Revealing 3 Epic Halloween Tours for Thrill-Seekers!

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Ready to amplify your fall fun with the best Halloween tours?

Halloween, a night of costumes, candies, and creepy encounters, has evolved into a global celebration of all things eerie.

If you’re seeking a more spine-tingling experience, you’ll find destinations that take the haunted holiday to a whole new level.

From historic graveyards to abandoned asylums, get ready to discover these top 3 Halloween tours. They cater to you, as a fearless traveler, in search of a hair-raising thrill!

Halloween tours
Embark on a spine-chilling journey when you book Halloween tours.

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Seeking Out the Scariest Halloween Destinations?

50 years ago, Halloween was a little-known festival that was marked only by certain Pagan societies.

Today it is a massive commercial entity.

In the US, households spend an average of over $90 each celebrating Halloween. This amounts to nearly $9 billion every year!

Halloween was founded on the Celtic festival of Samhain, historically celebrated at the end of October.

On this important night, the Celts believed that the dead returned to earth while the barriers between summer and winter became thinner and more vulnerable.

Consequently, their communities were thought to be at risk from ghosts and ghouls, who would wander through the villages.

To scare them off, these communities held big parties. 

Reportedly, the Irish brought their Samhain traditions with them when they emigrated to the States towards the end of the 19th century. As their communities grew in the US, so did the popularity of Halloween celebrations.

Today, you cannot go down an American street on 31st October without greeting children (and sometimes adults) in costume. Their outfits may range from beloved characters to some of the goriest and most terrifying costumes possible.

Halloween has also spawned a cult film genre.

The spookiest of the myriad of Hollywood blockbusters are designed to scare the living daylights out of anyone mad enough to watch them all year round!

3 Best Halloween Tours for Travel Enthusiasts

If you love Halloween and traveling, you’ll be delighted to know there are many activities you can pursue the world over to mark its passing.

But save yourself the research of scouring the globe for them.

Here are 3 top Halloween tours you can book to get started.

1. Get into the Mind of the World’s Most Notorious Serial Killer

haunted Halloween
Explore a haunted Halloween destination where screams meet adventure.

Travel to London to take a Halloween tours in which you’ll walk the streets frequented by one of the first and most notorious serial killers the world has ever known: Jack the Ripper.

This tour truly conveys the level of heebie-jeebies the women he stalked in 1888 must have experienced. It’s safe to say they were likely filled with terror, realizing that death was close by. 

The backstreets of Whitechapel still incorporate a network of dark and confusing alleyways with dark corners hiding goodness-knows-what-kind of evils.

And if you can brave more, look to a number of other ghostly tours you can book yourself onto in.

You’ll find a range of frightening tour options, from haunted pubs to the home of Sweeney Todd, London’s most barbaric barber.

2. Witches, Warlocks, and Magical Deeds in Edinburgh

spooky soirée
Get ready for a spooky soirée like no other.

From London, head north beyond the borders and you’ll find yourself in the haunting beauty of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Here, you can take a witch’s tour leading you through the darker side of the city.

You’ll pass through Edinburgh Castle and the Greyfriars Kirkyard (cemetery), where you will learn how witchcraft and magical myths and legends have shaped the city’s history.

If you’re a fan of the acclaimed book and TV series, Outlander, you may recall this line, spoken by Frank Randall to his wife Claire: “There’s no place on earth with more of the old superstitions and magic mixed into its daily life than the Scottish Highlands.”

It’s true. And you can experience it for yourself when you book this mysterious tour! 

3. Sit at the Table of Count Dracula in Transylvania

Halloween mysteries
Unmask the mysteries of the night this Halloween.

Count Dracula’s fictional home, Bran Castle in Transylvania, is not simply a character castle featured in a myriad of films. It is an actual brick-and-mortar destination located amongst the woods of Romania.

Intriguingly, Bram Stoker, who wrote the novel Dracula, never actually set foot in Romania.

However, he described the castle as, “ on the very edge of a terrific precipice, with occasionally a deep rift where there is a chasm [with] silver threads where the rivers wind in deep gorges through the forests.”

Having seen a picture of the castle in a book, this was enough to fire the imagination of the famous author. The rest is a page from Hollywood history.

Few realize that Stoker’s literary work also became the foundation of a multi-billion dollar tourism industry, providing employment to generations of local people who welcome visitors to this stunning corner of Eastern Europe.

So, dare to step into the lair of the mythical blood-thirsty vampire, and you’ll also learn the story of the real Count Dracula (Pince Vlad III Dracula), also known as “The Impaler.”

You might want to discretely wear garlic around your neck, especially if it’s close to dusk – depending on how courageous you are feeling.

Final Thoughts on Epic Halloween Tours

If you thrive on heart-pounding scares and spine-tingling adventures, these Halloween tours are a dream (nightmare?) come true.

From historic sites with dark pasts to modern-day celebrations of the supernatural, each destination beckons with a unique twist on the spooky season.

Whether you’re a fan of haunted history, ghostly encounters, or simply reveling in the macabre, you’ll satisfy your craving for a truly terrifying experience.

As you continue your search for the scariest place in Europe to spend Halloween, don’t forget to head back to where the tradition first started – Ireland.

But beware – partying with the Irish isn’t for the faint-hearted!

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