When it comes to tourism, Pakistan has much to offer. One of them is cheap hotels in Karachi. What you pay in airfare, you’ll save in a low price hotel in Karachi. Find out what this region of Pakistan is famous for along with essential safety tips for hotels when you visit.

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CONTENTS – In this article you learn more about Karachi and what you should look for before you book a cheap hotel in Karachi, Pakistan. This includes:

Where is Karachi? 

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Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city, main seaport, and capital, located on the coast of the Arabian Sea. You’ll find it in southern Pakistan in the Sindh province, northwest of the Indus River delta.

What is Karachi Famous For?

Karachi is home to the two largest seaports and the busiest airport in Pakistan. Tourists from all around the globe visit Karachi, an industrial and financial center known for:

  • Cosmopolitan Vibe: Karachi is the twelfth largest city in the world – a megacity! 
  • Architecture: You’ll find a variety of beautiful architectural styles here. Some were built by the British, others by Hindu princes. The aesthetics reflect Mughal, Gothic, Venetian, and others.
  • Diversity: Harachi is home to all ethnic groups in Pakistan as well as migrants from South Asia, making it Pakistan’s ‘melting pot.’
  • Food Scene: Foodies will love the choice in Karachi, as you might expect in a culturally diverse city. There’s North Indian cuisine, which is diverse and uses more meat than other regions, high-end luxury dining, and budget-friendly Pakistani street food.

    You must try local specialties like biryani, haleem, and nihari, as well as the roasted corn on the cob called “Bhuttas” sold along the waterfront. Additionally, you’ll find world cuisine that includes Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and South East Asian restaurants.  
  • Shopping: Specialized wholesale markets, malls, and shopping bazaars in Karachi provide endless shopping opportunities – especially for apparel, electronics, and household goods. 
  • Nightlife: Karachi is perfect for the ‘night owl,’ since markets and various seasonal carnivals are open until midnight, and restaurants, cafes, and food streets serve well into the morning hours.
  • Pleasant Weather: The weather in Karachi is usually favorable. May is the hottest month, occasionally closing in on 104°F (40°C). On average, temperatures range between 55°F to 94°F with a gentle sea breeze and pleasant evenings. 

Karachi Safety – Is Karachi Safe?

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If you want to know how safe is Karachi, there is no simple answer. Pakistan is generally considered safe for travelers, but you’ll want to be careful in more remote areas of the country.

That said, as in any megacity, there are pockets of poverty, crime, conflict, and violence, so you’ll want to be very careful in Karachi.

With the tips below, you’ll be better prepared to have the best budget experience when staying in Karachi.

What Should You Check Before Booking a Cheap Hotel in Karachi?

The average cost of accommodation in Karachi can be anywhere between $24 and $88. Even the best 5-star hotels are budget-friendly. But you’ll find many cheap accommodation options in Karachi from which to choose, which are sufficiently clean, safe, and centrally located. 

You’ll save money when you book a Karachi hotel online or offline before you travel compared to what you might pay if you wait to book once you arrive.

Whether you decide to “splurge” on luxury accommodations or opt for a cheap hotel in Karachi, check these safety tips for hotels before you book any Hotels in Karachi for your trip.

1. Location of the Hotel

The location of your hotel is critical. If it is located in the middle of nowhere, you may find yourself surrounded by people who are not concerned with safety and security. The surrounding area should be well-lit, and the hotel itself should have adequate lighting so that outsiders can’t spy on you.

2. Sturdy Windows and Doors

Make sure that any window or door is solid enough to withstand a strong force from the outside. If you have any doubt, ask for a metal-reinforced door or window before booking a cheap hotel.

3. Availability of a Working Smoke Detector

It would be miserable if your hotel caught fire because of faulty wiring. Check whether your room has an operational smoke detector before saying yes to any cheap and budget accommodation in Karachi, especially those on the ground floor, first, or second floors of a building. And once you arrive, locate the exit signs in case of emergency.

4. Bedbug-Free Rooms

Bedbugs are the bane of every traveler’s existence, and they love to hide in cheap hotels where non-housekeeping staff can quickly spread them from room to room. Check your bed for blood stains or small insects before saying yes to a hotel that is too inexpensive at face value.

5. Adequate Privacy and Security

If you check into a cheap hotel, make sure that the room is free of any windows which can be opened from outside and that all entrances to the bathroom are securely locked. This is very important.

6. Check for Hidden Cameras

Security is critical if you are a woman traveling alone or with other lady friends. If your hotel room has a camera, it should be working and facing the entrance so that staff members can monitor who comes in and out of the premises. If not mentioned in the hotel description, this piece of information is clearly stated on any booking receipts.

7. No Multiple In-and-Out Ways of the Room

When staying at a cheap hotel, your goal should be to only use the door as an entrance that you can easily lock or barricade. This way, if someone tries to break in, the damage will be minimal. 

Check whether you can lock yourself in by sliding a bolt or hook across the length of the door to secure it before booking an inexpensive hotel that has visible cameras.

8. Easy Access to Elevator

This is very important if you are on the fourth floor or higher. Ensure there is at least one elevator nearby and that it is safe to use. Moreover, check whether you can only access the emergency ladder from your room and not the entire building.

9. Read Online Reviews

Whenever you book a hotel, you should research what other recent guests have experienced. Bear in mind, you might find more negative reviews than positive because unhappy customers are more likely to post.  

But tune into what your gut is telling you. If you are feeling hesitant or have reservations about booking a particular hotel, you’ll have a better idea about whether your concerns are justified. If most of the reviews are great and you’re just having a moment of doubt – book it!

Final Thoughts on Cheap Hotels in Karachi

If you are looking for cheap hotels in Karachi, make sure to follow these tips before booking. Research well and book a hotel, keeping your duration of stay in mind.

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