The Most Irresistible Travel Bloggers to Follow!

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Who are the most irresistible travel bloggers to follow?

My personal favorites are those who share helpful guidance, interesting stories, and inspire wanderlust. Whether researching your next trip or looking for travel ideas, read on to discover some amazing travel bloggers who may fast become your favorite travel resources.

Best Travel Blogger Radically Ever After 1 2 | Enjoy Travel Life
Namita Kulkarni of Radically Ever After

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CONTENTS: In this article, you will discover 23 of the most irresistible travel bloggers to follow for travel tips, stories, inspiration, and more. (Listed alphabetically.)

Back on the Road Again

This Blog Is For You If…

You are interested in active holidays in the UK and mainland Europe in a campervan, finding stories through historical and cultural sites.

Best Travel Blogger Back on the Road Again 2 | Enjoy Travel Life
Back on the Road Again | Niche: Campervan Travel

About the Blog

My blog shares my campervan travels and stories in the UK and mainland Europe. I enjoy hiking and cycling and finding quiet, quirky places. All my trips aim to be frugal and I share campsite ideas and top tips.

About the Blogger

I write regularly for MMM Motorhome Magazine and Campervan Magazine and in 2018 won the Douglas King Award for written journalism from the Caravan Writers Guild.

Find out more about Back on the Road Again: Blog | Facebook 

By Land and Sea

This Blog Is For You If…

You want to learn about options, tricks and destinations to sustainably explore the world without quitting your day job.

Best Travel Bloggers to Follow: By Land and Sea
By Land and Sea | Niche: Part time travel

About the Blog

Posts from a couple who have mastered the art of balancing part-time travel with full-time jobs, as well as what is affectionately known as “adulting”!

Travel tips and tricks, experiences and inspirations, destination guides and itineraries, photos and more.

About the Blogger

I’m Jenn! Recently, I graduated with my Masters Degree in Sustainable Tourism

I’ve taken classes in Hospitality Management

I am a Certified Tourism Ambassador

I also hold a Bachelor’s in Humanities and Fine Arts with an emphasis in English, Art, Philosophy, and Humanities. Blogging is the perfect outlet for me!

Find out more about By Land and Sea here: Blog | Facebook 


This Blog Is For You If…

You need inspiration and guidance to your (first) solo trip. You can do it!

Best Travel Blogger Kopie bye myself 2 | Enjoy Travel Life
Bye:myself | Niche: female solo travel

About the Blog 

Funny stories and thoroughly researched, relevant information for travellers.

About the Blogger

Renata Green: Journalist by profession, solo traveller by passion. Poverty Jetsetter and Flashpacker. Searching for beautiful places and inspiring encounters. 

Find out more about Bye:myself here: Blog | Facebook 

Can Travel Will Travel

This Blog Is For You If…

You love off the beaten track travel especially in SE Asia or Central America.

Best Travel Blogger Tanya Korteling 2 | Enjoy Travel Life
Travel Bloggers to Follow: Can Travel Will Travel | Niche: Adventure, Off the Beaten Track

About the Blog

Can Travel Will Travel (www.cantravelwilltravel) follows my husband Andy and I as we travel, live, and work abroad after leaving the UK in 2016.

Our journey involves stints of traveling, followed by longer stretches living and working in one place.

Covering both couple travel and female solo travel we focus on natural and cultural highlights, must-do activities, and also anything ‘off the beaten track’ that visitors don’t normally do. 

About the Bloggers

Hi, I’m Tanya Korteling. I’m a qualified Data Scientist and Chartered Marketer and freelance SEO, Marketing and Data Consultant from Norwich, Norfolk in the UK.

In September 2016 my husband, Andy, and I decided to up-sticks to travel, live, and work abroad. Since then we’ve travelled extensively round, SE Asia and Central America and lived in Cambodia twice where we’re currently based!

I’m passionate about travel, food, nature and wildlife and try to incorporate those in our travel adventures.

Find out more about Can Travel will Travel here: Blog | Facebook 

Footloose Freya

This Blog Is For You If…

Your trips tend to have a balance of wildlife encounters in the great outdoors, offbeat destinations as well as urban/foodie exploring.

Footloose Freya - best travel bloggers to follow
Footloose Freya | Niche: Ecotourism + couples barefoot luxury

About the Blog

When I’m planning travel my priorities are usually immersing myself in nature, indulging my outdoorsy side and taking beautiful pictures.

If you’re interested in living overseas or constantly googling intrepid holiday destinations, I hope my blog will give you some inspiration to make your own adventures happen.

About the Blogger

I’m Freya, a Brit living by the beach in Sydney, Australia. Now and then I go on adventures, I’ve been to over 300 different places in 30 countries on 6 continents…..and counting.

I’m also a full-time digital marketing professional and photography enthusiast.

Find out more about Footloose Freya here: Blog | Facebook

Jordin’s Journeys

This Blog Is For You If…

You enjoy connecting through travel. I show how busy adults can make the most of their travels. 

Jordin's Journey - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
Jordin’s Journeys | Niche: Adventure travel (great outdoors mixed with the city)

About the Blog

Jordin’s Journeys is a travel blog sharing tips, video, and photography from around the world.

I share content that is important for travelers. From the top things to do in each location, to the best accommodations, my website is devoted to keeping travelers informed and saving money.

About the Blogger

I love to fill my free time with travel, hiking, rock climbing, and spending time with my two pups. When I’m not traveling, I’m an elementary school teacher.

Travel-obsessed, foodie and fur momma are the best ways to describe me! 

Find out more about Jordin’s Journeys here: Blog | Facebook

Just One Passport

This Blog Is For You If…

You are an adventurous female solo traveller.

Just One Passport - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow

About the Blog

I provide inspiration, tips, recommendations and encouragement to adventurous solo travel bloggers

About the Blogger

I am Kelly, the face behind Just One Passport.

I’m just a middle-age female solo travel blogger, out there living it up in the world and inspiring others to do the same.  Join me on my journey and let me provide you with tips, trips and inspiration to escape your comfort zone and jump into the world of solo travel, just one step at a time.

Find out more about Just One Passport here: Blog | Instagram

Love Lust or Bust

This Blog is For You If…

You are a female traveler looking to hang out, have fun, hook up, or fall in love with a fellow travel lover (and how to stay safe while doing so).

Love Lust or Bust - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
Love Lust or Bust | Niche: A guide to romance & travel…with a bit of scandal.

About the Blog

Love Lust or Bust focuses on helping solo female travelers hang out, have fun, hook up, and fall in love while staying safe.

Love Lust or Bust is a global community founded on these simple principles:

  • to encourage solo female travelers to embrace their sexuality and to combine love and wanderlust
  • to help those who are seeking or who have found love stay safe while abroad
  • to offer the most helpful travel tips and relationship advice on a free platform
  • to connect and share romantic & sexy stories
  • to be free of judgment and to support all women’s romantic and sexual choices, regardless of sexual preference, gender, orientation, and/or amount of sexual and romantic activities and partners

Love Lust or Bust stories and articles educate, inform and entertain, but our mission is to have a platform for travel industry insiders who believe that love conquers all, even when the ultimate challenge is to create and maintain a lasting, loving relationship across thousands of miles.

Why We’re Here

Love Lust or Bust readers do have fun (a hella’ lotta’ fun) while traveling the world.

But many are seeking a loving, long-term relationship. Even the ones who are not seeking a commitment sometimes unexpectedly find their nomadic soul mates while abroad.

We help them stay safe and to avoid the potential to be harmed physically, sexually, financially, and emotionally.

We help those travelers who want to have fun, but when they do find love, how to navigate the cultural differences to be able to develop and maintain a long distance relationship.

With the recent huge increase in online dating and relationships, particularly with the extraordinary increase in digital nomads and remote workers, many people are in long-distance relationships now more than ever before.

Whether you and your partner are separated due to the military or an overseas job, you’re students away at college, or, you have family or business ties that keep you from being able to be with the one you love full time, it can be done.

What You Can Look Forward To

Love Lust or Bust is a place where you can share stories of adventure, love, and passion.

The site is filled with travel tips, advice on maintaining long-distance relationships, great date ideas, and wedding traditions and cultures around the world.

We also share stories by those who have been “catfished” or scammed by online posers, fakes, and predators.

Our priority is to give readers the tools to protect themselves and to be prepared for unexpected outcomes. Being armed with suggestions on how to avoid being tricked can save lots of time; precious time better utilized for planning a trip that will light (or reignite) the explosive fire between you and your partner.

April Hope created Love, Lust or Bust, a guide to romance & travel for those with insatiable wanderlust, to inspire others to follow their dreams & passions while exploring the world.

When not inspiring (cajoling) women to share their travel stories & sexy secrets, she’s busy singing karaoke naked at nudist resorts to get free press trips and writing about fleeing frigid New York winters to explore the most romantic places in the world.

Whether a couple has managed to stay together without killing each other after a 3-week road trip, a solo traveler has hopped on a flight to meet the person they’ve never met but believed they’re finally meeting their potential soul mate.

That “soul mate” may have turned out to be a “catfish” who tricked them, or someone struggling with the travel ban which resulted in them not being able to be with their fiancé.

On Love Lust or Bust, we open our hearts and share our most secret, heart wrenching, and sometimes heartbreaking stories or romance, dating, love, and passion while giving you tips on how to do it on a budget.

More About Us

We want you to be able to find, and keep your love alive. Whether that means you have to get to the other side of the world to do it, or you simply take a weekend road trip to ignite the flames, we got you.

At Love Lust or Bust, you’ll find stories, experiences, and tips and tricks for solo female travelers.

We guide you, sharing ways you can meet other travelers or locals and form safe, sane, consensual short or long term relationships where both (or all) parties are mutually respected and safe.

We have hung out, had lots of fun, formed friendships, and have fallen in love while on the road. We’ve also have gone on trips with partners, maintained long-distance relationships, and navigated the crazy territory of romance and travel.

We share advice and tips on how to meet an online lover while having a Plan B, staying safe, and keeping the flames going when your partner lives thousands of miles away.

At a time when so many people are using online dating apps & sites to meet potential soulmates, this website tells women how to stay safe when hooking up, having fun, and falling in love while having foreign flings.

About the Blogger

Between her travels to countries where people had no idea she was actually a broke mofo lucky enough to score one penny flights, April Hope led the NYC Women’s Writing Workshop for over 15 years.

When not inspiring (cajoling) women to share their secrets, insisting that surely she isn’t the only one who once sang karaoke naked at a nudist resort to get a free a press trip, she writes about fleeing the frigid New York winters to explore places not normally highlighted in guidebooks.

She enjoys sneaking into First Class after paying one penny for flights.

Except for that one time when she bragged about it to her seatmate who turned out to be an off-duty pilot. (Awkward.)

She once slept under the stars at a Bedouin gypsy camp in Egypt where the scent of camel dung mingled with marijuana and scored a camel whip by a devout Muslim who admitted that he and his wife actually used it for S&M scenes.

She bullshitted her way into a job as a casting director on a Bollywood film by convincing the director that she was the most qualified person for the position because yes, of course, she was best friends with Michael Jackson.

The job required her to hire 200 men to play British soldiers in the film. She assured the director that she would have no trouble sitting on a beach in Goa, sipping mocktails, asking every half-naked hippie, dreadlocked backpacker and “gypsetter” on ecstasy who walked by if they wanted to be in pictures.

She lived in a cave with a secret, Nya Bingy Rastafarian commune on a mountain in Kingston, Jamaica.

However, that didn’t last long very long once she found out that there would be no jerk chicken or oxtail dinners.

She was, however, thrilled to learn that rasta women don’t shave their legs and that the men found “natural” women sexy gals.

(Until they realized she got so hairy her legs had dreads).

April Hope has fallen for many “catfish” online. But is a hopeless romantic and continues to believe in finding love via ancient AOL chatrooms and dive bars where you can at least get some free chicken wings during happy hour.

*Side note – her catfish stories will be published under “Anonymous.”

As will the naked karaoke experience. And the one about the twins. In fact, she may just change her pen name to “Anonymous.”

Find out more about Love Lust or Bust here: Blog | Facebook 

Love Travel Will Eat

This Blog Is For You If…

You love affordable travel and want tips and advice on what to do, where to stay, what to eat, and more!

Grounds of Alexandria 14 | Enjoy Travel Life
Love Travel Will Eat | Niche: Travel and Food

About the Blog

At Love Travel Will Eat we enjoy exploring new places whether it is in our own back yard or international.

We love photography and try to find unique ways to capture the places we visit.

When traveling our goal is to not only see the tourist sights but to get beyond the crowds and find the lesser-known. That might be a unique restaurant, neighborhood, or just meeting the local people that is what we feel traveling is all about.

We also love to eat and try out new foods wherever we go and then share where you can find them also!

Come along on our adventures and find new and fun ideas for your next vacation.

About the Blogger

Hi! My name is Vicki. My husband Tod and I have 5 children combined and 7 grandchildren. Wow, I don’t feel old enough to have grandchildren but it is a pure joy having them around.

We love spending time with our family and extended family. Having a larger family and so we look for a variety of vacations to take.

That includes romantic getaways for just the two of us, city escapes, relaxing beach vacations, and family-friendly vacations with something for everyone.

We also have a love of the outdoors. So that might be just getting out for a walk, run, or hike, or heading out for a weekend of camping in the mountains, or relaxing at a beach.

We are avid photographers, scuba divers, and are always on the lookout for a fun new restaurant or cafe to try.

Find out more about Love Travel Will Eat here: Blog | Instagram

Lucy On Locale

This Blog Is For You If…

You need to travel “window shop” your future trips during this time of restricted travel

Lucy on Locale - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
Lucy On Locale | Niche: Solo and Female Travel

About the Blog

Lucy On Locale is your one-stop-shop for travel inspiration, recommendations, tips, resources, and preparation. Everything on my site is designed to help you be out there checking destinations off your bucket lists!

About the Blogger

Hi! I’m Lucy, and I’m travel-obsessed!

I ditched the nine-to-five lifestyle and have been traveling and checking adventures off my bucket list ever since. So, I created this site to help you do the same!

This site focuses on solo female travel, but there’s travel tips, recommendations, and resources for any kind of trip you’re planning!

Find out more about Lucy On Locale here: Blog | Instagram 

Mackintosh Travels

This Blog Is For You If…

You love to travel, especially if you have young adults!

Macintosh Travels - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
Mackintosh Travels | Niche: Family Travel With Teens

About the Blog

From daily dreariness to destination dreaminess, visit us to plan your next vacation. Inspiring others through our travel experiences so others can do the same.

About the Blogger

I love to see new places and taste new foods. I love the mountains, ocean, city, and everything in between, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be beach-side living.

For those that know me well, they know I love all things that have to do with Hawaii & Disney!

I love the sun with cool breezes, but I also love thunderstorms, especially at night!

I digitally scrapbook as a hobby all our travel photos.

Plus, I have an awesome husband, Bill, of 23+ years and two smart teenage boys.

Find out more about Mackintosh Travels here: Blog | Twitter

Mommy and Me Travels

This Blog Is For You If…

You have young kids and are looking for tips and tricks from someone with first-hand experience.

Mommy & Me Travels - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
Mommy & Me Travels | Niche: Family Travel

About the Blog

Mommy And Me Travels is focused on being the #1 family travel guide.

Our mission is to provide reviews, guidance, and helpful tips to traveling parents through first-hand experiences about places we visits, events we attend, and products we love.

About the Bloggers

Tiffany: I love to travel! 

This drove me to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Relations. Now I take every opportunity to visit new places.

When I found out that I was pregnant I thought that my traveling would have to stop or drastically slow down until my little men were much older.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Since having my sons I just figured out the little tricks that help make traveling with children much easier.

I have 2 wonderful travel companions now! I am writing this blog in hopes of helping those individuals that want to travel with their kiddos but just need a little guidance on where to go or what to see.

Find out more about Mommy and Me Travels here: Blog | Facebook

Pebble Pirouette

This Blog Is For You If…

You like to spend a longer time in an area and really get to know it. 

Pebble Pirouette - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
Pebble Pirouette | Niche: in depth travel

About the Blog

Pebble Pirouette shares our adventures and experiences are me move from place to place around the world. 

About the Blogger

I’m Kathleen, a lifelong nomad.

I was born with the travel bug and I haven’t lost it one bit. If anything, I’ve been bitten even more.

I’ve been to 48 states and 23 countries and my bucket list is ever growing. I am always planning my next adventure.

Besides travel, I have a passion for my family, snorkeling, nature, photography, and cooking.

I have a wonderful husband who’s job keeps us traveling, 3 great kids and 4 fantastically wonderful grandkids.

Find out more about Pebble Pirouette here: Blog | Instagram 

Radically Ever After

This Blog Is For You If…

You’re interested in the human connections formed in travel and the ways in which travel and Yoga intersect

About the Blog

The travel and Yoga blog of Indian Yoga teacher, Namita Kulkarni.

Both Yoga and travel require a willingness to fall flat on one’s face and both overlap in so many other ways as I’ve discovered. Through this blog, I share the ways in which both overlap and complement each other, and how Yoga can be your best travel mate.

Radically Ever After - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
Radically Ever After | Niche: Solo female travel, Yoga travel

About the Blogger

Namita Kulkarni is a yoga teacher, traveler, and writer from India. She says she’s “Going where I’ve never been, generally seizing the day. And living to share the tale.”

Find out more about Radically ever After here: Blog | Instagram

Sydney Expert

This Blog Is For You If…

You are planning a trip to Sydney.

sydney 363244 640 | Enjoy Travel Life
Sydney Expert | Niche: Australian Travel
Image by Patty Jansen from Pixabay

About the Blog

Sydney Expert is like having a friend in Sydney who provides you with inside tips and practical advice so you have explore the city like a local. 

About the Blogger

Paula is a lifelong Sydneysider who has spent 2 decades working with international visitors to Sydney. She loves to help people discover the heart of her hometown

Find out more about Sydney Expert here: Blog | Facebook

Tale of 2 Backpackers

About the Blog

Tale of 2 Backpackers is a travel blog by an Indian couple & travel expert Agni & Amrita who are always out to discover experience and tell new stories.

The blog is a celebration of the art, culture, heritage, festivals, people, and the natural beauty of India and Asia. Finally, the blog aims to teach you the ways and means of traveling smart.

Tale of 2 Backpackers - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
Tale of 2 Backpackers | Niche: Festivals, Culture and Heritage Travel

About the Bloggers

Agni and Amrita are two eccentric individuals who are as different as chalk and cheese, yet bound together by the love for travel and for each other.

Amrita spins the stories with her words while Agni is the captures the beauty of nature, wildlife and stories behind the faces with his camera. Together we are a story telling team encouraging people to travel smart and live life fully.

Agni: “My passion and my endeavor to tell the world about the rich cultural heritage of India, my country. Through the blog, I would also like to encourage my readers to follow their dreams, even if it not related to travel!”

Find out more about Tale of 2 Backpackers here: Blog | Instagram

The Adventures of Poss and Ruby

This Blog Is For You If…

You are a lover of food and adventures both near and far. 

The Adventures of Poss and Ruby - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
The Adventures of Poss and Ruby | Niche: Independent travel

About the Blog

This is a place for people to escape and enjoy travel stories that are realistic and achievable for the everyday person. You’ll find practical and honest tips, succinct stories and ideas and inspiration for traveling not locally and abroad.

About the Blogger

I’m Danielle AKA Poss, and my trusty 4 wheel steed is Ruby. Together we love to explore and discover, make and do. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, our spare time is spent out and about both locally and abroad. Or, you’ll find me in the kitchen or the craft room making something or other.

Find out more about The Adventures of Poss and Ruby here: Blog | Instagram

The Globe Trotter

This Blog Is For You If…

You love weekend breaks, soft adventure travel, and city breaks.

The Globe Trotter - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
The Globe Trotter | Niche: Couples travel, soft adventure travel

About the Blog

This is a UK based travel blog focusing on destinations within the UK and in Europe.

Find out more about The Globe Trotter here: Blog | Twitter


This Blog Is For You If…

You are looking for inspiration to travel when you have to work full time or looking to get out of the rat race and travel full-time.

RaultersonGirlsTravel - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
RaulersonGirlsTravel | Niche: solo travel

About the Blog

Discover amusing travel stories, itineraries, and travel tips filled with gorgeous photos from around the world.

About the Blogger

Hi, I’m Heather!

I’m a Gen-X Solo Adventure Traveler exploring the world, one beautiful destination at a time.

I was a full-time engineer working a traditional 9-5 job for 24 years. I left it all behind to travel full time.

Join me as I share the stories of being a digital nomad with all its trials and its accomplishments. I will show you that it is never too late to pursue your dream! And hopefully, I’ll inspire you to go out and use that vacation time to your fullest.

It is a big, beautiful world out there and it is waiting for you!

Find out more about RaulersonGirlsTravel here: Blog | Instagram

Rudderless Travel

This Blog Is For You if…

You have an immense need to see and explore this fantastic and vast planet but you’re restricted by the amount of vacation time you have.

Rudderless Travel - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
Rudderless Travel | Niche: Weekend Getaways, Business Travel, Stopovers & Layovers, Day Trips (Short Trips & Mini Breaks) – “Short Weeks & Long Weekends”

The average person has two to three weeks of vacation.

So instead of spending all of my time in one or two cities, I wanted to maximize the number of cities and countries I visit by spending an average of two to three days per city.

If you include long weekends, you might have more vacation time than you think.

Taking a short trip is one of my favourite ways to travel because they allow me to travel extensively despite having a limited amount of vacation days.

In addition,  when done correctly, short trips are like a travel hack – a way to hack your way to travelling more!

About the Blogger

Christopher Rudder is a short trip, mini-break, business travel, weekend getaway, stopover and layover specialists. He uses his skills in videography and editing, photography, podcasting, and writing to tell stories and create itineraries for Rudderless Travel & Travel Horror Stories Podcast.

He’s visited about 60+ cities and towns in about 30+ countries while working full time. He mentioned cities because while he may be away for two weeks to a month, he plans short trips and stopovers to maximize how many places he sees during that time.

You may also enjoy…

Travel Horror Stories Podcast

You’d love to travel more but you’re anxious about getting lost, getting sick, being robbed etc.

The Travel Horror Stories podcast brings together travel bloggers, travel vloggers, travel writers and travel influencers as well as professionals in the travel and tourism space and everyday travellers.

With vivid and gripping storytelling guests recount their, scary, tense, weird, silly sometimes funny and sometimes unsettling stories from their travels.

Then we unpack the story to discover what they did right, what they did wrong and what they could have done differently. So you can avoid the same mistakes and travel safely and confidently

We always say hindsight is 20/20, right?

The goal is to turn travel nightmares into dreams of beaches sunshine and margaritas.

Find out more about Rudderless Travel here: Blog |Facebook

The Traveling Fool

This Blog Is For You If…

You like discovering little known places as well as the history and culture of those places and people.

The Traveling Fool - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
The Traveling Fool | Niche: Places off the beaten path that most tourists don’t know about and the history of those places

About the Blog

Born with a passion of learning about the history of different cultures, Bob Bales (aka The Traveling Fool) enjoys discovering people and places he finds off the beaten path that most tourists don’t know about.

From Europe to Asia and North America there is always a history and story to be told.

About the Blogger

Bob is retired military and has always had a passion for travel, history and learning about the culture and people of the places he visits. He’s lived, worked and traveled in many countries around the world.

Often found with a cigar in one hand and a good whiskey in the other, Bob likes to write about what makes those people and places he visits special.

Find out more about The Traveling Fool here: Blog | Facebook

Traveling Tanya

This Blog Is For You If…

You are a busy parent but still want to find time to travel

Traveling Tanya - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow

About the Blog

My goal is to inspire busy people to make travel a priority by showcasing destinations and providing travel tips that can save you time and money. 

Traveling Tanya | Niche: Travel for busy people

About the Blogger

Traveling Tanya is a Midwestern mom and wife who works full-time, does lots of volunteer work, but still makes time to travel. 

Find out more about Traveling Tanya here: Blog | Facebook


About the Blog

My blog follows my travels, many of them caffeinated, through Europe and the Americas.

Unilatinoverde - Best Travel Bloggers to Follow
Unlatinoverde | Niche: Latin travel and coffee

About the Blogger

Teacher, linguist, traveller and coffee drinker. Mine has been a life in travel.

I’ve lived and worked in seven countries. I’ve travelled in about 50! However, I’m not a country counter, I want to bring the places I’ve visited alive for the people who visit my site.

Through Unlatinoverde, they should know where to find a great cup of coffee!

Find out more about Unlatinoverde here: Blog | Facebook

Final Thoughts

Who from this collection of the most irresistible travel bloggers to follow piqued your interest? I know I’ve found more than a few new favorites.

And, by the way, if you know a travel blogger who should be on this list, please invite them to join us over in our private Facebook Community for Irresistible Travel Bloggers.

For more on travel writing: Writing About Travel: How To Pen Stories That Transport Readers

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    • My pleasure, Christopher. It’s nice to be surrounded by such a great community of travel bloggers.

  3. Thank you for putting this inspiring list together Jackie and for including my own blog with so many wonderful travel writers. I will check out those I don’t follow already for new inspirations. With good wishes Carol (Back on the Road Again)

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