Family Trip Planner: How to Bring the Family Together for a Great Vacation!

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This family trip planner is a helpful guide to organizing a wonderful family trip during vacations.

That way, your vacations will go smoothly and everyone will have a memorable trip.

So, read this post till the end to learn useful tips and tricks to make your family trip fabulous!

family trip planner
Family Trip Planner

CONTENTS – In this article, we will provide you a family trip planner that covers what you need to know, including:

How to Bring the Family Together on a Holiday

In recent years, holidays for several generations have become more and more popular.

In this article we will take a good look at why a holiday for the whole family could be worth considering.

You’ll learn all aspects on why this type of holiday is so popular, where to go, and what to consider before taking off.

Going away with the whole family requires different calculations and preparations than a long weekend for two.

For most people this is a worthwhile once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For this reason, you should plan it carefully so that everyone enjoys themselves.

Then, when everybody thinks back on the experience, they’ll remember a wonderful trip together.

Use this family trip planner to make it happen.

Take Your Family on Holiday Instead of Throwing a Party

Taking three, four, or even five generations on a holiday can be a costly affair.

So, throwing a party when turning 60 and celebrating a big birthday by taking your family on a holiday can be a better option to throwing a party for everyone you know.

A party can indeed be fun and wonderful.

But, it is over in a few hours.

Plus, you seldom get to spend more than a few minutes with each of your guests.

When you plan a family trip, you can spend perhaps a couple of weeks with the people you love the most – your family.

Deciding on Where to Go

When you want to take several generations away on a holiday, you’ll have many options from which to choose.

You can’t go wrong with a resort in a warm and sunny place.

In a resort like Westgate Palace resort, you’ll find something for everyone from the youngest children to teenagers, middle aged and seniors.

This is the perfect place to gather the family and spend quality time together in a relaxing and fun environment.

Another option is to rent a big beach house.

There, you can all relax, play games, go for walks, swim, and just hang out together.

Although this is a popular way of going on holiday, you would have to do more preparations, like cooking and driving, etc.

But if you don’t mind hosting the family this way, it can be a great opportunity to get everyone together and just enjoy each other’s company.

If you want a more adventurous experience, you can take everyone on a safari in Africa.

This will be a trip none of you will ever forget!

You may enjoy seeing the wild animals in the stunning settings of Krüger National Park or another park.

For a local option, there is the Key West Snorkeling in Florida wherein the entire family can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

It really doesn’t get much better when you’re having such an incredible experience with the people you hold dear.

This will be a holiday that lasts much longer than the trip itself. That’s because for years to come you will remember this trip and share the precious memories.

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Vacations are always better when shared with those you love.

Quality Time With Parents and Grandparents

A holiday with several generations is a good opportunity to spend quality time within the family.

And, it’s an especially great way for children to be together with their grandparents.

It is also a good opportunity for the older generations to be together.

When busy with children, work, and life’s responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time to be together with your elderly parents.

On a family vacation, you have nothing but time. This can be the perfect occasion to catch up and spend some quality time together.

It is easy to take our parents for granted.

But a day will come when they are no longer here and so it can be worth prioritizing being together while they are still in good health.

Furthermore, if you’re traveling with small children, there are more hands to help with everything.

So, the holiday can be a rest for everyone and also the parents.

Small children can be a handful when going away and sometimes it can be more stressful than staying home.

But if going with grandparents, your trip can be a much needed break for parents as well.

What to Consider When Planning a Holiday for Several Generations

family trip planning 1 | Enjoy Travel Life
When you plan a family vacation, these tips will help make it go smoothly.

Going on holiday with several generations requires careful planning.

Check out these tips for your planning.

Align Your Expectations Before You Go

First, make sure you are all on the same page so you know what to expect and look forward to.

Include the children in the planning. Then, they will feel they have a say and can contribute with suggestions for things they would like to do or see.

The joy of planning is a big part of the trip.

That opportunity of sharing in the excitement of going away should not be missed!

Allow Time to be Spontaneous or to do Nothing

It’s important to make sure you include days with no plans.

You’ll all have a break from the to-do lists at home, so don’t pile on too many activities.

Then, you can enjoy the freedom of doing what you feel like at the time.

It also leaves room for you to grab unexpected opportunities that come along!

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Have a Home Base

Choosing a place such as a resort or a holiday apartment as a home base simplifies things.

It can act as an assembly point for the whole family, and you won’t need to move from place to place.

Going away for two or three weeks can be very refreshing, especially when you stay at a place that is not a hotel room.

Then, there is room for you to be together but in a relaxed and homely way.

Chose a Destination with Activities for all Generations

You’ll want to make sure there is something for everyone from the youngest to the oldest.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a swimming pool if the guests include children.

Also consider that the sights should be for everyone.

Museums and historic sites may be interesting for some but not for others.

So, see to it that there is a variety of things to do and see that everyone will enjoy.

family vacation meal | Enjoy Travel Life
Family time can be extra special for everyone on vacation.

Split Up

When deciding on where to go, it can be worth considering dividing the group at times.

Then, you can do separate things that may not interest everyone.

You should be aware that being together all the time can be intense.

So, when you are going away to be together, it’s smart to take a break now and then when on the trip.

Everyone needs a little alone time, and vacation is no exception.

Final Thoughts on Your Family Trip Planner

After reading this family trip planner, you now you know the most important tips for having a great vacation together. If you follow these recommendations, no doubt you will all have a wonderful, memory-making family holiday!

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