Comfort & Foodie Heaven at The Inn at Sweet Water Farm

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A Quick Winter Trip to The Berkshires

I set out one weekend to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Stockbridge is part of the Berkshires, clear across the state from my south-of-Boston home. In fact, it’s next to the last town in Western Massachusetts before you’re in upstate New York. But, with Rockwell’s original works on display and a chance to see his final studio, U knew it would be a worthwhile trip. Plus, I was itching for a winter change of scenery. Rather than make the round trip in a day, I extended my travels to an overnight and discovered comfort and foodie heaven at The Inn at Sweet Water Farm.

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UPDATE: It’s worth noting The Inn at Sweet Water Farm is now a pet-free environment and has no pets of their own on the premises.

In this article, you are invited to…

Visit The Inn at Sweet Water Farm

The Inn at Sweet Water Farm is in Great Barrington, Mass., just about ten miles from the Rockwell museum. Great Barrington is a delightful New England town popular for both winter and summer activities, ranking #1 of “The 20 Best Small Towns in America” according to Smithsonian Magazine.

The inn is a 19th-century American Federal style property with a center chimney and a half round window on the third story. Its namesake is the stream that runs through the corner lot. From the outside, it looked like a comfortable place with some character, and well-suited to our overnight stay in the Berkshires.

On check-in, I chatted with our hosts in the guest lounge, enjoying wine and snacks by a roaring fire; I couldn’t think of a warmer welcome. I lingered for a while in the library, surrounded by an assortment of old and new books. Marveling at the diverse collection, I touched a book spine and reflected: It represented the inn itself, steeped in history, durable, and a welcome escape. I would have been happy to cozy up by the fire and explore an old tale or two, but dinner called.

Comfort and Foodie Heaven at The Inn at Sweet Water Farm - Library

Find Foodie Heaven at the Old Mill Restaurant

Following the innkeepers’ recommended, I dined at Old Mill in nearby South Egremont. The venue is a 1797 grist mill with rich woodwork, exposed beams, and aged floors. It was another perfect pairing of old and new. I enjoyed fine dining, creative plating, and “seasonal contemporary New England cuisine and traditional favorites.”

Everything about dinner at Old Mill was on point: the timing, the flavors, the ambiance, and service. I selected from a small, well-curated wine list. By candlelight, I enjoyed a cheesy Onion Soup Gratinee, Roasted Beet with Goat Cheese Salad, and Classic Au Poivre–cooked exactly as ordered.

Pro Travel Tip: Save room for dessert! It looked goooood…

The staff was unflappable when Old Mill momentarily lost power from the passing wind storm chilling the region. (Ah, New England winters.) With candles already burning at each table, the storm simply added to a timeless ambiance.

I left Old Mill thoroughly satisfied by a delicious dinner and impeccable service.

Enjoy Modern Comforts in a Historic Bed & Breakfast

After dinner, I retired for the evening to my cozy room (“Room 1”) on the second floor. The centerpiece was a four-poster Queen bed with luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets and a feather comforter. I had plenty of extra towels, blankets, and distilled water, too.

Glowing hardwood floors and vintage furnishings shared space with HDTV and complimentary wi-fi in another instance of old charm blended with modern convenience.

My favorite amenity was the clawfoot tub in our private bath. I shook off the cold by indulging in a long, hot soak with soothing bath salts. (True story: I was inspired to get my own vintage claw-foot tub. Best. Renovation. Idea. Ever.)

With a full day of adventure behind me, I settled within the walls of the historic inn for a night of restorative sleep.

Indulge in Foodie Heaven at The Inn at Sweet Water Farm

Natural light filled our room through four generous windows the next morning. An early riser by nature, I slipped away to the dining room to quietly enjoy coffee to myself. Coffee, tea, and baked goods were on the sideboard by 7 AM. A leisurely, hearty breakfast would be served between 8:30 and 11 AM.

I helped myself to a warm, home-baked scone dripping with home-made jam. The coffee was excellent (I am picky), served with fresh cream and raw sugar, and the pleasure of the house cat’s company. Savoring the quietude, I eased into the day.

Comfort and Foodie Heaven at The Inn at Sweet Water Farm - cat in window

UPDATE: It’s worth noting The Inn at Sweet Water Farm is now a pet-free environment and has no pets of their own on the premises.

Later in the morning, I opted for farm fresh eggs (from the inn’s own hens), traditional breakfast sides, and fresh squeezed orange juice. Also on the menu for breakfast were the following gourmet choices (and others):

  • Leek & Monterey Goat Cheese Omelet with sauteed tomatoes and homemade toast
  • Breakfast Tacos: Scrambled eggs, sambal pickled onion, avocado, cilantro, jalapeno, and & sour cream in a corn tortilla
  • Challah French Toast with Turner Farm Maple Syrup
  • Homemade Sweet Water Granola with local yogurt and honey

Additional daily specials were listed on the chalkboard.

Except for the sugar, all the food at The Inn at Sweet Water Farm was locally sourced–foodie heaven for sure.

Comfort and Foodie Heaven at The Inn at Sweet Water Farm - rooster

To call it “good food” is something of an understatement. The Inn at Sweet Water Farm is award-winning. It was named “Best Inn for Foodies” in Yankee Magazine (2010), one of the “Top 50 Bed and Breakfasts for Food” (The Daily Meal, 2013), #1 Rated B&B in Great Barrington (Trip Advisor), and again praised in Yankee Magazine (2016).

Pro Travel Tip: The Inn at Sweet Water Farm is open to the public for breakfast with reservations.

My stay here was brief, yet so enjoyed. I had to be back home before nightfall, but first, I did some exploring of the local area.

Explore Downtown Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Berkshire County offers seasonal charm year round, from summer scenes and soaring mountains, to fall foliage, and winter ski resorts. It’s home to premier cultural attractions, like the Norman Rockwell Museum, Tanglewood, Jacobs Pillow, and The Clark art museum.

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Great Barrington is a worthwhile destination in itself, at the foot of Monument Mountain and Mount Everett. I chose it because it was ten minutes from the Norman Rockwell Museum, but it also offers New England scenery, dining, shopping, hikes, and more.

Comfort and Foodie Heaven at The Inn at Sweet Water Farm - scenery

Oftentimes the best secrets are in plain sight. I strolled along in downtown Great Barrington, checking out shops and curiosities. Main Street and Railroad Street (sometimes called “Restaurant Row”) offer many excellent dining options. I enjoyed a few more quick stops before hitting the road home:

Take-Away Foodie Heaven with Rubi’s BEST Tuna Melt

I went into Rubi’s, the little cafe connected to Rubiner’s Cheesemongers, for coffee. It’s in space formerly occupied by a bank and was brimming with activity. Thinking of the long ride ahead of me, I decided to put in an order to go.

Opening the double-wrapped sandwich, I munched a warm gooey triangle, in a sort of gastric ecstasy. Truthfully, it was the best tuna melt I’ve ever had. In my life.

What Makes This The Best Tuna Fish Sandwich?

Here’s the description as it reads on the menu: Troll-caught albacore tuna, house mayo, comté, cornichons on rye bread.

Let’s just break this down because it’s worth analyzing.

Troll-caught: caught by hook and line
Albacore Tuna: lighter and mild tasting
House mayo: they make their own mayo, that says it all
Comté: French cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk (did I mention it’s melted?)
Cornichons: a sour tart pickle, kinda like a baby gherkin, shape-wise
Rye Bread: freshly made

I could have eaten four more halves. Not because they were small, because they were that good.

No doubt, my description falls short of this culinary masterpiece. The tuna-melt was just one sandwich in a list of equally delicious-sounding gourmet melted cheese sandwiches you might want to try.

If I’m ever back in Great Barrington, you can bet you’ll find me at Rubi’s.

Where would I find you?

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Special thanks go to The Inn at Sweetwater Farm in Stockbridge, Massachusetts for their outstanding hospitality. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. For more information, please see the following Disclosure

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  1. I would love to spend a weekend at the Inn at Sweet Water Farm and indulge myself in foods like French Toast (I hope they have the vegan version of it) with Turner Farm Maple Syrup and Homemade Sweet Water Granola with yogurt (of course the vegan version). The farm has too many options to eat at and nearby as well. I would definitely like to pamper myself here.

  2. Now that looks like a perfect wind-me down tour. The peaceful accommodation, the yummy cafes and food options and the house cat – she gave me a cosy feeling alright. The place makes you feel as if time has stood still and sometimes that is all you need. Good to know about how they use the local ingredients.

  3. I must admit i have had the opportunity to travel to this region but your post makes me want to discover it. The Inn at Sweet Water Farm is a great place to spend a couple of days and enjoy this location. A very rustic and one full of character which I quite enjoy. Great to know they rely on local ingredients which gives you a insight into what’s there around and work with the local community as well. Thanks for sharing a great post and hope you enjoyed the relaxing bath.

  4. The Inn at Sweet Water Farm seems to be a lovely place. It must have been great to know that it had won so many awards for its food. Locally sourced food always taste best. You can plan a trip again just for the tuna melts.

    • Indeed, I will, Pooja! It’s funny that something so seemingly incidental would have me craving a return trip. Good food really is powerful!

  5. I have never travelled to this region. The Inn at Sweet Water Farm looks a perfect stay. The bedroom and bathroom a haven by the sounds of it. Glad you enjoyed the claw-footed bath experience. The breakfast menu had some great choices. The Tuna melt sounded heaven.

    • You described it to a “T”. It really was a haven with a delicious breakfast! I hope to get back there again soon.

  6. I love places with this much soul in them. You described the Inn so thoroughly. We also like to stay at B&B´s often since they can offer so much things that a chain hotel wont. A personal touch! I´m glad you enjoyed your stay.

  7. I love the Berkshires. Used to go up there with friends to escape NYC. I love how they rely on fresh, home ingredients and your meal at the Old Mill sounds fantastic. And you’d definitely find me in the cheese shop – slathered in cheese. 🙂

    • Cheese-lovers, unite! I hope you have a chance to check out these finds next time you visit.

  8. I would love to eat in the old mill restaurant. The tuba melt sounds good as I love tuna so much but it is expensive nowadays to have it. The farm looks a great place with kids as well.

  9. I love historic New England towns like this — so charming! A visit to Great Barrington sounds like the perfect weekend away. The inn looks like it offers a really relaxing atmosphere with great food. It would be very nice to see the Norman Rockwell museum as well.

    • I sometimes take these historic New England towns for granted, having grown up in Massachusetts. It’s nice to see others appreciate them through this lens. I highly recommend this as a weekend trip sure to please, Summer!

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